Hearing Aid Fitting DIY School and Fitting Software

This is the thread for you if you are seeking;

Some Hearing Aid fitting software can be found in the first PDF document named (Fitting Software Links and Sources) by clicking the Blue links to various manufacturers’ readily available online download websites. Other software (not readily available) might be obtained by posting a reply below that says what software you are seeking. Perhaps someone (who is familiar with the community share procedure and is willing to share) may contact you via PM/Private Message. Do not respond to any suggestions about paying for free fitting software!!

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Here’s two lists below of software which have been requested in the past. Though, the lists will become outdated/obsolete over time;

Frequently requested software:

  • Phonak Target 7.3.0
  • Oticon Genie2 2022.1
  • ReSound SmartFit 1.13 + Aventa3
  • Connexx 9.5.1/RexFit9.5.0
  • Connexx9.6.6/SiFit9.6.10
  • Starkey Inspire 2021 along with Starkey Patient Database 2015
  • Unitron TrueFit 5.1.0
  • Widex Compass GPS 4.3

Less-frequently requested software:

  • Bernafon Oasis+OasisNXT 2O19 - Legacy
  • Bernafon OasisNXT 2021.2.1
  • Oticon Genie + Genie2 2020.1 - Legacy
  • Philps HearSuite
  • Phonak iPFG2.6e - Legacy
  • Phonak PFG8.6c - Legacy
  • Connexx 6.5.5/RexFit6.8.4 - Legacy
  • Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 - Legacy
  • Starkey Inspire 2018 (Starkey, Audibel, AGX, micro tech, NuEar) - oddball
  • Unitron Ufit - Legacy
  • Unitron Unifit5.52A - Legacy
  • Widex COMPASS V5 - Legacy
  • Connexx 9.0.8 with AMFit 9.0.5
  • Argosy iPFG - Legacy
  • Audifon AudiFit4 and AudiFit5
  • AudioService Connexx6.5.4/AudioFIT6.8.5 - Legacy
  • AudioService Connexx8.5.10/AudioFit8.5.5
  • Beltone Solus Max 1.10 + BT Solus Pro 1
  • Danavox Danafit 1.5
  • Electone Elecfit6.4
  • Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 - Legacy
  • Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0
  • Hansaton Scout 3.5 - Legacy
  • Hansaton Scout 4.1
  • Interton Appraise2.5
  • Miracle Ear Harmony6.5.4/me6.10.3 - Legacy
  • Miracle Ear HarmonyII9.0.8/me9.0.5
  • NewSoundFit 6.1.12
  • EXPRESSfit 6.4 - Legacy
  • EXPRESSfit 2017 - Legacy
  • EXPRESSfit PRO 2020.1
  • United HealthCare Relate Aurafit

Hello pvc,

i am searching for the newest version of Phonak Target. Perhaps do you have a link for me?
Thanks a lot! Michael

I am looking for the Phonak Target software. Is there anyone that can help me out? Very much appreciate it!

Could someone help me find Oticon Genie2 2022 fitting software please :slight_smile:

Just scroll up to the very top of this topic and click and find Fitting Software Links and Sources…
In the PDF file named (01 Fitting Software Links and Sources)
You will find Oticon Genie2 2022.1 readily available there.
Oticon Genie/Genie2 is no longer readily available. Use the community share procedure.


I am newbie in hearing aid use, I am looking for the Phonak Target software for DIY use.

Hi pvc,
thank you very much, this site is like a paradise!!
I’m a newbie and I’m from italy, here there is a lot of valuable information about hearing-aid world.
It’s truly reassuring to know that so many people have already taken this path.


Hello there, pvc.

I’m looking for Phonak target software, will you help me?

Thank you in advance.

hi, does anybody know where to find a link to Phonak target 7?

Looking for link to Oticon Genie 2 2022.1 software

Yep, it’s here. Just scroll up to the very top of this thread/topic find and click a blue link named Fitting Software Links and Sources…

After clicking the link, please read the PDF file named (01 Fitting Software Links and Sources)
and you will find that Oticon Genie2 2022.1 is readily available there. Tip: click blue links.

Oticon Genie/Genie2 is no longer readily available. Use the community share procedure.

Perhaps your browser is not setup to automatically read PDF files and maybe it will download the PDF file named (01 Fitting Software Links and Sources). So perhaps it’s in your download folder?

I’m sorry, my mistake - I requested the wrong file. I was looking for 2020.1 version. Nevertheless, thank you for your prompt response.

Do you want the 2020.1 version with (both Genie + Genie2) before Oticon started distributing the Genie2-only version beginning with 2020.2 version.

ETA: Oticon (Genie2 for newer/current) Oticon hearing aids was decoupled from Oticon (Genie for older/legacy) beginning with the 2020.2 version. If you don’t already have the older Genie and you do want both versions, then you must install the older/combined version Genie2 2020.1 Genie+Genie2 2018.2 and then allow time for Genie2 to be updated by Genie Updater in Windows Sys Tray. But if you already have Genie then don’t worry about the decoupling. Just simply update what you already have using the Genie Updater in Windows Sys Tray.

I have the Mini Pro USB but hadn’t used it in quite a while. When I turned it on it showed a 2018 Genie version and didn’t automatically update. And the Updater in the sys tray didn’t work either. So, I’m sure I need the 2020.1 version with both Genie and Genie2.

Find the Genie Updater in your Windows Sys Tray which is located on the bottom right of your computer monitor/screen;

  1. Click the up arrow in your Sys Tray to show Sys Tray overflow (if any)
  2. Right mouse-button-click the Genie Updater Updater icon
  3. Select Check for update


Now, check your Genie Updater status icon against the three Genie Updater status icons that I just happened to display in the background of this screen clip.

Now you should know what Genie Updater is doing (no updates, new update available, or downloading an update)?

Stopped responding yesterday since forum wouldn’t allow me to send any more PM’s (max’d out).
Nevertheless, thanks for trying.

Oh, okay. I think you should update Genie first before you get into connecting your hearing aids.

I’m looking for Target 6.2 software.

John C

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HMm; The current version of Target at this point in time is 7.3. I’m curious to know if you want an older version of Target for a specific reason? For example; The newer versions of Phonak Target doesn’t support Phonak’s obsolete proprietary wireless fitting device, (iCube). Therefore, you would need to use an older version of Target (version 6.1 or earlier) in order to support iCube. Otherwise you should use the current version Target 7.3.

Read your PM.