DIY School - (v2.0)

What is DIY School? It’s simply a collection of PDF files residing in cloud storage at this location; DIY School - (v2.0) ← Click it to have a quick look at the PDF files inside DIY School. The PDF files provide help with many self programming tasks, including the following two prerequisites.

  1. Software Prerequisite: Download the fitting software. Just click the cloud storage link to-> DIY School - (v2.0) and read the download instructions in the first PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software). The links within that PDF file may take you to directly a download site or, provide community share instructions for how to obtain hidden software.

  2. Hardware Prerequisite: In addition to obtaining free fitting software, you will also need to use a Hearing Aid Programming Device/hardware. For most (but not all) recently sold hearing aids, the device you will need is Noahlink Wireless. Some think that Remote Fitting can be used take the place of this hardware prerequisite. It cannot! You will still need hardware as a starting point in order to create a Remote Fitting session. This non-trivial task requires due diligence!

Alas, some ppl don’t like to read documents! You should at least read about Four Basic Steps for DIY Programming in a PDF document named (02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids).

That’s it, Ta-da!! If you forget how to get back here, It’s simple, just Click PVC’s Avatar from any forum post or message. It has clickable links to this DIY School - (v2.0) forum topic.

Your system can be setup for one-click instant viewing of PDF files. Your PDF Reader; or your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, etc) needs to be setup to read a PDF file when you click it. This gives you one-click access to any of the DIY School PDF files. Another type of setup is to download a PDF file when you click it. Well, that could work. But it’s inconvenient because you would need to download the PDF file, then find the downloaded PDF file, and finally read the downloaded PDF file. If you want to use DIY School efficiently, please setup your system to read a PDF file when you click it.

Appendix: List of frequently requested software;

  • Phonak Target 8.0.3
  • Oticon Genie2 2022.2
  • Connexx 9.7.0/RexFit9.7.0
  • Connexx9.8.0/SiFit9.9.0
  • ReSound SmartFit 1.15 + Aventa3
  • Starkey Inspire 2022.1 +Plus Starkey Patient Database
  • Unitron TrueFit 5.3.0
  • Widex Compass GPS 4.4

List of less-frequently requested software

  • Bernafon Oasis+OasisNXT 2O19 - Legacy
  • Bernafon OasisNXT 2022.2.1
  • Oticon Genie + Genie2 2017.1 - Legacy
  • Philps HearSuite
  • Phonak iPFG2.6e - Legacy
  • Phonak PFG8.6c - Legacy
  • Connexx7.5.2/SiFit7.5.1 for Signia intermediary/legacy
  • Connexx 6.5.5/RexFit6.8.4 - Legacy
  • Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 - Legacy
  • Unitron Ufit - Legacy
  • Unitron Unifit5.52A - Legacy
  • Widex COMPASS V5 - Legacy
  • Connexx 9.0.8 with AMFit 9.0.5
  • Argosy iPFG - Legacy
  • Audifon AudiFit4 and AudiFit5
  • AudioService Connexx6.5.4/AudioFIT6.8.5 - Legacy
  • AudioService Connexx8.5.10/AudioFit8.5.5
  • Beltone Solus Max 1.10 + BT Solus Pro 1
  • Danavox Danafit 1.5
  • Electone Elecfit6.4
  • Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 - Legacy
  • Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0
  • Hansaton Scout 3.6.1
  • Interton Appraise2.5
  • Miracle Ear Harmony6.5.4/me6.10.3 - Legacy
  • Miracle Ear HarmonyII9.0.8/me9.0.5
  • NewSoundFit 6.1.12
  • EXPRESSfit 6.4 - Legacy
  • EXPRESSfit 2017 - Legacy
  • EXPRESSfit PRO 2020.1
  • United HealthCare Relate Aurafit

List of re-branded Starkey fitting software

  • AGX/AudigyGroup
  • Amplifon
  • Audibel
  • Audika
  • AudioSync (Brazil = Portuguese) (Pro Akustik = German)
  • Horex (German/Deutsche)
  • KIND
  • Lisound (Chinese/Zhongguo)
  • Medtronic
  • MicroTech
  • Starkey
  • NuEar
  • Visaudio (French/Francaise)

List of less-common fitting software

  • A&M Connexx 9.0.8 with AMFit 9.0.5
  • Argosy iPFG
  • Audifon (AudiFit4 and AudiFit5)
  • AudioService Connexx6.5.4/AudioFIT6.8.5
  • AudioService Connexx8.5.10/AudioFit8.5.5
  • Aurafit Relate-United HealthCare for newer/current Relate/Unitron
  • Beltone Solus Max 1.10 + BT Solus Pro 1
  • Danavox Danafit 1.5
  • Electone Elecfit6.4
  • EXPRESSfit 6.4 for legacy Sonic Velocity, Ion, Endura, Touch, Groove, Innova, Balance, Applause, Natura Pro, and Natura 2SE Altair
  • EXPRESSfit 2017 for older Sonic products Celebrate, Cheer, Journey, Bliss, Charm, Pep, Flip, Varicom
  • EXPRESSfit PRO 2020.1 for newer/current Enchant, Trek, Captivate
  • Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 for older/legacy
  • Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0 for newer/current
  • Hansaton Scout 3.5 for older/legacy
  • Hansaton Scout 4.1 for newer/current
  • Interton Appraise 2.5
  • Miracle Ear Harmony6.5.4/me6.10.3 for older/legacy
  • Miracle Ear HarmonyII9.0.8/me9.0.5 for newer/current
  • NewSoundFit 6.1.12 for Newsound

It’s really terrible, it turns out AURA : fit and VISTA fit, two software that is the same but different hearing aids, vista for vista…

I hope in the future you have VISTA:FIT Mr. PVC

Please show me a reference to VISTA:FIT??? I don’t believe there is any such thing as VISTA:FIT fitting software. Though, I could be wrong??? Maybe it is name confusion with new rebranded Unitron hearing aid named Vista and some old obsolete fitting software???

Yes, you can download Aurafit, here in DIY School - (v2.0). Just find the download instructions in the first PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software ). But watch out for locked hearing aids because of the healthcare source??

But VISTA:FIT is different. I don’t believe there is any such thing as VISTA:FIT fitting software for these rebranded Vista T RIC hearing aid guide which show Vista hearing aids manufactured by Unitron.

Look at the last page of that same Vista T RIC hearing aid guide. It’s from Unitron.

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vista vit for hearlife hearing aid in indonesia . with the name vista hearing aid.

Yes I found Hearlife in Indonesia and I found Vista hearing aids. But I cannot find any mention of VistaFit software? Do you recall where you saw VistaFit?


thank you for caring. I got the vista fit and AURA fit software from there. but the link is empty.

and the hearing center hearlife, said that they got special software from unitron directly specifically for hearlife.

It’s UnitronTrueFit.

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I’ve tried with Unitron Truefit application. and it didn’t work. must be with VISTA FIT , almost the same as AURA fit. . later on, vista fit will only show vista type hearing aids.

someone once had it.

Yes, I can see by this Vista:fit software instruction guide that Vista:fit did exist.

But maybe that is a long time ago? I don’t know where to find Vista:fit today?? And, I doubt that the old Vista:fit 3.7 would work because these Vista hearing aids we are looking at are NEW! Maybe even rechargeable new. That’s how new.

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I really love it, maybe I should stop looking for it

Maybe this will help. Or not??

Manufacturers like to release rebranded hearing aids to drum up more business. But when they do release a rebrand, they don’t rewrite the hearing aid software.

  • Rewriting software is too hard
  • Rewriting software is too expensive

So they use deception.

  • Rename the software (example: Vista:fit = TrueFit)
  • Don’t list the rebranded hearing aid but when you Connect the hearing aid, then it works
  • LOCK the rebranded hearing aid using a secret code that must be entered

Hearing healthcare professionals (HCPs) get detailed instructions (or secret codes) about how to connect to rebranded hearing aids. We don’t. Websites such as software informer/get drivers/etc tend to add confusion. Sorry they do.

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do you have another way to download this hearing aid program file?

the reason, every time I use Phthon , I failed . stop at 10% or 46% .

I’m assuming the Unitron TrueFit Downloader is broken right now? Because I keep trying it over and over and stop on
“…line 439, in prepare_url raise MissingSchema( requests.exceptions.MissingSchema: Invalid URL…”
Meanwhile I tested Phonak Target 8.0.2 and it downloads successful

Thank you.

you are right, there are some errors, such as unitron fit, but different from widex, connexx which stops in the middle of the road, maybe others too,

I will test and also maybe @Blue can have a look. Yep, I get the error too.

This works;
and this works;
Widex Compass GPS

Successful Python install is a prerequisite. Did you fix this? Are you trying to download (widex, connexx which stops in the middle) without Python?

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do you have connexx six- NHSFIT ?

Connexx6 is for legacy hearing aids and the two most popular Hearing Instruments Databases that are included with Connexx6 are SiFit for Signia and RexFit for Rexton.

I have not heard of NHSFIT? What hearing aids are you looking to program? Are these for National Health Service/NHS hearing aids? Wait, let me reword that. I have not seen anyone sharing NHSFIT.


Please post full script output