How to choose a programming device to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

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The Legacy statement isn’t correct for Resound, the Airlink 2 is backwardly compatible for the entire range from the earliest Lynx1 and the Enya derivatives.

Thanks UB, I will update the OP/Original Post. OP Updated

Added a chart to the OP which graphically depicts time (in seconds) for various programming devices to read the Hearing Aid settings from modern hearing aids.

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Hello all, new to this forum and my first post. Please pardon if I’m asking the wrong question in the wrong category.
Recently bought a Phonak Vitro Q Nano and trying to do some DIY programming. I’m struggling to find which fitting instrument is compatible with the ha as i have trouble understanding this from the spec. In one section it seems to mention no wireless fitting and says otherwise at a later time. Or may be I’m not reading/ understanding it correctly.

Can anyone suggest the right one that would be most compatible and cost efficient. I’ll be a single user to this fitting instrument.

>>Phonak Virto Q Nano Tech Spec

Look at the bottom of page 3 of your reference; Fitting/Interfaces.

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hi pvc, Thank you! where I’m little confused is, they say that noahlink wireless and icube II is compatible ONLY with bluetooth enabled HAs. However, Virto Q Nano is not bluetooth enabled. And hence my doubt on how nano will communicate to the fitting instrument .

Also, any idea how much am i looking at to get the fitting instrument that is most economical?

I am just getting started and am overwhelmed a bit with the information overload.

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@pvc: I deferred to experts because I also saw the ambiguity given on page 5 of the reference he provided. I suspect he could use standard stuff (except maybe a phonak cable) but there was uncertainty so I didn’t reply.

@D-Sakthi: Click on the avatar (blue pvc) of pvc’s and then find your way to the most complete reference you’ll find anywhere.
There ARE purchasing options though…not just aliexpress.

Edit: So I went looking and found another version of the same document that clears up the ambiguity. So yes a standard wired programming box would be what you need. I’ll let other experts fill-in on whether and which cables and flex-strips.

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Brilliantl! Thanks @pvc @z10user2!

@z10user2/ @pvc, I read thru PVC’S post on selecting the programming device. However, still not able to decide on which one should I buy… Answers to a couple of questions will help me purchase one…

  1. PVC mentioned USB mini is a better investment than hi pro (serial). Would this be compatible with phonak nano? Phonak did not list USB mini as a compatible interface in the spec above.

  2. if I buy a USB mini, should I buy any other cable other than cs44a cables in order to connect ha to the interface… I also see words like flex Strips/ pills etc and makes me feel overwhelmed as I’m not sure what all the things I need to purchase to a point I almost gave up… But wanted to give one more try at this…

  3. of the options for wired programming, what’s the most economical one… Given this is my first ha and this is just for my diy programing, what would be your advice?

  4. also, would aliexpress be the place I can purchase these.

Thanks much!

mini Pro, Hi Pro serial, Hi Pro USB are all recognized by the fitting software as a Hi Pro.

Okay, let me repeat;

Cables and other connection (flexstrips/pills etc) are dependent on what hearing aid you are connecting. This is described in technical documents, cable guides, and inside the fitting software.

Phonak uses a different cable CS44a instead of the standard CS44 cable used by other manufacturers.

You seem to be ignoring this advice!!

You should start a separate DIY thread about how to program your Virto Q Nano.

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I defer to pvc for all things self-programming but since you included me in your post:

  1. If a spec says HIPro then the mini pro will work. No manufacturer will state that an after market, reverse-engineered box will work. But it does.
  2. The CS44A connects from the box to either a flex strip or the HA. It depends.
  3. Mini-Pro.
  4. Buyhear will be your best bet. They’ll sell you a kit with all you need. Maybe when you tell them what you have they would supply you with what all you need. It shouldn’t be more than $225 with all the bits from them. We no longer really know what one vendor is doing as they exceeded the patience of the host and others and got banned and there has also been some talk…

I will again defer to experts to indicate what if any flex strips are needed.

Edit: hmm look at that…the site auto-indented what it thought was a list…and it was!

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@pvc, I got the cs44a part, I’m just missing the the connector details Thanks for the info. Will look at the specs to figure it out.
As always, thanks for all the info you have provided and been of great help.

@z10user2 Thanks much… You have no idea how much this info is helping. Cheers!

Look at this thread; Self-programming Phonak Virto V90. It’s a newer version of your Q/older technology. You should start a new DIY thread if you have further questions about how to connect your hearing aids to a programming device.

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I still have a ten year old NS-Pro USB device with serial connectors as outputs to HA. With the right cables, could this work with KS8s and Connexx 8?

Attached photo shows the NS-PRO programmer’s PCB innards. Standard USB PC connector and 6-conductor circular (serial) HA connectors for left and right HAs. It worked fine ten years ago with my first HAs (New Sound).
BTW, I thought this was the DIY Section…?

I’ve gotten the same suggestion myself. PVC doesn’t want the main idea of a thread to go off-topic by more detailed discussion of offshoot but related topics, i.e. posts should mainly be about choosing a programming device whereas detailed discussion of a particular programming device and why it works now or not is likely to require a new thread.

Please see this thread; Programming Kirkland Signature 8/KS8 with NS-Pro USB device.

Hi…if I buy a USB mini, should I buy any other cable other than cs44a cables in order to connect ha to the interface… I also see words like flex Strips/ pills etc and makes me feel overwhelmed as I’m not sure what all the things I need to purchase to a point I almost gave up.

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