Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)

Update 8/26/2018:

Phonak Brio 3 is a family of RIC, BTE, and ITE instruments available from Costco with features similar to Phonak B90 products. It replaces the Phonak Brio 2 product line.

RIC Models:
• Brio 3 R-10 (10 battery, wireless, 2 power levels)
• Brio 3 R-312T (312 battery, wireless, t-coil, 3 power levels)
• Brio 3 R-13 (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 3 power levels)
• Brio 3 R-C (13 battery, wireless, direct connectivity, 3 power levels)
• Brio 3 R-R (Li-ion rechargeable battery, wireless, 3 power levels)

BTE Models:
• Brio 3 B-13 (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 70 gain)
• Brio 3 B-675 (675 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 80 gain)

ITE Models:
• Brio 3 I-N (10 battery, non-wireless, t-coil, 3 power levels)
• Brio 3 I-10 O (10 battery, limited wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 3 power levels)
• Brio 3 I-312 (312 battery, wireless, directional mics, t-coil, volume switch, 4 power levels)
• Brio 3 I-13 (13 battery, wireless, directional mics, t-coil, volume switch, 4 power levels)

• AutoSense OS premium
• 20 channels, 20 gain handles, 5 manual programs
• UltraZoom premium, SNR-Boost, NoiseBlock, WindBlock, EchoBlock, SoundRelax, FlexControl, SoundRecover2

Wireless Features (on some models):
• Binaural VoiceStream Technology (Speech in loud noise, Speech in 360°, Speech in wind, DuoPhone)

Wireless Accessories:
• ComPilot II, ComPilot Air II, DECT II, EasyCall II, PilotOne II, RemoteMic, TVLink II
• TV Connector (Brio 3 R-C only)

Charging Options (Brio 3 R-R only):
• Mini Charger, Charger Case, Power Pack


Phonak RemoteControl for Apple iOS:

Phonak RemoteControl for Android:

Phonak Remote for Apple iOS (Brio 3 R-C only):

Phonak Remote for Android (Brio 3 R-C only):

B90 Feature Name (Brio 3 Feature Name):
• AutoSense OS (Automatic)
• Calm Situation (Quiet)
• Speech in Noise (Noise)
• Comfort in Noise (Comfort)
• Speech in Loud Noise (Loud Noise)
• Speech in Car (Car)
• Comfort in Echo (Echo)
• Speech in Wind (Wind)
• StereoZoom (Narrow speech focus)
• Speech in 360° (Speech direct)
• UltraZoom (Directional microphone)
• DuoPhone (DuoTel)
• SoundRecover2 (HiFrequency protect+)
• Real Ear Sound (Real ear effect)
• WhistleBlock (Feedback manager)
• NoiseBlock (Noise manager)
• WindBlock (Wind manager)
• EchoBlock (Echo manager)
• SoundRelax (Impulse manager)
• QuickSync (Binaural sync)
• auto Acclimatization (Adaptation control)


Did I hear a big groan from Phonak buyers who could have gotten this latest technology for a lot cheaper than they paid a month or two ago?

So? That’s the nature of the technology business.

I think it’s a sign of Costco’s growing clout. Technology is the same as Phonak;

Source =
Click show results when you reach this link, What hearing aid brand are you wearing?

Anybody know US price of new Brio 3 and if they come with a “free” device?

@rasmus_braun Do you know if they will continue on with the Brio 2 in the 675 size (Nadia V equiv)? That would be a real loss for people with profound losses if it disappears from Costco’s stable.

I just paid $1249.00 each and did NOT receive a free device, but I don’t pick them up till next week and that may change

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And THANK YOU rasmus braun for the info

Can you clarify you will get Brio 3’s and not Brio 2’s?

Yes they are the Brio’s 3. The tech called and made sure that they were the correct model. The menu he pulled down still had the Brio 2 on it also. He picked the Brio 3 with the 312 battery

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Where did you get those ratings from?

Click show results when you reach this link, What hearing aid brand are you wearing?

They’re not really ratings per se. It was an informal poll of what are you wearing.

My bad. I thought it was a quality rating and not a “popularity” one. Oticon and Phonak really do have the lion’s share, don’t they?

They sure do. It’s why I’ve suggested having a poll of where you got your HA’s. I’d be interested to put dots together to see if company stores are being successful for the respective companies.
Like Connect Hearing belongs to Phonak.

I’m not sure what this quote means. I’ve had Brio 2’s for almost four years and would like to upgrade. Just saw the Costco audi last week and we agreed we’d wait for the Brio 3’s to come out. However, this quote seems to suggest that the Brio 3 may be inferior to at least one model of the Brio 2. (I do have significant hearing loss, but nobody has ever characterized it as “profound”.)

Can someone comment on the difference between the Brio 2 and Brio 3?



@RonG I doubt you use the 675 battery model mention. If you do, you can check with Costco. When models are brought out, they often don’t include the full line. Those units – typically high power – are introduced at a later date.

Otherwise yes, it should be an improved processor with improved software.


The Brio2 includes a BTE with 675 battery for profound losses. From the initial post, it looks like the Brio 3 does not. KenP may very well be right that it will eventually come out. Rasmus do you have any info if the Brio2 will continue to be sold in BTE format with the 675 battery?

And to Ron. Brio 3 would be inferior if you had a profound loss and needed the power of an ultra power hearing aid. I’ll use a car analogy. A modern sports car is far superior in handling and speed to a 1 ton truck, but if you need to haul a bunch of stuff, the truck is “superior.” The Brio 3 is a more sophisticated aid, but if you need high power levels, the 675 level Brio2s are “superior.” Hope that helps.

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The BTE and ITE models of Brio 2 are still available for purchase.

If I’m not mistaken Costco Hearing Aids are stripped of tinnitus masking features. I guess for most people this wouldn’t be an issue, but its a deal breaker for me.

I pick up my OPN 1’s later this morning. I’ll find out first hand just how valuable the tinnitus masking is overall. I’m hoping it has a positive effect and not turn out to be something I end of never using.