Phonak Brio 3


Does anyone have any information on these? I am getting a pair from Costco but i cant seem to find any info on them. According to the Costco Tech. these are the “newest” available.

Thank You hellcat


No information on Costco website (still lists Brio 2) Pure speculation, it sounds like it could be based on Audeo B R, but that would surprise me a little. Hopefully Rasmus will have some news soon.


Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)


Just to followup, it doesn’t look like they’re “R” as in rechargeable. As mentioned in other posts, very similar to Audeo B90. Great non bluetooth hearing aid.


I was in my Costco today and asked about the Brio 3. They are not rechargeable and do require a remote in order to adjust with your phone. The cost is $2500.00. They said they significantly reduce background noise. I have 7 year old Bernafons which I purchased 7 years ago at Costco for $2600. I’m going in Friday for a hearing test and to try out the Brio 3 in the store.


I should be picking mine up tomorrow. I will see how they are. right now I am using KS6.


I wonder if you might change the heading and eliminate the “R,” as there is no Brio 3 R? Thanks.


I will. I just put in the heading what was written on the order form and that came off the Costco order site the the person used to order them.


Truth be told, they are pretty much the same as the previous model. Click the link in my previous post and scroll to the bottom. I’m not saying this is a bad deal for you. It’s just that “newest” is not an apt description for this model.


My bad. I just looked at Rasmus’s post and they do include the “R” in their designation even though they are not rechargeable. Definitely confusing. Again, my apologies. Agree with PVC that there are few differences from the older model, but do think Sound Recover 2 is a significant plus if one has the right (or wrong, depending on perspective) hearing loss to take advantage of it. From my understanding, Sound Recover 2 could be most helpful to people with severe to profound high frequency loss that starts around 2000hz or lower. It also might not help at all, but it can be quite helpful to some people.


The R just means RIC (Receiver In Canal) models. Most people just drop the R unless they want to talk specifically about different models.


That would imply that SoundRecover 1 (the original SoundRecover) was flawed or was a failure. I think that SoundRecover 2 is more of a tweak instead of a significant or noticeable change.

More specifically, it varies the “lower” and “upper” cut-off frequency adaptively as a function of the input signal.


Sound Recover 1 is static frequency compression. The lowest “start frequency” is 1500hz. It is always “on.” Sound Recover 2 is dynamic. It kind of has two different modes. If it does not “sense” high frequency energy, it stays in kind of a “gentle mode,” where the frequency compression is less agressive. If it “senses” high frequency energy, it kicks into a more agressive mode and lower high frequency sounds down to as low as 800hz. My understanding is Sound Recover (1st version) works ok for some people, but many don’t tolerate it. I don’t think Sound Recover 2 is a miracle or cureall, but I’ve read enough from Susan Scollie and Josh Alexander to believe it’s possible benefits are more than hype. At least one audiologist on the forum has spoken well of it too. I’ve also had private communications with audiologists who have positive experiences with Sound Recover 2. So, I’d disagree that it’s just a minor tweak.


No worries. The last thing I wanted to do was confuse anyone.


By “newest” I’m going to guess and say for Costco they are the newest release.


Yes they are “newest” because no one wants to buy “old”. During your trial pay attention to the benefits of SoundRecover2. If you receive no benefit from SoundRecover2 then Brio 3 is the same as Brio 2.


Sad that Brio 3 isn’t rechargeable. so not much “NEW”.
Basically the V and B platform are the same except for Sound Recover 2 .
Is that correct?


Well no, not exactly. The Brio 2 and Brio 3 are same except for SoundRecover2.

The Phonak B platform has the handy-dandy brand-spanking-new Phonak Audéo B-Direct with the new SWORD chip technology. But that new technology is limited to just that one Phonak Audéo B-Direct model. And the new technology in that one model has not been transferred to Costco.


I guess I was just thinking Costco. I have no hearing insurance coverage.


Costco Phonak, not rechargeable and no direct to iPhone capability.
So really, besides sound recover 2, it’s the same as it has been. boo