What hearing aid brand are you wearing?

Feel free to comment below the poll. Just curious what our readers are using. Thanks!

  • AGX
  • Beltone
  • Bernafon
  • EarLens
  • earVenture
  • Kirkland Signature (Costco)
  • Miracle Ear
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • ReSound
  • Rexton
  • Siemens
  • Signia
  • Sonic
  • Sonitus Medical
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Widex

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I have tried Phonak, Unitron and Resound. Ended up picking the Phonak due to better comfort in ears(fit), better sound and less microphone noise. Unfortunately I had to forgo the connectivity that I really enjoyed with the Resound aids and all the neat features of the made for iPhone aids.


I have been using the Signia Pure 13 BT for several months and have had really like them. Haven’t had any problems.


I got my first aids, Rexton, 8 years ago. Each side went dead once in that time.
I have nothing to compare to, but can say I have not been disappointed. Situational adjustment is limited but, I never know I am wearing them. Well, at least until a two year old lets loose in the canned fish aisle.

I’ll be paying close attention to this thread it is time for new ones.

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I trialled Oticon and found the clarity of speech wasn’t right. With the Signia Pure I had far too much feed back, I couldn’t stand them. With the Unitron quality of sound wasn’t good. I tried Phonak Bolero B Sp and found them to be the best of the bad lot.

With that audiogram, I’d think you’d need an Ultrapower aid like Phonak Naida V or Resound Enzo.

Here’s the Bolero B SP fitting range, for reference, from Phonak Bolero™ B

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Thank you I will take it up with my Audi as I’ve only had these since November. They can be returned as not suitable and upgraded. I hope.

I’m curious what an audiologist’s take is–to me it seems marginal, but “book learning” only goes so far. Do you think that’s adequate power or would Naida V UP be more appropriate?

Some people don’t respond well to sound that loud, so it is possible that trying to bring back some audibility for high pitch sounds using SoundRecover2 might be as or more effective than a louder aid.

Interesting thought. I guess I was locked in a mindset of any loss that might qualify for an implant would require the most powerful aid. Thanks!

Definitely hybrid cochlear implant territory.

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I’m currently testing the the Costco version of the bernafon and phonak.

I’m going to return the phonak and order the resound and test it.

Wow. Phonak. It looked like Oticon was going to run away with it but Phonak really came on. Maybe they’re planting instant pop-up users and this is their only involvement :slight_smile: Of course who knows how long the poll might go for.
A poll that might also be interesting would be which vendor. Like Costco with all their different brands. But with Phonak running away here I wonder if their company stores are what’s working for them. ie Connect Hearing.

@AbramBaileyAuD I’ve been told by Cochlear here in Aus that the CI L24 array has been withdrawn from the market, both here and in the US. This is just the Cochlear brand. I wasn’t given any reason just told it’s no longer available and not an option anymore here in Aus. Cochlear aren’t offering a Hybrid Implant anymore. I have heard that sevel people with the short L24 have had to have them removed this could be part of the reason.

@MDB this is the reason my aud gave me for recommending Bolero.
I understand your confusion and frustration. It may seem that the Naida “fits” your hearing better on paper, but this is not true in practice. The reason I didn’t pick the Naida was because you don’t require the gain that is in the fitting range ie. it is not a volume issue for you but a clarity problem, in fact your current Boleros can be turned up much louder than they are currently set, but when we try this it has not been helpful in the past. The Naida is a much larger device and you can only use a standard mould with it which would also cause worse occlusion. You would not experience any more clarity than you have now with the Boleros. If we were not getting enough power with your current Boleros, of course I would have recommended trying the Naida, but that was never the case.

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Thanks. Makes perfect sense. Do you know if your audiologist has tried assorted settings of Sound Recover 2 (Frequency lowering)? You definitely have a very tough loss to fit.

I’m surprised to hear that Hybrid L24 Study Update: Where Are They Now? Ginger Grant Cochlear Implants 19713

I have no idea but I will put that on my list of things to discuss with her next visit. Thanks for the tip. As I hear better without the wretched aid. But can’t hear on the telephone at all without my streamer. I’ve had one appointment at the CI clinic 4 to go. But now they are not offering the hybrid version I don’t think I’ll qualify for a full CI but time will tell.

@AbramBaileyAuD I had my first CI appointment on Jan 5 2018. I was told then that it’s been removed from the market. That report was in 2017.

I know the question is “brand”’ but the Costco brand is a little unique, as the Costco aids- depending on model- are made by Rexton or Resound.

edit to specify Costco Costco Kirkland Signature aids are either made by Rexton or Resound