DIY - Self Programming, How to Find Fitting Software

If you’re reading this it may be because you’re wondering if self-programming is something you want to try. A good way to learn the basics at zero cost or obligation is to simulate a session with fitting software. If the software provides for it then hearing aids and a programming device aren’t even required.

The first step is to determine the correct software for the aids you have or are considering. For example, here is Phonak’s brochure for their Audeo Marvel line.

On page 4 (under fitting)

In this example one can see that all Marvel models require Target software, and can be programmed with a Noahlink Wireless device (available on Ebay etc.) Many newer aids use that device and it may become a standard.

Some fitting software is readily available on the manufacturer’s site, but sometimes it’s a bit harder to come by. In that case an Internet search might turn up a cloud-storage link or a torrent. Or you can ask posters here where they found their software. Older version can often be updated.

Material copied and pasted from the archives

Below is a list of software to help get your search started, along with many useful notes and tips.

Popular Fitting Software:
^v^v Oasis=older/Legacy, OasisNxt=newer/current, both included
Bernafon Oasis 26 + OasisNxt - 2018.2 both included from Bernafon/CA
^v^v Genie=older/Legacy, Genie 2=newer/current, both included
Oticon Genie + Genie 2 - 2019.1 both included from Oticon/CA
Oticon Genie + Genie 2 - 2019.1 both included from Oticon/UK
Phonak PFG8.6c for ancient/legacy from Phonak iPFG downloads
Phonak iPFG2.6e for older/legacy from Phonak iPFG downloads
Phonak Target6.0.2 for newer/current, Opt out of the Improve-Target feature
^v^v SmartFit for newer/current, Aventa for older/Legacy, both included
ReSound SmartFit1.4.0.67+Aventa3.15 both included from ReSound
^v^v Scroll down to find the Connexx: section/paragraph below for more about Connexx:
Rexton Connexx6.5.5/RexFit6.8.4 for older/legacy
Rexton Connexx8.5.15/RexFit8.5.11 for newer/current
^v^v Connexx comes with Rexfit, SiFit, or even other databases so choose carefully
Siemens/Signia Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 for older/legacy
Siemens/Signia Connexx9.0.8/SiFit9.0.5 for newer/current
^v^v Scroll down to find the Starkey: section/paragraph below, Multi-Brand is complicated**
Starkey Inspire 19.0.10206.0 for (Starkey only) or,
Starkey Inspire 18.0.10291.0 Multi-Brand for (Audibel, AGX, micro tech, NuEar, Starkey),
–both require Starkey Patient Database 2015.0.386.0
Unitron TrueFit 3.5.1 for newer/current, Unitron Ufit for older legacy
Unitron Unifit5.52A even older legacy, requires Noah software installed
Widex Compass GPS 2.4 for newer/current wireless-fitting-only, install 2.4 first and then restart Windows to enable Compass Updater to download and install newer versions
Widex Compass V5 for older/Legacy

Other less-common fitting software:
audifon audifit5/audifit4
Beltone SolusMax1.0.0.211+SolusPro1.11
Danavox DanaFit1.5
Electone Elecfit6.4 Standalone database, Requires Connexx 6.4 or newer from some other download
Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 for older/legacy, from Hansaton
Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0 for newer/current, from Hansaton
Hansaton Scout 3.5, from Hansaton
Hansaton Scout 3.6, from Hansaton
Interton Appraise2.5, Interton CompuFit4.4, from Interton
Miracle Ear Harmony6.5.4/me6103 for older/legacy
Miracle Ear HarmonyII8.5.15/me8520 for newer/current
Sonic EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1 for newer/current, from Sonic
Sonic EXPRESSfit 6.4 for older/legacy, from Sonic

Which version of the fitting software? Generally you will want the latest version of the fitting software. The latest version is capable of fitting most of the current hearing aids models including the latest models. However, if you have legacy/older hearing aids then the latest software version may not support your older model. Some fitting software (Target, Genie/Genie2, Connexx 8, Compass, Inspire, other?) programs have an update feature that will download and install updates to the newer fitting software giving you the latest version. Though update from legacy-to-modern is not likely to work. Here’s a tip for using the fitting software Update feature; The Update feature in some fitting software programs (Target, Inspire, Connexx8+, Compass GPS, others?) have a feature to Save the Updates after you are finished downloading the updates. Guess what? In some instances (maybe not for minor updates) it saves the entire original installation file(s). You can use that installation file just like any other installation file. You don’t need to have a prior version of the fitting software installed. The saved installation file can do both; (Update a prior version and Install a completely new version).

Bernafon: Oasis software supports older models while the newer OasisNxt software supports newer models (beginning with Zerena).

Connexx: Connexx Fitting Software has two different parts: 1) The Connexx fitting software 2) The Hearing Instrument/HI database. You need a SiFit HI database for Siemens/Signia HIs. You need a RexFit HI database for Rexton HIs. There are many different versions (old and new) of each of the two parts. Some versions may not run on different Windows OS versions. You will usually find the two pieces you need together in one download. If you want this to work only for Siemens/Signia HIs then install only the version with SiFit HI database. If you want this to work only for Rexton HIs then install only the version with RexFit HI database. If you want it to work for both (Siemens/Signia and Rexton) then install both versions. After installing both you will end up with two HI databases and two commands to run the software. There are other (more obscure) Connexx versions (Hansaton, Electone).

Costco: Your Costco hearing aid model may not show in the list of supported models until you use the detect hearing aids feature with your programming device connected to the fitting software.

Phonak: PFG supports ancient models (think Win7,Vista,XP), iPFG software supports older models, and Phonak Target software supports newer models.

Oticon: Genie software supports older models while the newer Oticon Genie 2 supports newer models (beginning with Opn). Downloading Genie 2 gets you both versions but if you want to run the old version instead of running the default new Genie 2 version then you need to choose a separate .exe file in order to run the old version. Hint, click this link Genie 2.

ReSound: Aventa software supports older models while the newer SmartFit supports newer models.

Starkey: You will need two parts (Inspire fitting software and you also need the Patient Database). Initially you must install Patient Database 15 as a starter Database, then the Database will get updated with each new Inspire release. Starkey Inspire can also support sub-brands. However, the Multi-Brand version is a separate version and it is complicated to install/maintain. Don’t use the Multi-Brand version unless you need the Multi-Brand version for (Audibel, AGX, micro tech, NuEar). Multi-Brand Inspire muist be kept contamination free. For example, if you take an update it reverts back to Starkey-only.

Widex: COMPASS V5 fitting software is for hearing aid families prior to Widex DREAM platform. COMPASS GPS fitting software is for programming the DREAM family of hearing aids (or later), which can only be programmed wirelessly using Widex PRO LINK, Widex USB Link, or nEARCom.



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This is great help for the DIY bunch.

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Im looking for Phonak Target 6.0 or 6.0.2
Can you help?

I don’t know if anyone has replied to you in pm yet but in the previous incarnation of this fitting thread, it came to happen that people would request the software from a previous requester. Maybe go back there and find someone who asked someone previously and see if they had any luck getting the software. Please do post your results in this thread as that thread is now locked.
It was kind of a pay it forward kinda nice social deal.

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Please check your private messages.


@test look here for fitting software.

I’m also looking for the Phonak Target software/download. Can somebody help/pm me?

Hi, if you can help me out with the Target software, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am looking for Beltone Solus Max software/download. Can somebody help/pm me? Thanks a lot

looking for Phonak Target.
Can you help?

I am also looking for Phonak Target.

New hearing aid user. Would love to try out the Phonak Target 6.01 Software. Thanks!

Got the corresponding software (Solus Max) and my RICs are adjusted accordingly, Thanks for everyone’s help.

The Hyperlinks under
Popular Fitting Software: no longer work–Whats up? Help



It has something to do with PVC’s declaration in the following post and apparently with PVC’s departure others have decided that the gray nature of providing such links, at least on the forum, is something better left alone and it’s good to accede to PVC’s departing wish not to repost content that he created. He’s a super-intelligent person, he helped many, many others tremendously, especially people in an economic bind at being able to afford hearing aids, and it’s amazing that someone could devote so much of 10 years of their life doing what he has done. I think most of us hope very sincerely that he has found peace and happiness in whatever endeavors and enjoyments he has seen fit to retire to.

The links have been deleted. I’ll clean up the post soon to reflect the changes. In the meantime, just ask here for whatever you need. If it’s available then hopefully someone will PM a link to you.

Thank You Looking Phonak Target 6.01 Software download-Help!

I need the Target 6.01 software please.

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Thank you in advance. I’m looking for Phonak Target 6.0 fitting software.