Oticon Genie2 – Opn only – missing all other legacy instruments


Oticon Opn is the default instrument. Only Opn! No other legacy instruments are supported. Why?

Here’s why. There are two different executable/.exe files:

Genie2 = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oticon\Genie\Genie2\Genie.exe”
This will fit Opn instruments and not all the other legacy instruments

Genie = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oticon\Genie\Genie\StandAloneShell.exe”
This will fit all the other legacy instruments and not Opn

This topic has been previously discussed. I thought I would open a separate thread with a specific Title.


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Genie 2 sits under a completely different heading within Noah and doesn’t include any of the legacy instrument families before Opn. It might as well be from a different manufacturer in that respect, the architecture is totally different.



#1 Click your Windows Start Button
#2 Scroll down and Click/open the Oticon folder
#3 Notice that you have Genie 2 and Genie




I have KS8s and will be acquiring a Noahlink Wireless later this week. Does anyone know of a tutorial (YouTube or otherwise) that can walk me thru the initial steps? Some questions that I have:

  1. When I first have it find my KS8s, do I need to have a user account defined?
  2. I want to just first browse the current settings before I (carefully) change anything.
  3. Do I need to input an audiogram first (because it may not agree with my current settings).
    Any suggestions or links to tutorials would be appreciated.


Maybe I should add that I already have the ConnexxEight software loaded on my Computer.