Oticon Genie2 – Opn only – missing all other legacy instruments

Oticon Opn is the default instrument. Only Opn! No other legacy instruments are supported. Why?

Here’s why. There are two different executable/.exe files:

Genie2 = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oticon\Genie\Genie2\Genie.exe”
This will fit Opn instruments and not all the other legacy instruments

Genie = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oticon\Genie\Genie\StandAloneShell.exe”
This will fit all the other legacy instruments and not Opn

This topic has been previously discussed. I thought I would open a separate thread with a specific Title.


Genie 2 sits under a completely different heading within Noah and doesn’t include any of the legacy instrument families before Opn. It might as well be from a different manufacturer in that respect, the architecture is totally different.

#1 Click your Windows Start Button
#2 Scroll down and Click/open the Oticon folder
#3 Notice that you have Genie 2 and Genie


I have KS8s and will be acquiring a Noahlink Wireless later this week. Does anyone know of a tutorial (YouTube or otherwise) that can walk me thru the initial steps? Some questions that I have:

  1. When I first have it find my KS8s, do I need to have a user account defined?
  2. I want to just first browse the current settings before I (carefully) change anything.
  3. Do I need to input an audiogram first (because it may not agree with my current settings).
    Any suggestions or links to tutorials would be appreciated.

Maybe I should add that I already have the ConnexxEight software loaded on my Computer.

pvc, referencing your screensnap of the Windows 10 menu, is there any update-able firmware in models prior to the OPN? The Genie updater ignores my attempt to connect to an Alta2Pro Ti despite the fact that Genie 2017.1 connects to them just fine without delay. It also doesn’t connect to my TV interface unit either.

I was able to upgrade Streamer Pro firmware over a microUSB cable (now at 3.5.3).

Hi. What do I need to program ancient Oticon hearing aids, pre-2017 (Oticon Deltas)? A hi-pro, strips and software? Thanks!!!

Oticon genie 2017 for those, and yep looks like HiPro and cables plus flex connect strips, but for all the hassle of trying to put all that together and because those are so old now, have you thought about updating to newer models, Alta or OPN can be brought from eBay for a good price.

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I cannot wear Oticon’s relatively newish receivers. They are too big.

Does anyone have genie 2 software they can share please?

thank you


Welcome to the forum, sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device for your DIY projects, what models do you have.

Check out the user guides as well, also more information can be found by clicking on @pvc avatar.

Hi, can you let me have a copy of opticom Genie 2 software please. Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum sure it’s available but you’ll also need the Noahlink wireless programming device for your DIY projects.
Do read the user guides as well as it’s very helpful for setting up the first time.