iPhone static, multiple HA brands, with a baffling symptom

As I have previously reported, I have had static over both voices on phone calls with my iPhone 11 Pro, Phonak M90s and P90s, and iOS 13.7 and 14.2. A similar problem has also been reported with Resound and Starkey HAs.

For me the problem is solved, but only for several hours, by rebooting the phone.

OK, a problem with the iPhone, right?

BUT what utterly baffles me is that the problem is also solved by turning off my left HA! (As is the default, my right HA is the one that connects to Bluetooth and the right connects the audio signal to the left.) If I turn off the left HA in the middle of a call, the static disappears. I can’t imagine how this would have any effect on the phone.

Yes there seems to have been any issue in the Bluetooth setting of IOS14 and 14.1 but I never saw it, but I have to say that with 14.2 my aids are working much better. And now that I sat back and notice I too no longer here a slight static in my aids that I believed was due to the normal noises of the house, but are no longer there.

I have P90s and downloaded 14.2 today. Now my double tap only works when answering phone calls. I double tap to make a call and my iPhone doesn’t wake up. It worked fine before I downloaded 14.2?

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So I’m confused. Did this happen on the iPhone 11 also??? Are there the same problems with Android?

Chuck, What specific setting do you mean, can you list the steps to get to it, please? Like you I am good at troubleshooting on Android, Apple and Linux, but this one eludes me on my iPhone 12 and Costoc Resound hearing aids. Thank you!

Not sure how to explain it. I have Oticon OPNS1 aids, they are pure MFI aids, I also use the Oticon ON app,it is very basic but it is helpful if I need to mute my aids, or make minor adjustments to my tinnitus program, etc. also, the ON app works on the Apple Watch. I use the full compliment of Apple settings for the aids. Do have them paired to my iPhone and iPad and I keep them disabled on the iPad most of the time by disabling the Bluetooth in the control panel, and not in the settings. There is a difference there in IOS14, I can still use the Apple Pencil with the iPad with the Bluetooth disabled in the control panel. And with it set this way I can still control my hearing aids volume and programs from the iPad control panel. I don’t have the app on the iPad. I do have the play system sounds enabled on the iPhone.
Now here is what is interesting I have the Apple Watch so almost all notifications go to the watch only. But caller ID and ringtones go to all devices, my iPhone, iPad, aids, watch and MacBook. I can answer a call from any of Apple devices.
I can’t have the aids streaming enabled to both my iPhone and iPad at the same time, I end up with sound in one aid coming from the iPad and the other aid from the iPhone.
I also, have the connect clip and it works great with almost any Bluetooth device. I use it with my ebook reader for text to audio. And on my MacBook for video calls, mostly FaceTime and some zoom. The original reason for the connect clip was for streaming the home phone to my aids which mostly works.

IOS 14 has some kind of bug with the bluetooth. A number of users have reported issues with map directions via bluetooth not coming through or coming through sporadically.

IOS 14.2 is finally out and it seems to have fixed the static issues.

Not with my iPhone 12 (not Pro) and Resound (Costco) hearing aids. iOS 14.2 is no better than iOS 14.1.

I never fall for a brand new iPhone before it has had a few months to see what the issues are. I have the iPhone SE 2020, it has the same guts of the iPhone 11 with the Touch ID and a 4.7 screen. I love it because it fits my shirt or jeans pocket. And it is fast and has a better camera and battery life than my iPhone 7 and also better cellular signal straight.

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I looked hard at that iPhone SE before getting a Google Pixel. My Cochlear processor is compatible with both iOS and Android.

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Nothing wrong with the Google Pixel, or the Samsung Note 20 my wife has, I just have so much vested in Apple devices and I love the simplicity of the IOS. I no longer want to do my own modifications


Seems there is a bluetooth issue with iOS 14 that goes beyond hearing aids and affects navigation apps in phones or automobiles as well.

Not for my iPhone 11 Pro, Phonak P90s.

I have the SE 2020, which has the iPhone 11’s chips but cheaper screen and camera, I also have Oticon OPNS1 aids that connects with MFI, and the static I had is gone

The 2020 SE doesn’t have a 5G antenna nor the added electronics to support MagSafe charging, and there are likely other variables as well. So there could be some interference going on with the new iPhone 12 models that doesn’t exist in older iPhones.

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I agree that is also my thinking. I feel it has something to do with the MagSafe, but yes it could be the 5g too. I will say this my wife has the Samsung galaxy note 20 with 5g and I have my connect clip paired to it with no static.

To reiterate: I have the static problem with my iPhone 11 Pro, temporarily curable by rebooting it.

Just saw this topic. I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 14.1 paired with Rexton Adore Li HAs. Over the past few months (and currently), I have experienced switching between left only and full hearing, static, and complete loss of sound/connection. This occurs primarily when I am listening to SiriusXM (news channel and music) or an audiobook downloaded through Libby (Greenville, SC, public library) while out walking the dogs and less frequently when on the phone. I have returned to Costco (very helpful, but no solution) several times and have had the HAs returned to Rexton twice. Next trip to Costco is tomorrow (11/13 - prophetic?). I will report to Costco (and Rexton) what I have seen here and will pass along whatever I learn from Costco and Rexton.

New had an issue but I do not use Google maps, and my Jeep has the Navigation package.