Do I need Roger On or Roger On iN?

I’m receiving conflicting info. I have brand new Phonak Audeo Lumity L90’s with no receivers installed. I want to purchase the Roger On. My audiologist checked with Phonak who said Roger On is all I need. Rep at tells me I need Roger On In, which costs twice as much. Who is correct?

If it makes a difference, I am purchasing a pair of used Marvel M50-312’s to use as backup and when batteries on my L90’s run low. I will want to pair those with the Roger On.

there are several thread on this topic on hearingtracker:

Please do ask them to check again, because from Phonak’s own website, you will need 2 roger X or a Roger On iN:

See below from the bull’s mouth, I mean Phonak’s website:


Both solutions are valid.

What you go for will depend on your budget and preferences.

If you buy the Roger On, which is from memory a lot cheaper than the Roger iN On, you will need to buy receivers separately. These are either a MyLink neck loop that will work via your telecoil or a Roger X receiver that is a boot extension that fits on to the end of your aid. I believe the MyLink is around 200 dollars and the Roger X from around 300 dollars.

If you buy the Roger On iN the receivers come with the device and are transferred to your aids via an installation (in reality it’s a transfer of licenses to activate the Roger Direct program already resident in the aids). I am unsure if they can be transferred to your back up aid (Marvel) as well. Just to clarify, the Marvel is compatible as it has Roger Direct but I think the licenses work in 1 aid only at a time. I believe you would have to physically transfer them from the Lumity to the Marvel if you wanted to use the Roger On iN with the Marvel.

Yes, the Roger On iN is more expensive but it’s a less cumbersome solution as it is totally automatic once you switch on the Roger. The MyLink with Roger On is awkward in comparison as one has to switch manually to the telecoil program on your aid. The Roger X may be better in this respect.


Phonak are regularly wrong on their own devices, it’s shocking! :rofl:

It might be just the people who answer the phones but then I’m in the UK and they are just as bad, over here.

But then Oticon were very wrong on a question I asked them about the Roger disabling Bluetooth completely when you attach the Roger receivers and they told me that shouldn’t happen. Bluetooth should still work. They were also very wrong.

Might be common that none of them are right, most of the time?


I did contact them few years ago, here in the UK and in the US.
UK one were a bit lame, but luckily I got in touch with an audiologist at phonak’s US, who was absolutely brilliant, but you will need to get to the Phonak’s Audiology department in the USA, the phone number is free anyvays, I can’t recall the number, but you will need to select few options.

You will need receiver licenses for both pairs of hearing aids or remove them from one pair and install on the other if you switch hearing aids. The On In is likely the least expensive way to get a pair of receiver licenses although it is possible to transfer licenses from the X receivers. Please do read through the links provided by others.

Sorry, I’m not sure all this is correct. This is what I’ve experienced personally:

Yes the Roger On is Cheaper than the Roger On iN, and yes, that’s because they bump the price up with the 2 included Roger licenses (shysters in my opinion)

Yes, If you get the Roger On, you’ll have to EITHER buy (and install) licenses separately, OR buy a MyLink (it’s replacment product is called the Roger Neckloop) to connect without the need for extra licenses. Your HAs must have a T.Coil option enabled for this.

Boot extentions aren’t available for Marvel, Paradise or Lumity.

The MyLink/Neckloop option will work out the cheapest option, by far, and also works very well. It is, however, another piece of kit you have to carry, and ensure it’s charged up and ready. Another benefit is that these neckloops can be warn under clothing, so can be discrete.

Personally, I bought Roger Xs off ebay (above Serial No 1744), to keep costs down, as zi’d forget to carry, or charge, the neckloop.


I am confused. Apart from the fact that boot extensions are not available, which I was not aware of, and it may be that the Roger X is plugged in via a compilot instead, what is not correct? @kevels55 how do you plug in your Roger X…on the Naidas? Is it via a boot? Or how are you connecting your Roger X to your aids Peter?

The prices I mentioned were about right.

The fact that one uses telecoil for the MyLink is correct.

I know this because I used the Roger On with MyLink and I currently own a Roger On iN.

And by the way, with the MyLink - although it works - I think it’s cumbersome - it involves switching to telecoil, which if you are using the Phonak App, is a slow process and not optimal.

Edit: If you buy licenses separately and install them into the Lumity are you saying you can use the Roger On? If so - is that a download or what? And how much are they?

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Audio shoes and attachment of Roger X receivers are no more in new Phonak Aids. No more ComPilot either as Phonak Aids are direct Bluetooth.

It’s all built in to Aid and called Roger Direct.

The licenses are a way of activating the Roger Direct feature.

Licenses are inside the Roger iN Mics unless it’s second hand and haven’t been put back in.

You have to transfer licenses out of the iN and into the Aids.

There is a way of getting the licenses out of Roger X receivers if they have the right serial number but you need an extra piece of equipment.

I thought you had the KS10 aka Phonak Paradise?

Extra piece of equipment.

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Thanks @Zebras. I do have the KS10 but I have the Roger On iN and the receivers came with that.

I assume then that receivers can be bought separately and installed into the aids if you are just using Roger On?


Yes by having the black disk and the appropriate Roger X (2 needed if 2 hearing aids) with the correct serial number, the licenses can be transferred out into the hearing aids.

See picture as above.


Why does it have to be so complicated??


So this is why they need a Master’s or PhD!

If I understand this correctly, a user buys a roughly $1,100 Roger On device. But it’s nothing more than a pretty little brick until you spend close to another $1,000 for a bunch of other devices/processes involving an audiologist to make it work? Alternatively, I can initially spend double the price for the Roger On In and can likely make it work on my own? (I saw the instructions somewhere on this forum.)

When it’s said that the Roger On In comes with two receivers, I’m sensing that means one per hearing aid, not two pairs, so it can only be used with one set of HA at a time? That’s pretty insane considering the very poor battery life of the new Phonak HA’s.

Am I correct in assuming that I can pair/unpair/repair the receiver licenses on the Roger On In myself? While I can likely get by with having it paired to my primary set, I’d like to confirm I can re-pair the receiver licenses to my backup set of HA if needed.

I guess SO!! That must be it!

You can indeed, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. Using a Roger Installer (the black disc above) can be quirky, and at times I thought I’d lost a Roger Licence into the ether, often taking multiple attempts, for it to either transfer it in or out. I ended up getting 4x RogerX’s to enable both pairs of hearing aids, and I now leave them well alone.


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@SallyB , I have had no problems with my On In when transferring licences? Very straightforward and positive with the icons displayed on the screen.


I cannot function without hearing aids, so I have a backup pair of Naida P90, non-rechargeable. I also have a Roger Select iN licensed to one pair. If that pair fails, i cannot easily get the license off to transfer to the other pair. So the Roger is a paper weight. So I assume the license exist to keep multiple Phonak users from sharing a Roger On device. By the way, I did have the Roger licensed to Audeo Marvel before moving to Paridise Naida. Phonak was no help in getting it transfered to the Naida. Hours of trial and error finally worked. I do not have the infamous black disk.

If someone from Phonak is reading this would you please advise Phonak to simply get rid of the whole licensing system. Make the ON work like the TV connector and let the users not have to deal with licenses. After all, the end user is the most important part of the chain. Not the ridicuous Phonak license system.