Pairing Phonak Audeo P90-R and Roger

Hello, I received my pair of Audeo P90-R yesterday and they’re great so far. Using them with cShell UP receiver.

Previous hearing aids (NHS issued Naida) I used my Roger pen and Clip-On mic, which had to be used with a MyLink neckloop. My audiologist explained my new HAs have Roger built in and no need for the MyLink anymore.

However I can’t for the life of me figure how to pair my Pen or Clip-On mic to the P90s. No information in the user manual booklet.

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

You’ll need the myLink or a Roger iN device to transfer the licenses.

RogerDirect is inside the Aids but will only work if you transfer the licenses.

EDIT - I’m actually quite surprised at how many audiologist get this wrong.


Just to get back to you

I was quoted £350 each aid to activate the license via my audiologist. I am not going to pursue. I may purchase a partner mic instead.

Yes you need to get the Roger licence into the HA’s and if you buy a new Roger mic, you may still need to buy the new licence as well. It cost me an extra $600 aus for the licence, $1900 aus all up for the Roger On iN mic.

I bought a used (cheap) Select on ebay that still had licenses on it. My audiologist transferred the licenses to my phonaks and I can use the Select and my Pen.

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