DIY - Self Programming, How to Find Fitting Software

Thanks for all the help!!


Thanks everyone for the assistance and links!

Our Costco Trax 42 DIY programming finds so far.

Noah Wireless - Would not wireless connect to the aids using any of the Connex 6, Connex 8, or Connex 9 (not that we expected it to with any of the newer versions)
Noahlink - Would not connect to the aids wireless using any of the Connexx 6, Connexx 8, or Connex 9

Success - Noahlink , using wired connectors and battery adapters, and 8.5R ( CX8515r8511 ) .
Once connected, they showed up as TRAX 42 units, and Changed the default to “download” from the aids to save the initial file. Now My dad can start his DIY learning and adjusting in an attempt to improve his programming, without having to go try and get into a store constantly to do so.

I will try and update more as/if we can find time to try and connect other methods and software.

Thanks again, and good luck to everyone!

I wear a Phonak Sky B90 M and use the iCube II just fine.

No that’s not true, Belong platform is supported by icube ll , except for one model, the B- direct

Wow fantastic news, can you confirm the exact programming device used, post a picture?

Looking for the latest Phonak Target 6.x software. Thanks

I am planning on ordering a set of Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 13t next week and have been looking for the phonak target 7 to do my own programming. we play bluegrass music and most audiologist have a hard time with programming to meet my needs for live music.
I would love to have the software before ordering the new aids.
I’ve program my old hearing aid around 13 year old and several repairs later using phonak iPFG 2.6e.
Any help and suggestions be greatly appreciate.

I’m also looking for the old version Phonak Target software/download

i have old Phonak Naida V UP i find working software.

Better version 3.3 also 4.0

I would really appreciate a link for the target software download, have a pair of m30 Rs for my grandmother and need the software to programme! Thank you in advance

I’m looking for resound one fitting software, judging by this it should be smart fit 1.8, I need it for resound one HA:


The link provided here DIY - Self Programming, How to Find Fitting Software has worked for me several times, including for v1.8. (I checked out the location of the IP address before I used it - it’s in the right city in Denmark last time I checked). Early on I could update from 1.3 on up but starting about 1.6, I’d need a complete new download so if you decide to have it hanging around just for fun keep that in mind (and keep the link handy!). And have fun playing around! Probably true of Target as well but there is a SIMULATE mode where you can just put in your audiogram and play around with fitting it. NAL-NL2, DSL5-Adult, NAL, etc., as well as ReSound’s proprietary Audiogram+ are available on the Fitting, Target Rule submenu. My audi says all ReSound’s regular features work no matter what fitting algorithm you employ. You probably want to make your user experience profile as I did, Experienced (Nonlinear). And also, following Neville’s suggestion to Volusiano playing around with the Opn1, you can remove a standard program like Music to create a copy of a program with a different fitting algorithm to better compare by switching program screens within the same fitting session how two different fits match your loss (I guess screen capture is another way to go). One can only have four basic programs but in the Smart 3D app, one can tweak any one of them within gross limits and save the modified basic program as a Favorite.

:hugs: thanks! omg it’s huge :rofl:

yeah, target has practice mode to play around, however, also can do regular session (some extra features aren’t available that way though) without aid connected (then you can connect the aid and transfer session to them, neat feature)

I’m seriously thinking about adding resound one into comparison, but have to check the fitting sw first to see what it can or cannot cover for my special snowflake case :rofl:

Not to mention put the new phone into the calculation / check with budget.
I was really sold on roger select and that tech. But, it’s a fact that I don’t carry it around and use only HAs, and if those resounds REALLY can do such huge noise cancelling as they have on their demo page for restaurant and such, that definitely is a game changer (even worth considering buying used s10 phone, since resounds are somewhat cheaper than paradises/marvels from what I see in my area on the first sight and that way skip phone clip)

oh boy, picking new HA definitely didn’t seem like a quest few months ago when I entertained the idea of just trying them :rofl:

I find ReSounds do best for me in very noisy restaurants with the judicious use of the Multi Mic and based on efigalaxie and focusandearnit, if it were worth it, I’d try a Roger Pen or a Roger Select. Since I’ve never tried any other HA, I’m not sure where ReSound stands relative to speech in noise. I have good WRS but I don’t remember my audi discussing speech-in-noise results for me and they say whatever difficulty one has can be in the brain, not with the HA’s - might be true with me.

But if you can afford to trial different HA’s, why not? That way, whatever HA’s you get, you can feel comfortable you made the best choice for yourself. Good Luck!

Does anyone has the Lastest Starkey Inspire 2020.1?

Yeah I think that varies depending on the loss type or its origin.
If some sounds distort others, then removing them from the equation through the HAs could definitely make a difference.
I see aids and all gadgets as a help to brain to make its job easier if I can. I’ve definitely seen so far how much it can extract if I manage to send better signal in. In this 2 intensive months of trialling marvels, my wrs went a bit up. And my everyday use and understanding definitely improved. I wore widex before and it seems like my loss progressed, but marvels pulled me back up. So now I’m digging if I can make job for my brain even easier.

Resound one is only one that piqued my interest, since it brings new hearing hardware on the table.

I don’t care for natural sound, I care for high comprehension, since everything will become natural after a while but not everything will become comprehensible :slight_smile:

Thanks to anyone that message me, for the info and help

Hi, I am trying to find Phonak Target 6.1 or 6.2 (any version from 6.1 onwards). I already have Noahlink wireless.

I would greatly appreciate it of someone could PM me as to where I might find it.

Could someone send me a link for the Target software? Thanks very much

Hi, I’m trying to find Phonak Target 6.0 or higher. I’d appreciate it if someone can PM me with where I can access it. Thanks in advance!