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Happily sharing knowledge I’ve gathered about phonak target, marvel HA, roger mics…

2014 Sudden unilateral reverse slope hearing loss
2015-2020 Widex Dream 330 usable
2020, July, 2x Phonak Marvel M90 + roger select iN = awesome

Right, bad ear = REM fitted to NAL-NL1, reduced bass, open fit (all to reduce distortion)
Left, good ear = DSL5, open fit (for mics and streaming)

Right aided in quiet, 65% WRS
Both ears unaided, 60db white bg noise, 60% WRS
Both or just right aided, 60db white bg noise, 80% WRS

Right tested in quiet with headphones, WRS 20%@70db, 70%@85db, 30%@100db