Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

Is anyone who has had the update still able to use Target software with their home computer and NoahLink Wireless? I’d like to confirm that before getting mine updated.

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Updated my wife’s KS9 aids. No problems noted after update.


Yes, I did the firmware myself using Target, and can still make adjustments afterwards. Make sure you have a session saved with your existing settings in case you need to refer back to it.

One change I noticed is that you used to be able to choose whether to select the settings from the aids, or the session if you had it open. I don’t get that choice anymore, it just goes with the settings on the aids.


Thank you! Great information.

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Target 6.2.8 contains the update for Costco KS-9s. I updated Target, then updated the firmware on my KS-9s. Everything went perfectly. Now using MyPhonak remote control. Mighty happy!


Just called Costco about the Partner Mic and the Remote Control for the KS9 aids. Both are available now. The Remote Control is $99 and the PartnerMic is $299.

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Thanks for good info. PartnerMic is pricier than I would have guessed.

I thought the price was a bit high too. They are available on Amazon for $200.

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Seems like their accessories are getting more expensive. Somebody else commented about a Rexton TV Streamer having gone up in price. Wonder if the Phonak TV Streamer is still ~$100?

Ordered my KS9’s today and decided to go with the Tcoil option since the fitter said they are not much larger. Unfortunately they did not have a pair to show me.

Just got the email about Phonak Teleaudiology. Are any Costco Hearing Centers offering it?

I just got my new KS9’s and my audiologist suggested a Remote Support appointment as as option in the future.

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I got mine upgraded yesterday at Costco. The department manager confirmed that remote access would be rolling out “soon”… It didn’t seem from his answer that it would be in the very near future.

Same here. Firmware upgrade solves problem.

Just curious, has anyone had the Roger licences installed on their KS9s yet? I’m excited to see how well this works, but don’t think the UK Costco’s are taking appointments just yet. I have a Roger Installer on its way in the international postal system from a fellow forum member, so maybe I’ll be able to do this myself soon and report back.

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Being a new member at Costco for my HA’s I did a little walking around the isles and found their prices are not the cheapest. Bananas $.59 a pound the highest in the area. Milk and eggs are cheaper but otherwise I don’t see any better prices for groceries.

The price for the new SE iPhone was $359 and $300 elsewhere, forget where, maybe BestBuy or Target.

BTW I love my new Resound Preza’s. Will comment soon enough when I know exactly how to express it.

Paid $200 for the charger. Have not researched that price anywhere else.


I heard the same the other day for the rollout at my Costco. Fitter and assistant in training.

A comment on T coil to consider: When I first got my KS7s, I had the T coil program installed.

I have open dome receivers so I get some ~acoustic audio. We went to a concert soon after, and gave them a try. The T coil signal gets to you at the speed of light; the acoustic at the speed of sound. Big difference. We were seated far enough back that the time difference was objectionable. I had the T coil program removed soon after.

If you have open domes and T coil, don’t buy the cheap seats! You need to be near the stage.

Just got back from seeing my Costco hearing aid specialist, and I’ve never seen her so excited. She showed me and installed a new MyPhonak app to my Android smartphone (also it’s on iPhone), whose new feature is the ability to create custom programs with a number of adjustments: Bass/Middle/Treble frequencies, baseline volume, noise reduction, speech focus (the directionality of mics), “Dynamic,” with a Decrease loud/Increase soft slider, and a Clarity/Comfort selector.

It also adds three additional programs: Restaurant, Music and TV. These cannot be removed, and cannot be cycled manually from the hearing aid (as can be done with my Automatic program and the Music and Speech in Noise programs I had my specialist custom-adjust when I first got the hearing aids.).

Be sure to delete the old app beforehand–with two apps on the phone things won’t go well.

To create a new custom program, the user opens an existing program, adjusts the settings on that one, and saves it. I haven’t done this yet so I don’t know how flexible the naming convention is. I am told these new programs do not alter the existing program you used as the foundation of your new program.

This is all as told to me by my amazing specialist–I can see all the new settings but haven’t tried creating new programs yet.

But wait there’s more

She says they will be adding remote-adjustment capability, possibly later this month or August. And I may have misheard this, but she may have said it’s currently available on some Resound aid/s. She said there was a push for this when things were really shut down.

I’ll add that while the shoppers at Costco were not particularly cautious about social distancing, Costco policies at this location are fairly decent. Everyone indoors must weak a mask, and my specialist wore both a smock (I presume to reduce surface contact) and a plastic face shield in addition to a mask.

Anyway I have only moderate hearing loss in one ear so I guess it’ easier for me to be satisfied, but overall I’ve been happy with my KS9s and these additions make it a ridiculous value in my opinion


Well, I have a pretty life-affecting loss as you can see in my posted hearing test results. As I posted in another thread, I’m so happy with the KS9s, I’m not reasonable on the subject. They were a bargain before this latest software upgrade. Now? I’m not sure what advantage Phonak’s bestest have.

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