Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

My appointment was a two week follow-up after purchase, I didn’t know about this update before my audiologist told me, so I don’t know if this alone requires an appointment.

The update only takes a few minutes so it could easily be done when you drop off the aids for cleaning or a typical check up when visiting Costco.

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My audiologist gave me a print-out about this update and it says:
“This ifrmware update also enables RogerDirect Functionality for KS 9.0”

The attached has the details.



This is excellent. Thanks for the info.
I just came back from adjustment session after waiting for 2 months for the clinic to open, They had to update the firmware as mandatory procedure to continue adjustments.

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This is excellent news…thank you so much!

This is BIG BIG news! Thank you kingkong for the printout and thanks to all who brought the news!

I just popped in this afternoon and got the update. I told them why I was there and she said “Oh sure, I’ll do that for you right now!” Took her about 10 minutes and she put new domes on for me too! Super easy, super fast! The new app is awesome. It gives a lot more control than the old simple app! Great info from this group! I would have never known otherwise!


Two things to mention following the really great discovery that the Bluetooth limitation of pairing to one device at a time, or at least, having to switch off the hearing aids each time to pair to another device, has been solved with this update.

  • The MyPhonak App remote control app is LIGHT years better than the old EasyLine app. You have the ability to fine tune what you want to hear, via a slider, if you are listening to the TV Connector or bluetooth. So, I am currently working next to my wife at home - due to Covid, and I can move the slider to the right hand side, so I can completely drown her out :slight_smile: which is great, as she is an IT trainer and is often talking, and I on the other hand, am just a back office techie nerd doing development. THIS IS GREAT - and I have been thinking about upgrading due to this to the Marvel or Oticon OPN, but now I am much more in control. The other GREAT thing, is that you are able to switch between TV Connectors and Bluetooth and even put it into “Calm Situation” when you don’t want to hear what is being streamed - WIN WIN WIN. If you haven’t downloaded the myPhonak App yet following this update - do it NOW.

  • The 2nd thing, now back down to earth, is after reading that RogerDirect has been enabled, I then looked at the prices of the RogerDirect compatible IN devices Roger IN Pen, and Roger IN Select. Cough cough, both come to £1050 - $1300 dollars. I was surprised by this. This is a LOT of money - sure Phonak have done the R&D and want pay back, but I am surprised that they are charging this, when previously the cost was max £700 for the MyLink and Pen.

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As you are in the UK, are you able to apply for Access to Work for the Roger iN equipment?

That’s a great suggestion. Thanks @Zebras. I will look into it.

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Thanks for the suggestion Zebras - I don’t know anything about the scheme but will do some research before approaching my employer.

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This is truly surprising news to me (that KS9 got firmware update enabling Roger Direct. Multiple thoughts. 1)Yes, Roger Direct devices are expensive. However they are the equivalent of the device and two receivers. If you want a lower cost option consider a)PartnerMic b) if you have a telecoil, get Roger MyLink and Roger Device. MyLinks and Pens are available on Ebay for pretty reasonable prices. 2) If you’ve got the money, purchasing a KS9 AND a Roger iN device will cost you less money people than most people pay for hearing aids outside of Costco.

The big question this raises for me is when will Phonak be coming out with a new model and what features will it have to distinguish itself from Costco models?


Wonder if the Phonak PartnerMic will work with the KS9s for your folks that have them now? They only run $100 on eBay.

From up above it is confirmed that Partner Mic works with KS9 with new firmware upgrade.

I just had mine updated. I was able to connect to two android smart phones. Quick tip - The MyPhonak app says make sure you have fresh batteries when you try to pair. They mean it. I could not pair until I swapped in a set of fresh batteries.
The MyPhonak app is far better then the old one. Being able to choose programs like ‘Speech in noise’ or ‘Restaurant’ means alot to me. As I am typing this, I am sitting by a window mount AC unit and the app tells me the AutoSense OS 3.0 has chosen ‘Very noisy situation’.

The hearing specialist told me they may enable remote servicing at a later date.

This update is huge and in my opinion adds a tremendous value to these hearing aids which were a fantastic value to start with.


I suspect this entire firmware update is due to the need for remote programming with the coronavirus situation.


the app also allows mute external mics in case of bluetooth. just press the speaker icon on bottom left.


I just loaded the myPhonak app on my iPhone and it now controls my KS9s. This is without the firmware update on my KS9s. It is a bit flaky where extra programs are displayed but they crash the app when selected. Same applies to the advance features settings on the bottom right. I suspect that these features will be supported with the new KS9 firmware update.

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Thanks for sharing this @kingkong… Just published an update here:

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