Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

I had the same experience. Excellent service and value for money.

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I just got from Costco a pair of KS-9 hearing aids and downloaded the myPhonak app from the Google Store for my Android cellphone. It seems to work fine except for one problem which I am not sure if it is the way I am using the app. The default program for the app is called AutoSense OS3.0 which defines various automatic “adjustments” the KS-9 will do in various sound situations. I use this program as a base and make some sound adjustments of my own and on saving the app with these adjustments I am forced to give it a new program name, which then I can make active. This seems fine as I go about using other apps on my phone when all of a sudden I hear a musical tone in my aids and myPhonak reverts back to the default AutoSense program requiring me to reload my new program again with my changes. Is there a way to make my new program to stay active? I realize that on a phone restart that myPhonak app may go back to the default but I have not done a phone restart when this happens. Thanks for any help.

Hmm. I notice my iPhone XR occasionally gets wonky with the Bluetooth connection to my KS9s. My advice would be - if you have something you KNOW you are going to use all the time, have the Costco audio person set it as one of the manual settings on your aids. I love the ability to use the myPhonak app, and I program my own aids, so I’ve been playing with settings in real situations and if I find one I’d like to use without having to go to my phone, I will add it as a manual setting. As far as the cutting out of the app and aids reverting, I’ve had that happen while on calls every once in awhile, so I know the connection CAN be intermittent sometimes. Not sure, really, what to do except re-pair the Bluetooth and hope for a more stable connection.

Well today I used my newly arrived Roger Installer, and managed to transfer my Roger licenses from 2 Roger X’s to my KS9s. I could then pair my Roger pen and Roger remote mic to the aids, and now I can use both with no intermediary streamer - Amazing! I’m looking forward to trying them out in the real world, but Roger Direct with KS9s seems to work brilliantly.


I think I saw something similar, but I’m not sure if it covers your case. This was that it reverts back to autosense after screen is locked. And solution was to turn off haptic feedback plus something else. But beats me if I know exactly. I’ll try to dig it out, it has to be somewhere on the forum.

Edit: I have no clue what I remembered :joy:
Anyhow, check this topic:

And this post (or whole topic)

So if there comes some notification or your keyboard plays clicks, that could kick HA which are connected with BT to transfer that sound, even if there is no sound (like with some websites, you have media volume at zero but intent will be sent and caught by HA) and they switch into streaming mode and after that stops, back to default - which is autosense.

Unfortunately we can’t see the log files of switching to be really sure what triggers it and in which sequence they go.

That’s great news.
Thank you for sharing.

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For Canadians i can confirm that ks9 are roger enabled with tcoil. I can confirm costco not installing roger or selling any Roger gear yet. I can confirm price for ks9 is 1999.99 can.

And i also can confirm most places dont want to touch costco hearing aids so getting roget installed is hard. I managed to find a place but it was a lot of work.

I am hearing about a firmware update for the K9s that will now let you work with the Roger Pen. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks

I’ve heard about it from reliable sources so am convinced it’s true. You just need to go to Costco(likely need and appointment) and tell them you’d like the firmware upgrade. It will also make them compatible with a much better app. However, don’t just think that all you need to do is pick up a Roger device and that you’re good to go. If you’re interested in Roger, do some research.

Picked up my KS 9.0 T last Thursday and so far I am very impressed. Sounds especially voices seem much clearer and the new app seems to work well.
I have not had the fitter install any additional custom settings yet as I wanted to see how the AutoSense works and it seems to work pretty good.

One question I have is when I go into program settings I see programs that say they are fitted where as the Music, Restaurant and TV programs show as App preset. Can someone explain this to me?

No help from me but I’ve been wondering too. I pickup my new aids next week and would like to set up as much as possible. live a distance and have to rent a car to get there so want to avoid making unnecessary trips.

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It’s a nice goal but really hard to fulfill. The ideal is to have the automatic program handle everything and likely it largely will. Ideally one would see what situations it doesn’t work in and then get special programs. If music is important to you, a music program isn’t a bad idea. Tell your fitter of any special situations you find especially difficult.

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Thank you for that suggestion, I would be happy if the automatic did the job. Will give thought to the situations that would be important and at least have that ready when I go in.

Not sure if you mentioned a TV. The TV Connector is really nice for Bluetooth sound into your aids. That TV Connector can also be used on your computer if you like.

The mute function is very nice for some.

My wife had a total of 3 trips to Costco to feel good with her KS9 aids. Anytime we go back she gets them serviced and cleaned.

Thanks -thus far I am OK with listening to TV ; with computer I often use headphones (it really saves batteries).


Hi - for those of you who have the firmware upgrade, how do you switch between 2 paired devices. I am having trouble controlling which device I am connected to at any given time (iPad or iPhone) - I have searched and can not find any info. Thanks in advance!

I think you have to turn Bluetooth off on one device to be able to connect to another device.

You just need to disconnect manually from the device before you connect to the other one.

Since KS9s with the upgraded firmware can connect to RogerDirect devices is Costco selling these devices?

No, they are not…