Upgrade from Phonak Naída V UP

Thank you. This is a great recommendation.

Yes, I am a member of Costco, would you recommend I try them to explore?

Yes I would recommend giving Costco a try.
My first recommendation is the Brio 4 and maybe the Brio 3 with 675 batteries.
If you want to try a RIC, the Resound Preza with the 13 battery and UP receivers, if your canals are big enough.
If none of this works for you, go somewhere else but I bet they can help you.
Good luck.

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@jbender4 Finally@ Someone who has a very similar hearing loss to me!

I have a pair of Phonak Nathos S+ UP (full ear mould), using Compilot, Roger X & Roger Select to stream from the phone, attend laptop video calls and use the Roger Select in noisy environments.

Decided to upgrade and the Audiologist suggested why not just go all the way and trial the Paradises. Note these are RIC/Shell type, and to be honest, the sound clarity is missing compared to the Nathos. I’ll be trailing the Marvels Naida SP, and then afterwards the Belongs which are available in an UP version.

Hope that helps!

What is the Naida P? Is that meant to be the Naida Belong?
Just so I understand the Naida V UP came first, then now the latest UP available is the Naida Belong, with the Marvels offering SP only.

Do the Belong’s offer streaming straight from the hearing aids?
When will the Marvel UP come out?


Naida P = Naida Paradise, latest platform, platform was released in Sep 2020, for Audeo model, and everyone is waiting if Naidas will get P

Before that, Marvels in 2018
Before that Belong
Before that Venture

Naida Marvel UP isn’t planned, that’s why people hope for one UP in the paradise line and I think there have been some rumors it might be P, and information from phonak that they ARE working on UP aid, but they didn’t specify the platform.

Direct streaming to the aids is from marvel platform. I think model belong direct also had something, but didn’t remember in which combinations exactly (maybe only to one ear?)
Marvel and paradise have binaural streaming, but have master and slave aid, eg if your master aid is turned off, no streaming is possible to your slave aid (by default right aid is master, left is slave, fitter can change it).

? are you sure that oticon more covers SP and UP receivers? I wouldn’t expect that, but I didn’t look up carefully.

I agree with you - CI evaluation doesn’t hurt and can help clear things up with understanding how exactly your loss behaves and what you can expect out of it or current aids.


Hope he likes them when he is fitted with them.

Naida Q 70 - aid that has been out what five plus years. Man that’s old tech. Better to go with a new aid that came out in 2020, or will be coming out 2021.

Reactivating this conversation.

@amitabh.gordon Did you end up trying out the Phonak Paradises?

I am in the process of going from the naida marvels super power to the naida paradise ultra power. I find the paradise to be the best hearing aids I’ve ever worn. Very clear and strong. I highly suggest you at least try them before deciding on surgery


I purchased used Naida V90 SP aids last year along with the tvlink. A few months ago, l got the Naida Paradise P70-UP aids and they are the best aids overall. I got the tv connector too. The my Phonak app has improved so it’s pretty useful app.

My friend has just gone from the Phonak Naida Q70 UP to the Phonak Naida B90 UP. She’s very happy.

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Yes, I’m really looking forward to trying these out. Just the improvement of the wireless technology should make a big difference.

Question, I’m in the process of looking for a new audiologist, should I also make sure that they can performed a real ear test? Not sure if it is even applicable with my loss?

Yes! Always important no matter what hearing loss you have!

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Been a while since I’ve started this topic. Because one of my old aid is failing on me, I just ordered a new pair of aids (Phonak Naida Paridise UP V70). I’m exciting to try out the bluetooth features, but really hoping that I notice some improvements overall with sounds and speech.


Question as I wait for these aids to come in. I have the wired Hi-pro to do some fine tuning on my own. Will these still work for these aids (Phonak Naida Paridise UP V70), or do I need to upgrade to the Noahlink? Basically, do they have the internal connectors in them?

You say the V70 and Paradise. If you have the V70, then yes, the HiPro will work.

If you have the P70, then the Noahlink Wireless will be needed.

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Actually, looking at this: https://www.phonakpro.com/content/dam/celum/product-information-brochure-naida-p/PH_Product_Information_Brochure_Naida_P_210x280_EN_V1.00_027-0623-02.pdf it looks like the Hi-Pro will also work with Naida P-70 UP (as well as Noahlink Wireless)



That’s a bonus. I think it’s because it’s battery operated, that the HiPro will still work.

Yes, saw that in the brochure. Seem surprising actually that they would still provide that 4 pin mating connector within the hearing aid. Just wanted to confirm from some whom has these aids now?