Transfer Phonak Roger X receivers between hearing aids

@kevels55 . Looking at the pro website it says it can be done but doesn’t say how. Just a bit of reassurance for your experiment.

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Well it works @michael1… You can transfer the Licenses from your hearing aids, into any Roger X (Type 02) receiver, and it doesn’t have to be from its original Roger X License holder, if it is empty, the Roger X receiver will grab it, I tried this… Transferred the license from 1 aid, back into the Roger X, back into the aid, then into a different empty Roger X receiver, using the Roger Installer…However, I didn’t try to put a (Type 02 into a Type 03, or vice versa)…I was slightly skeptical, that this would work, I have 3 sets of Roger X receivers, 2 x (Type 02), and 1 x (Type 03) I have them all marked, on their boxes, Left or Right aid, and which set of aids they are in… Cheers Kev :grin:

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@kevels55 .Is it possible to transfer directly from the On In to the x using the roger installer and vice versa
I think this is of interest to me as I have a spare X and a missing licence on my pen In.
When I get new aids I’ll have some spare storage slots to do the permutations but for now I wondered if Boots could transfer from X into the pen.

In theory @michael1, you might be able to circumvent this, you would need access to a Roger Installer though… If I understand correctly, you have only one license in you Roger Pen In, I assume the other was lost via, a lost hearing aid, or defunct/broken aid? To my way of thinking, if you installed the one license from the Roger Pen In, into your aids, then installed the second license via Roger Installer, you would then have 2 licenses in your aids, then you might be able (in theory) to remove both licenses back into the Roger Pen In? I cannot help you with the practical aspect, I have no Roger “In” versions to test this out, all mines are plain Rogers… I have never actually used a Roger “In”. Good Luck, Cheers Kev :wink:

Yes thanks Kev. I was going to ask at my next visit late December. They are a bit funny about stuff not bought from Boots and would you believe they have to send to head office for the installer!
Unbelievably busy branch and no installer or rem.She said she was on commission.
I wonder if there is franchise involved in the organisation.

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Yeah @michael1 it is a major pain if you haven’t got a Roger Installer, I got mines on eBay from a South Korea seller a couple of years back, @PeterH also has one, I believe… They are tiny, they weigh 2 or 3 ounces, and probably cost no more than £20 to make? I think I paid around £170 for mine, plus about £50 expedited air mail, they are fairly rare to the market though… Phonaks whole license system, sucks! IMO, it’s a major bug bear for the HOH, it’s not there to help those HOH whom need Roger ALD’s, but essentially in place to increase Phonaks earning potential, or to prevent sharing… Having your own Roger Installer gives you control over your hearing aids, you aren’t reliant on an A.uD to add/remove licenses, even if you have a friendly A.uD, it is a PITA to go on a 40 mile round trip, for a 5 minute job, plus Roger ALD’s can be had fairly cheaply on eBay, if you have your own Roger X & Installer, you can move licenses around to different aids or backup aids, I saw a newish Roger X (03) receiver today on eBay for £69 (buy it now) that’s a good deal… Cheers Kev :wink:

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Yes I got an installer off ebay, and now have 4 RogerXs installed in P90 & M70 aids. I paid £135

Once Phonak brought out Marvels with Roger Direct, it just shows how incredibly greedy they are. The technology is already in the aids, but they still want you to spend hundreds/thousands, to just switch it on. Some would say that the R&D has to be paid for, but it’s hardly new technology is it?



Agreed @PeterH, although Sonova Holding AG (aka Phonak) military research department, probably had the American Military pay for most of the Rogers initial R&D costs? As you so rightly said, the Roger direct receivers are onboard the aids, only the licenses are missing! Phonak could possibly unshackle these ALD’s, for the benefit of all the HOH, at most probably no extra cost to themselves… But greed & avarice prevents helping many of this world’s HOH, simply because Roger is beyond their means! It is not as if the Roger ALD’s are cheap, but you have to pay twice in order to activate the Roger system… And one license isn’t enough, you need 2 for Roger to be effective… Folks might be struggling to find a similar buying system, where you pay for an item that doesn’t work, unless you pay again to activate it with licensing!!! Come on Phonak, you are taking the proverbial piss out of the worlds HOH… :face_with_thermometer:


Well, they’re taking the actual money out our pockets…that’s for sure.



There’s a button in the Roger Upgrader Software that allows you to get more licenses from 1 x Roger iN.

That button is available for everyone to use.

1 x Roger On iN has got me 10 x licenses.

4 for myself.
2 for my Step Mum.
2 each for my friends who are twins.


Brilliant… That is indeed good news Ruth, and sounds extremely promising… A wee tutorial wouldn’t go amiss please, although I don’t have any Roger “In” devices… I am sure others might benefit from your advice @michael1 & @1Bluejay would I’m sure be interested how to attain other Roger licenses, from the one Roger “In” device, please do elaborate :wink:


@michael1 and @1Bluejay already are aware.

Roger Upgrader Software 1.27

The button is within the Read Device Data.
There is a button to Retrieve Roger Receivers.

I haven’t lost any Roger Licenses / Receivers by doing this and I’ve put 2 more within my Roger On iN and Table Mic II iN.


I haven’t transferred any more licenses back out of my Table Mic, only the On but according to the Table Mic, there are 2 more licenses in there.


Thank you Ruth, I’m much obliged for that information :grin: I have just bought a cheap second hand Roger Select “In” from eBay (literally minutes ago) with a dodgy battery, I will change the battery, it’s on order from Amazon… Thank you again for that information… :grin:



I don’t know if there is a newer Roger Upgrader Software?

The button may have disappeared on a newer version of the software?

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Hi Ruth, I have the older version I believe? I have it running just now, so all is well :grin:

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Doesn’t work for the pen In unfortunately.


Do the lights show that 2 receivers have gone back into the Pen?

Have you got the 1.27 software?

Just checked mine on the software and despite having no receivers before hand as they were used, this is what mine currently says.

I don’t have any more hearing aids or know anyone else who has Phonak Aids to test again until I get the L90 Aids.


More than once someone has mentioned that Roger IN can have a maximum of 2 licenses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use multiple hearing aids.

When you no longer want to use it, you must transfer the license back to Roger’s device.

To be honest, I don’t like it at all, and I still don’t understand why they need it?
I will prefer to switch to starkey or another if possible. And they have something like roger accessories.

@Zebras , latest software-not sure of version.
If you remember I lost a license to Phonak, still pursuing that.
Lihgts confirm only 1 license installed. just in case i bought an X to replace it.