Transfer Phonak Roger X receivers between hearing aids

I have 2 pairs of Phonak aids, Marvel and Paradise. One pair has built-in receivers. Is it possible to transfer these receivers from the aids to Roger On In ( whose receivers are installed elsewhere), and then from there install the receivers to the other aids? I know that I can transfer receivers back and forth between Roger On In and the aids, but these receivers have never been within Roger On In. Or do I need that special tool for transfer? I can’t see any reason why it would not be possible but don’t want to try without asking first.

No it’s not possible. You need to install them back into the Roger X only. Nothing else will work.

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But I can transfer the receivers back and forth between my hearing aids and Roger On In. I installed them from Roger On In onto the P90 aids and then sent them back to Roger On In. Now my M30s have receivers already installed so what I wanna do is to install receivers from Roger On In to P90, and then send receivers from M30 to Roger On In. Is there any difference, why wouldn’t Roger On In accept receivers from my other aids (M30)? I mean, if I can revert receivers that were already in Phonak On In, why wouldn’t I be able to send another pair of receivers to the very same Roger On In? Hope you understand.

Have you tried it?

Yes you can move the receiver/licenses from one pr. of HA to another with a Roger ON IN … the ON IN can only hold two at a time. I have done it many times and never had a problem.


Think he’s asking if the licenses from a Roger X, can go into the On iN. I’ve been told no but I think @MilosDj thinks he can but hasn’t tried.

@Zebras have you tried it?
I vas sinking the same thing, that it should vork, not sure vhy it shouldn’t vork?


Phonak told me no but then Phonak have been very wrong regularly as well :rofl:

I only asked last week as well.

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Yeah, I vas sinking the same thing, in my (brother’s) case I vant to transfer the licenses from one HA to another using Roger On iN, instead of the Roger installer.
Vhich is conwenient, rather than the cumbersome Roger installer.

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Please try and report back! If it doesn’t work, I think that will just mean the receivers stay in the original aids and won’t go into the On iN. I don’t think you’re going to lose them completely, so you might as well try it.


@Baltazard .
Is your keyboard intoxicated or are you testing us :wink:


his cat is helping him :rofl:


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No, I want receivers from the aids transferred to Roger On In, and I know I can do it. Just don’t know if it’s only possible for receivers that were originally in My Roger On In, or it is also possible for receivers installed in my other aids

Do it then, if you know you can do it and find out?


I can do it with my receivers from Roger On In. Yes, I am sure of that, as I have done it 3 times at least. But I have never tried it with another pair of receivers, and don’t want to lose them

@kevels55 has all the equipment i believe, have you tried this Kev?

@MilosDj Yes, you can do it, we are here to provide you with an “emotional support” in case you loose them licenses.


I once transferred 2 licenses into the 1 aid :upside_down_face: By mistake! Panic ensued, I thought I may have bricked the 1st aid! But fortunately, each Marvel, Paradise & Lumity aids have 2 license slots, I assume 1 is for a (type 02 license) and the other is for a (type 03), but the 1 aid took both my 2 x (type 03 licenses) when I left the aid too close (2 feet away) and it was still switched on, I had just put the 2nd Roger X into the installer, switched it on, I got the usual solid green light, meaning the Roger X had an onboard license, I went to switch the 2nd aid on, but the Roger Installer started flashing, meaning it was now transferring the license to the 1st aid… I shall try a wee experiment, and see if the licenses are interchangeable, I don’t think they are though… Cheers Kev :wink:

Somewhat related question: Does anyone know if Roger iN devices can hold more than two licenses at a time?