Steps necessary to pair Roger Select to Lumity 90 hearing aids

Call me Frustrated - I Must be a Lost Cause. There aren’t words to express how lost and hopeless I feel. I cannot do the simplest things or follow directions but let me also say that I am not senile or demented. Its hard to even get my mind past the frustration to write something halfway sensible in hopes you can understand or help.

PAIRING MY DEVICES I am nearly reduced to tears even though my education transcript lists my IQ at 127 SO HOW CAN THIS BE? My current problem which is so very frustrating is that even though I have had these new Lumity 90 hearing aids for about 3 months and my Roger Select for about 4 years I CANNOT pair the Select to my new hearing aids which I bought at a discount that require remote programming. It was the only way I could acquire desperately needed new technology. So I cannot go to my audiologist for assistance and I live in a Very Unfriendly small town of 500 where I moved 3 years ago so no helpful souls here. It’s a long story I won’t trouble you with.

I have profound hearing lost and until I got these Lumity aids I was isolated and alone for 3 years because of my hearing disability and my ineffective Phonak marvel 50s. MAYBE in the intervening years of silence trapped inside my head my brain has blown a fuse.

A Small Explanation. I have been overwhelmed with taking care of this property I bought and I am just now able to get a little time for myself.

I confess I have procrastinated trying to do this simple pairing because I have been me long enough to know the frustration it would cause me.

I have watched short videos that seem to be helpful to others but not to me. Maybe I speak a foreign language and so can’t understand directions. I have tried Phonak support but gotten nowhere.

FIRST I TRIED to pair the devices but I only get flashing red light. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand the buttons on back of Roger Select. There are 2 buttons, one with a Dot and the other a symbol. So all the videos are silent, no one speaking about which button they just push a button I can’t seem to see and the music plays a flourish like. Hooray, success.

I am so frustrated that there’s no verbal explanation or description but this pairing should be done in 2 minutes tops apparently but not for Class Clown Me.

I had a rare visit from my 2 sons yesterday and was so hoping to have the pairing process done because the RS really helped word recognition even on my crummy Marvel 50s.

IS THERE HOPE FOR ME? I’m well-read about a lot including causes for people offing themselves but I’ve never found anyone who did it or considered it because of something which seems simple to everyone else but me like this.

If I were crazy maybe it wouldn’t be so mind blowingly frustrating. I held very responsible jobs throughout my life so WHY CAN I NOT do this one simple task.

I suspect by now there are a few forum members who have stopped reading what I write because it’s not believable.

But it is real so PLEASE tell me WHAT THESE buttons are for and HOW I can pair these devices. I’ve been trying almost a week now and getting nowhere.

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Emailed a contact at Phonak to see if we could get some eyes on this.

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Doubt Phonak can help

Phonak complicates things with “licenses”. Apparently, you need to unload them from Marvel and load them into Lumity.


Roger Select comes with two Roger Select IN software receivers (virtual receiver license)

If your Roger Select worked with your Marvel hearing aids, then the two software receiver licenses ( the Roger Select IN) still reside in your Marvel 50s. Maybe your audi installed this for you and therefore you never came in contact with this.

To get the new Lumity 90s working with your Roger Select, you first have to un-install the virtual Roger Select IN receiver licences from your previous used Marvel 50s hearing aids, and transfere this licenses back into the Roger Select , the Roger Select have two “parking slots” for receiver licenses.

Step 1: Take your Roger Select and your Marvel 50s and perform the Un-Install process (See page 2 on the PDF-file.
Open this PDF-Guide and go to Page 2:

Phonak RogerDirect Un-installation Guide: Roger Select iN

This first step will remove the Roger Select IN (virtual software receiver license) from the Marvel50s and transfer it back into the Roger Select microphone.
You have to perform this twice , for the left and right Marvel50 hearing aids , to remove the Roger IN license from the M50 hearing aids back to Roger Select microphone!

After you uninstalled the Roger IN receivers from both of your M50 , the two licenses are stored back into the Roger Select microphone.

You can now perform Step 2 and install the virtual licenses into your Lumity 90s

Step 2: Installing the Roger In (virtual receiver) into the new Lumity90

Phonak RogerDirect Installation Guide: Roger Select IN

Open the PDF-Guide again and perform the Steps from Page 1 with your Lumity 90 hearing aids.

Take your Roger Select and your Lumity 90s and perform the Install process (See page 1 on the PDF-file with both Lumity hearing aids.

Be aware, that in the PDF-Guide on Side 1 were references to Marvel hearing aids, but you have to do this Steps from Page 1 with your new Lumity hearing aids !

If you don’t have the shown pin tool then you could alternatively use a Toothpick , a SIM Card release tool , a needle , or a suitable piece of steel wire.


THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your help!

Now if only PHONAK EYES would actually see this and shed some light on this that would unravel a mystery that keeps getting deeper and more convoluted because since several very helpful posts here I am now more confused than ever.

Do you ban people for being overly confused because, if so, you should go ahead and finish me off now.

My difficulties stem (but i’m just guessing) from somewhere in time when my processor/brain blew a fuse and lost the ability to have more than one tab open at a time in my brain. And now having crossed the Rubicon I’m destined to be sent to Department OBSOLETE to be summarily junked.

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Yes but how - what are the steps - what are the buttons for on back of Roger Select?

Thanks very much - I will study your response details and try to work this out. It will take a little time and patience on my part but I’m going to work on it and I will post the results. I do truly appreciate your effort listing out all this information. With time and your directions hopefully I will succeed. I’m not good at working with things I can’t see (like inside the old marvels and whether or not steps I’ve taken have been successful or not. Maybe I will understand better as I read this over this evening and give it a try.

You will need 2 Roger X licenses installed in the Lumity before doing any pairing.
Here is a configurator to help you find out which roger X licenses you will need:

@Zebras might be able to give you better information on how to install them.

This to me seems all so complicated. I wish I had someone here with me to read directions while I try to complete this but unfortunately its just me. I will report my success or failure tonight or in a few days. When I get frustrated with things I have to force myself to put it aside and try later but that’s not easy to do because I like to get things done quickly but in matters like this it can be a slow process.

Thank you for your time and effort responding.

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Oh you are just like me, I don’t have much confidence in Phonak based on the years I’ve had their hearing aids. They tell me to talk to my audiologist and my remote programmer/audiologists tells me (if he responds) to talk to Phonak.

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I wish they would UN-COMPLICATE THINGS by tell me in very simple language what the buttons are for on back of the Roger Select. For as costly as they are it seems they can deliver hi-tech stuff but simple plain, clear language in directions is lacking. Same is true for some of the videos - they don’t say a word and somehow I am supposed to intuit just from watching them what’s happening in the video. Sigh. And why do they say to hold the Roger Select near the RECEIVER. Why don’t they say “near the hearing aid”? There must be a difference that causes them to say “near receiver” or maybe it was “touching receiver”. How do I know where the receiver is?

Its very difficult for me - I can’t properly explain why things are so difficult for me like this. I wasn’t always so slow to comprehend and it makes me feel quite fatalistic and discouraged because I don’t understand it myself so I can well imagine what others must think.

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Assuming you have a Roger Select iN:
Check if it has got a hole like this picture below:

If Yes it has got one, then you have a Roger Select iN, then the rest is much simpler; But if not, then you will need to see your hearing care provider.

Thanks, It does have a hole so good news this will be simpler with Roger Select ‘IN’.

Would you be able to clear up for me what is Roger Receiver. It’s confusing for me Roger Microphone. I don’t recall seeing much about hearing aids, instead the Roger Receiver and the Microphone.

Thanks but as to CONFIGURATOR it asks for product line ? Do I want to do this with Lumity or Marvel? Actually, coming back again with clarification request. it doesn’t list Marvel or Lumity so how do I choose from their list of choices ??

As usual I’m stuck at very beginning choosing from their list of Phonak items.

YOU SEE I don’t recall Either PHONAK SUPPORT line or my remote audi saying anything about retrieving licenses from marvel and installing to Lumity Before even trying to do the pairing. As for my remote audi, he just sent me a 5 year old 2 minute video with a mute man pushing buttons for a few seconds pushing a couple of invisible buttons that end with 5 seconds of happy cheering music signifying CASE CLOSED when it’s much more complicated than this. Both of them have let me down unless I missed something. Phonak says talk to audi and audi doesn’t actually respond at all which I took to mean he didn’t feel it was his responsibility as it involves a device a an item not purchased from him.

And now I’m confused further after reading the Firmware update thread. Phonak Lumity firmware update - #38 by Zebras This is so far over my head, I think Phonak wants me to give up and buy a new Roger Select but my bank acct is drained. I think is going to end up being moved to my LOST CAUSE folder.

In fact im so confused I can’t remember which issue(s) I’m confused about.

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Just to be clear, what does it say on the back of your Roger Select? Does it say

Model: Roger Select
Model: Roger Select iN

There’s a huge difference



@kcsummerkc Your best course of action is to take your Lumity + Marvel + Roger and any accessories you have working with your marvel to your next hearing care appointment, since you are in your 3rd month after purchasing the Lumity, I expect a follow up meeting with your hearing care provider.
So don’t worry too much about it.

This lady bought her aids online. They won’t help with the select.
@kcsummerkc have you found the setting hole on the back of the select yet. You need to know if you have a select or a select IN.

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Got this response from Phonak: The Roger Select must be a Roger Select iN (released Aug 2019). If it’s indeed a Roger Select iN and worked with the previous Marvel hearing aids, then the receivers could still be in the Marvel hearing aids. If that’s the case, the advice provided by @firenzel is correct.

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Thanks for suggestion. I Never noticed before. It says Roger Select IN.

I’m charging up my Marvels since I haven’t used them.

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