Phonak Trial devices / demonstration instruments - maximum trial period

hello ! Does anyone know how long after programming will walk phonak marvel trial version ? Thanks

I believe it’s 6 weeks before you get beeps on the trial versions on the Marvel and Paradise aids.

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I got a strange answer from a professional…" 180 days, "So I was surprised. I also think much shorter. There is no information about this anywhere via google.

I am curious if the duration of “6 weeks” after programming is counted… calendar or the operating time of the hearing aid.

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I’m not sure these are meant to be sold to clients.

Unitron software has a trial duration option which can be set to a maximum of six weeks.

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So the 6 weeks before the beeps if I recall felt like more than 6 calendar weeks; I wonder if it is 6 weeks in hours of usage i.e. 1008 hours.

Anyway I have sold these aids now and have moved on to Paradise P90’s

The trial aids were great to me as I got them VERY cheap, I never however did try the other feature levels as I just left them at the highest feature configuration.

If you self programme and can get them cheap I would advocate getting them, as much as we should not self programme the seller should not be selling them.


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where to buy trial aids that I could self-program?
I need Naida UP (Paradise)

Big thank you for your information ! :slight_smile: or in the local market - announcements.

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