I’m a 71-year-old male. Today, I wear Oticon More3s and after having had 2 sets of Unitrons and a first pair of Oticons, I can categorically say that the OpenSound concept works for me.

I’m still able to fly fish, mountain bike, and snowshoe some, and I enjoy how the OpenSound design concept connects me to my world.

I count myself very fortunate that Veterans’ Affairs Canada supplies me with hearing instruments that I could never afford to pay for myself. [Thank you, VAC:canada:]

I’ve probably made every mistake in the book wrt choosing audiologists and ear machines over the years.

I joined the Forum to participate in posting anything I know or have experienced that might help others to avoid some of the errors I’ve made that exacerbated the impact of my hearing deficiencies on my quality of life.

This forum has allowed me to grow in my knowledge and understanding of hearing loss and hearing aids, empowering me to effectively manage my working relationship with my audiologist and find solutions to cope with my hearing loss…

Today, I have better hearing and quality of life because of the knowledge that I have gained here, and I’m very grateful to DocAbram and the Hearing Tracker team for our Forum, and to all the members who have offered me help with my many questions.

[Also: I’ve been playing guitar and 5-string banjo for 60 years, but I still haven’t got it right!]