Phonak P90 landline phone connection

I am trialing Paradise P90. I think that they don’t “connect” to a simple landline phone and they need a bluetooth landline phone. Is that correct, or maybe my audi is missing some connectivity program ?

Yes, with the right model. Use the search button from right here on hearingtracker to find out more information.

thank you, really helpfull list.

Gee, thanks! I just joined this forum to see if I could find this very information. I had found out that the Bluetooth profile matters but could find the correct one on a landline. Phonak uses HFP (hands free profile) not HSP (head set profile).

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The list of GigaSet phones above is for using the aids as a “headset.” I am using a Panasonic KX-TG994SK phone system (bought at Costco) that “relays” calls to my KS10.0T hearing aids (Costco’s “store-brand” counterpart of the Phonak P90RT).

Could you explain the difference and how it actually connects? I have been trying to link landline phones to my Phonak hearing aid via Bluetooth. How does this “relay” the calls?

Sorry, I missed a step: the Panasonic phone “relays” to my cell phone, which in turn connects to my hearing aids.

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So you connect the landline to your cell, not your aids? And you can answer your landline on your cell? That would be great!

I wonder if that works on any Bluetooth Panasonic phone?

Yeah, that’s because the Phonaks don’t support the HPS profile.

Thanks! I was trying to do this all wrong. And I assume that any Bluetooth to cell phone will work that way.

Does the model hearing aid your using have a telecoil

Yes, it has a t-coil. But I haven’t found it very useful yet. Using it I can understand enough for a simple, short conversation, like the repairman calling to say he’s on his way. But long talks with friends and family is a strain.

I can use my cell, which is Bluetoothed to my HA. But I really want to have a usable landline. My old Phonak HA connected to my Phonak phone. So far this is what I’ve been using with the new HA, mainly because it has a boost button.

This worked only too well yesterday evening: I was not at my usual location next to the Panasonic base station, but apparently still within Bluetooth range, and a phone call for my wife to the “home phone” (actually VoIP via an Obihai adapter) went straight to the cell phone and to my hearing aids. I had to find my wife and hand her my cellphone – with my aids disconnected. I’ll have to investigate further and figure out how to disconnect my cellphone and let the Panasonic ringers work in case the same situation arises again.

Boy my system is a lot simpler. Phone calls to land line going on answering machine. Since I can’t make out heads or tails what the mechanical voice says those are my wife’s responsibility. My wife has her own cell phone and I have mine and never the twane shall meet. If by some miracle she gets a call for me she’ll text me. But I can’t remember the last time something like that happens. My wife works and I’m retired and I try not to bother when she’s at work baring an emergency

I use the Acoustic phone with my Paradise 50 R and they work wonderfull. That program must be activated by your Hearing Aids provider. I hear very clear all the conversations

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Do you get the call in both ears as I think you also have the DuoPhone program as well?!

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I’ve been trying to use the t-coil program. I’ll try the acoustic.

I can hear the call in both ears which is awsome but I don’t know if I have Duophone or not. I know that I don’t have Tcoil. I push the button in the HA and I change from Autosense to Acoustic Phone program

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I finally got a hold of Gigaset and they said none of their phones marketed in the US has Bluetooth.

Well that’s contrary to what @Z300M received from his reply to Phonak support, who suggested that they do in fact support that protocol.