Phonak Marvel or Widex Evoke

Hi all,

I have read topic about Phonaks and Widexs:

Phonak Marvel vs Widex Evoke

and diferent forum, etc.

And still I can’t decide between Phonak Marvel and Widex Evoke. I have hearing loss 99,9% - 90 DB frequency 125 until 115 DB frequency 1,5k and I can’t hear other frequencies anymore (profound hearing loss)

I have a feeling that with Phonak it sometimes dims the surroundings even if I don’t have to. I hear voices more clearly, and my surroundings muffled. It’s ok, but sometimes I feel when it’s quiet, Phonak still mutes surrounding. Is that the goal of Phonak? The main advantage of Phonak is Autosense, but in Widex Evoke I have to change the environment on my mobile phone.

If I understand correctly so the Marvel M50 M70 etc. is the difference in the number of channels, and for me as a very deep hearing loss will be enough M50 that I wont recognice the difference M70 etc?

Also Widex Evoke 220, 330, 440 - Wont recognize different?

Maybe Phonak Naida M30 and Widex Evoke 220 will be enough for me. But it’s hard for me to choose one.

Thank you for any experience and tips.


The Widex Evoke automatically changes sound classes in different environments. If you get the F2s you get the AI app soundsense where you can modify settings yourself. The others have the tonelink app for changing preset programmes or volume. I have the custom 440, it gives best results for speech in noise, wind noise reduction etc. It depends what your priorities are as to which level would be good for you. An experienced fitter and online information will show differences between levels. It’s really important to get a custom fit for best results.


The different levels is the measure of sound quality and more features you need to use for advanced use ie work life.

  1. Try each models of one brand. If you cannot differentiate two three models, then go for basic. No hearing aid is going to make you listen to speech 100%.

  2. trial the two brands side by side at least 1-2 weeks. The longer the better. Each individual need is different. Take your time, ask your audiologist and research as well.

  3. evaluate after-sales service and maintenance. Set the total budget you are comfortable with.
    There are several models you could try out too. The newer model the better as the spare parts are available in market.


Thanks :slight_smile: Thats mean only Widex Evoke F2 can connect with phone and different type no?

Thanks for reply, and useful tips. I will think about this.

Widex Evoke is now some what outdated and I would hold off any purchase since it will be replaced in the near future. Some people love Phonak autosense while other hate it. I tend to feel if someone’s hearing loss is mild to mid range auto sense works well. But if your hearing loss is in the severe plus group auto sense does not have the gain nor the strength to pull in necessary sounds. No one knows when upgraded hearing aids will come out but I’d tend to stay away from 2017/2018 HA technology and concentrate on what comes out later this year, early next.

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My son has F2s which connect direct to iPhone without using an intermediary device. I have custom Evokes which use com-dex to stream direct to iPhone or certain more recent android phones. I tried the F2s but actually prefer to choose when to be connected directly to my phone which I can with the comdex. I stream music using this whilst running and if I don’t have it connected up when I get a call can just connect it during and automatically transfers into the aids. The Evokes are extremely well established and high performing hearing aids but as always it’s about what you wish to gain and what’s right for you.


Are you saying your hearing loss is 90db at 125 Hz?
115 dB at 1500 Hz? Deaf the rest?
If this is correct you need very special powerful aids or even cochlear implants.

Hmm, interesting reply. I know the newest is Widex Moment - but its for “hearing loss mild” , maybe in future it will also be for severe hearing loss or another model for severe hearing loss.

And Phonak newest is Marvel.


Exactly, I am deaf, I know that hearing aids do not fix my hearing loss, I would like to get as many sounds as possible - for example, ringing, banging, knocking, sneezing, the sound of the phone, etc.

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From the available aids in my opinion the Phonak Naida M SP aids would be best. Phonak has questionably the best frequency lowering out at this time. Your low frequency hearing loss is profound. You need a power aid that brings your upper deaf frequencies into your hearing range if possible.
The Oticon Exceed or Resound Enzo might be worth trying.
Search power aids on this forum for lots more information.
Good luck

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About difference in levels, at least for phonak they say - the more difficult environment, the higher level you need.

My interpretation based on info I’ve gathered:

30 - you’re basically inside in quiet or in predictable simple environment most of the time
50 - quiet but also some street noise, eg you might need better noise reduction
70 - better speech in noise eg in restaurants
90 - better speech in speech babble eg in networking events or in big rooms with echo, or hospital corridors.

30 and 50 don’t have 2 mics per aid but only one, so bigger ones have better results in directionality, especially when they need to reduce noise from one direction.

With a disclaimer, which you already know, no HA gives you what you’ve lost.

Smallest unitron really sounds similar to marvel 90 when I’m at home, in quiet, watching tv. Or better said, both aren’t anything special.
However, I heavily enjoy direct streaming and it definitely improved my quality of life, be it directly from tv, phone, external mics.

I did try 70, 90 and some baby unitron, lowest level.
Since I tried two only in 90 version, I can’t vouch for how exactly good 2x 70 would be. But two finally give me sound boost I lack. However, only one aid on my bad ear, not that useful. However, my case is that HAs are expected to be of limited use anyway, so whatever I can get out of it, it’s great.

What I can say is that with these two 90s I finally ain’t tired or exhausted off the istening. Although I still like silence and my tinnitus came back hard and loud when I remove them. I decided for top level because I will definitely be in difficult listening situations and any help is appreciated.

So I’d recommend assess what are the 90-95% of the environment you expect to be in in next 5-6 years and then compare two around that, eg 30/50 or 50/70 or 70/90. My fitter said that even though majority of his clients are older, and they mostly want to try 90,they end up with 70 because they just can’t see the difference between them while testing them in their expected environments. I can’t test the networking but could test the hospital hallways, and I definitely have easier time than I ever had with my old widex. However I didn’t test 2x 70 in exactly the same environment. One 70 wasn’t anything special.
But, I can afford 90s so I stopped thinking it over all the time. So yeah, see your budget and work from there, that’s also an option.

If they’re set properly, all will work the same in quiet environments, having 6 or 26 channels.
What’s proper, check best practices summarised by dr cliff

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Raudrive is spot on. Try the Naida Marvel. I have the M-90, but if you don’t need all the features, the M-70 would be less money. Also, plan on custom earmolds probably with no venting to avoid feedback. The Naida has much better gain than the Audeo at the low frequencies. Both have great recovery of high frequencies

It depends on your hearing loss. I tried both of these hearing aids out. The Widex Evoke has been updated to the moment. It is met to be for mild to moderate hearing lose. It builds on the widex evoke technology. It adds pure sound to the equation. It is has it strong points like machine learning and the tinnitus feature is really good. It has a good app to do adjustments on the go. There where two things that I did not like when I tried them out. One was to do remote programing it requires a special device to be placed around your hearing aids. Second with was slated to be changed was it was only made for iPhone. I was told this was to change with the next firmware update so that may have changed. They also come in different technology levels if you want to save some money.
The phonak marvels where really nice They gave a lot a value for the price. They too come in different technology levels so you could save money that way. The marvels 90 when I tried them out had a t-coil and where Bluetooth compatible. I tried there rechargeable and did I try the rechargeable Widex as well. The app had some nice features. I liked the ability to modify programs as needed. It also had the ability to remotely adjust without additional equipment. This was important during the shutdown and for those times you need an adjustment but can’t get to the office.
Both where good hearing aids but based on my experience if I had to choose one over the other I would choose Phonak Marvels.
Ultimately I did not choose these brands for my new hearing aids. It was a different brand but it was close between the brand I choose and the marvels. I wish you the best and hope you find the right hearing aid for you.

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I have Widex Moment 440 which are wonderful! Receiver in the canal rechargeable. I use my iPhone to listen to audiobooks without headphones. Easy to take phone calls. Wonderful sound.

I even made a program for highway driving.

I had older Widex HA and used a TV-DEX. I am still using that until the (late?) fall when I can start using TV Play. (There needs to be a firmware update, which I get online.)

Since things are just starting to reopen here, I haven’t tested them at the theatre or at restaurants.


So far, I’ve tried the Widex Evoke FP 50. My audiologist told me that this would be enough for me, and that more expensive models would be useless to me because I had a very deep loss. And I felt like I heard more sounds with the Widex Evoke FP 50 than with the Phonak Marvel M50. It’s probably because Marvel mutes the surrounding sounds and focuses on the speech, but which I don’t understand. So for now, it looks like I’ll probably take the Widex Evoke FP 50, and then maybe in 5 years the technology will be better.

Thank you for your opinions, if anyone else has anything to say, feel free to write.