Phonak Marvel vs. Widex Evoke

I tested trial major brands and I like Phonak and Widex. However undecided and weighing pros and cons. How about your Experience?

Phonak Marvel

  1. reliable Bluetooth with good FM and battery span
  2. Bluetooth streaming sound is louder than without streaming, hence useful in noisy background
  3. the cons overcame by Roger Select


  1. reduces background noise, hence underamplify high pitch. Some words and sounds could not be picked up.
  2. Bluetooth streaming is the only way to hear clear in quiet Background, because is much clearer than not streaming. This cause battery draining fast in both HA and smartphone.
  3. high price of Roger Select, defeating the purpose of HA.

Widex Evoke

  1. sound quality is better; capturing more beautiful music.
  2. ability to control the sound desired via SoundSense app and machine learning adaptability to program according to your choice in different environment. Hence control over noisy background.
  3. ability to charge fuel cell


  1. Bluetooth streaming is not clear and low FM. Not sure if I hear directly or streaming.
  2. 312 battery model only available, Its battery lasts 4-5 days. 13 battery model available two months later.

I have not fully tested the Tinnitus app on both models and Phonak’s sound control app. I also understand that Phonak marvel no longer be given software updates but Widex Evoke does.

Welcome to the forum.

Something to add to your comparison is just about all your mentioned issues are very tunable with programming.

The key to a good fit with any hearing aid is the fitter and you. You coming here and reading is a huge step to getting a great fit. Learning what you need and how to help your fitter help you.

Both aids you are trying are good aids.

How are you streaming? I have the Evokes and use a com-dex, my son has F2s and streams direct from I-phone. Once it is paired up properly you shouldn’t have any issues. It is very clear and there is no interference unless I actually put something solid over the top of my com-dex. I am sure this can be sorted for you, they are great hearing aids.

I stream by connecting to Bluetooth on iPhone. Sound with streaming and off streaming is same. But I asked my friend, if she heard the sound coming out of the iPhone during streaming. Sometimes no, sometimes yes.

I tried listening to YouTube via streaming in IPhone while playing drama on laptop. Seems to hear both streaming and background sounds. In Phonak bluetooth streaming, the sound is louder than background noise.

Thank you. At moment I have issue with tinnitus after wearing them few days. It seems the “louder” noise (from streaming and background) made me weary.

Taking notes about your hearing issues, good and bad and also the environment you are in at the time will help your fitter. Good communication skills are important between you and the fitter.

have you played with the mixer on the Widex iPhone app? That controls the balance between outside and streamed sound, as well as the volume of the streamed sound.

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iPhone streaming is uninterrupted when at the appropriate distance & with constant phone signal. I can walk upstairs leaving my phone downstairs and will still be streaming music through the comdex. The balance of hearing through the hearing aid and hearing streaming may seem different to when you might have worn headphones-it took me a little bit of time to get used to it as I stream music when running, but I need to still be able to hear cars/people just in case. When I get away from traffic I mute the aids so then it’s like noise cancelling headphones and I only hear the music which is bliss. My son does this through his iPhone, I do it with the button on the side of my comdex. Your dispenser can advise on more technical issues and if they can’t fix it ask them to contact Widex technical for you. Good luck.

What Raudrive said. This is very tunable by your fitter. But there’s no magic button. It may take a few tries to set the noise reduction so it does not damp speech sounds.

And BTW, the noise reduction can be turned “Off” (at least way down). The myPhonak app lets me turn it to “0” temporarily. The fitter can give you a program without NR.

I’m starting to think that for most users all the brands are “the same”. There’s no good way to A/B/C comparison shop, because there’s hundreds of possible settings and ultimately they can all be set about the same. What differs is the maker’s best-guess of a good “first-fit”.


Fuel cell??? What fuel cell?

PassionFruit, if you decide to go with Widex you might want to wait a couple months until the new Widex “Moment” HAs are available. They will almost certainly be an improvement over Evoke. In fact you might want to wait until then even if you are inclined to go with Phonak now so you can compare Marvel to Moment.


I would love to but Moment only come to my country in two months time and my current one is almost end its life. I prefer 13T battery which Evoke only have 312 battery model until the 13 model arrives here and perhaps 2 months later.

Due lockdown, I am uncertain if any new products able to arrive here.

JeffBower, yes I did. On and off I hear the sound on HA. I believe is the auto program change?

Tenkara, is stated in their website as well here

I am not clear how it looked like, even zen tinnitus app not available in my country.

PRR, I do have same thoughts as you that each maker makes different first fit and with REM, can make good fit for each HA user. The only difference to consider is sound quality, sound impact in long term, background noise, speech clarity and after sales reliability.

My curiosity comes how close is the sound with cochlear implant with any of the HAs is supposed to produce?

You have just opened up a whole new discussion. There are a few really good threads on CI, cochlear implants the past few months. Try searching for them for lots of good information. Pending on your hearing loss the CI and a hearing aid sound can be similar to very different is my understanding.

Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.

Thanks for posting your audiogram.
I am absolutely not an expert at this stuff. Professional help is your best answer.

I do not want to guess at your question about sound, comparing the CI and a hearing aid. I have read people with high frequency loss have a big sound difference when they get get a CI. I have also read the brain will figure out over time.

If you post this question in the cochlear implant section of the forum maybe you will get better help.
Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply. I do read about that in the forum. My suspect is they hear everything but whether the brain specifically filter noise itself is another question.

My concern would be how much harm the Bluetooth while streaming from WiFi enabled phone or laptop; or how much background noise impact hearing in long term. After some tips above, I reduced the volume in the app and managed to minimise background noise.

Now the challenge is if Bluetooth is necessary as the streaming puts the microphone in the ear pretty louder than background noise. (Phonak)

Or better, have both sounds together where microphone is not in the ear but from the phone? (Widex)

Do you have a CI now?