Phonak introduces Paradise, a new paradigm in hearing aid sound quality

Only online at the moment, Specsavers are not yet selling them. I would imagine when they do, it will be for less than that.

I just realised, that this additional noise cancelling if it exists only can be in level 90.

That other thing for 90s only, enhanced soft speech in quiet, I’m not sure if I can get/feel that since I lowered soft sounds in quiet since that annoys me. But still crumbling of paper and similar is louder than I’d like. So maybe that’s because of it… Dunno
If it’s really quiet I can do without aids without the problem so it’s hard for me to say if I feel the difference for that feature.

I was at the audiologist yesterday and asked about the Paradise since I am trialling the Marvels. Even though Phonak have been aggressively marketing for the paradise - with emails saying they can be ordered (as opposed to pre-ordered) - apparently they are not being sent out yet and no indication as to when that will happen! Silly …

I got kitted out with Roger X transmitters for my Nathos’ and a Select to overcome poor phone call quality by the Compilot. All up costing £2100. It’s incredible a pair of Paradise’ max out at £2900!

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Not sure what country you are in. I am in the USA and have a pair ordered and am scheduled for a fitting in two weeks. My audio ordered them a couple of weeks ago. They are available here in the states. So folks have them already. I do know that my provider does a lot of business with Phonak do that may have something to do with it.

I am in the UK. I know they have sent emails to say the Paradise can be ordered but apparently they haven’t sent them out yet. That said, I know I may sound really cynical but I have been trialling the Marvels and it could be that the provider doesn’t want me to return them which is why they are saying the Audeo P is not yet available!

I’m in San Diego and my audi originally said he couldn’t get them. After calling they learned that they need to go through Phonak training on the new aid and software before they can order them. The next training is in the beginning of October.

I’m thinking of testing Starkey Livio AI before Paradise. I’ve tried Widex Moment 440 and am now on Oticon S1. Widex was decent but not great (and I’ve been a Widex wearer for 15 years). I love the sound of Oticon but I’m saying “What?” to my wife way too often. (Getting another tweak in a few days). And the app is very weak with my iPhone and changes volume without warning.

I have just purchased a set of Paradise hearing aids and am trying to use the Google Assistant on my Android phone. While I am able to control phone calls with right side double taps, I cannot get Google Assistant to activate on my Pixel 4XL phone with left double tap. My Android version is 11 and “Hey, Googfle” setting is turned on.

Are there additional settings needed for double tap left to activate Google Assistant?


Yes, there’s a little box your clinician needs to check off in the bluetooth settings.