Phonak Audeo Paradise P70-RT vs P90-RT

Hello, first time hearing aid user, first time posting here. I am currently trialing a set of Phonak Paradise P70-RT’s and have been wondering if it would be worth it to check out the P90 rechargeable as well. Anyone tried each of these and have any insight as to the sound quality or better management of noise and speech? I will say that I was somewhat anxious about getting hearing aids, wondering how much they would actually help vs. how much they cost. I am pleased to admit that I love having hearing aids now. Its an unbelievable difference in my life. I am currently liking the P70’s but sort of curious if the P90 would really be much better in someway that I am currently un aware of.

Thanks in advance for your time and input.

@twowheeledton: Welcome to our Forum. I have never worn Phonak, and am a loyal Oticon user.

I feel that I can post this, however, which may help:

  1. Try a couple of different options and see which ones give you the best results; and

  2. Buy the highest level of technology you can afford.

This advice goes for all the various makes, and I’m positive that our resident Phonakite gurus will concur.

Best of luck in your quest for better hearing!

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Easyest way to compare is to check this out:


Only way to know is to try them.

I’ve had low end range (50 range) Phonaks and top end range (90 range) Phonaks and personally I don’t notice a difference.


It depends on your loss and your environments.

If you’re not in environments that would utilize echo block (or not that often to justify the cost), then there’s not much more difference between them.

Convenience is one of them - 90 have ‘speech in loud noise’ available as automatic program. Echo block also (that one isn’t available in lower tier at all).

But from how well you will hear with each of them in regular environment - if they’re set up properly and the same, you’ll hear the same.

In quiet, even 30 will give you the same results as 90.

If you struggle with speech comprehension, the cause might not be your aid, but your loss.
Eg if your word recognition score is lower than 90, like 70, no aids in the world can push you back into 90s.
Or if you struggle with noisy environments eg you need signal-to-noise ratio of more than 5.
Both of those are ‘features’ of our brain, and cannot be helped with hearing aids alone, if at all.

So, if you can share with us your word recognition score and your SNR score (quicksin or something similar), then we can tell you if there’s a chance you could get something more out of them or not.

But easiest and fastest way is to try them both. Although, in all regular environments they should work the same, especially quieter ones.

However, it’s of the utmost importance that you have a good fitter, and not the seller.
Seller will intentionally set up more expensive aids better. So such comparison can’t be a fair one.

In short, find a fitter who can give you those numbers and whom you have to convince why you’re better off with more expensive aid.
Then you’ll know you’re in the good hands and that trial is fair one.


@Blacky: Great advice. Thanks. I wish I had read this 17 years ago!

Better now than never :wink:

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Thanks, I have actually looked at this but I am looking for a bit more of a real world experience. Like how noticeable is “Dynamic Noise Cancellation” or “Comfort In Echo”?

Thanks! Good to know. I wonder how noticeable some of all these features really are.

@twowheeledton: I am a self-avowed Oticonian®️, so - yes, I am biased.

But if open sound is what you like, I recommend that you at least consider Oticon.

Thanks! Based on this feedback I think I need to just keep using these and pay attention to whether or not I think I could use the other features or would need them at all. I’ll try to update my info but I did go to an audiologist. I work in IT at a hospital and while working a ticket in our audiology department I realized I went to high school with one of them! We got to talking and she recommended I get a test. I did and now here we are. I actually went with her recommendation as far as the model of HA’s. I think its mostly the “tech” side of me curious about the extra features of the top model. In reality, I’m probably good with what I have.

Added my test info to my profile.

For DNC no clue, I have mine maxed out :rofl:

Comfort in Echo I did notice a bit easier communicating in doctor’s offices.

Since it depends on your loss and your brain, only way to really know it is to test it.

However, if you’re for example just once a year in such environment, then cost might not be worth to you.

In my case I went with the P70. The P90 would run another $1000 and I felt (and my Audi agreed) that the extra money would be better spent on something like the Roger Select for the situations where I may need extra assistance.



I started with a test P70, then my (excellent) audiologist in Zürich Switzerland upgraded the tests HAs to P90. I noticed a big difference, especially in noisy environments, but C virus has precluded testing in noisy bars or restaurants. I’m also an IT guy, a consultant, British but often trying to communicate in Swiss-German dialect in noisy environments. My earnings depend on me understanding. I need all the help technology can offer!

I bought the P90’s and am very satisfied, except that I can’t get them working with Microsoft Teams!

Thanks for the info! I just realized I haven’t tried them with skype or teams yet. I’ll have to check that out. Based on this maybe I will try to the 90’s.

I use Teams on my Phone so the conversation is streamed directly to my ears, I also join the Teams meeting on the computer for the video content if any or presenting.
Mics and speakers on computer stay muted.
Hope that helps.


You could check out Costco’s Kirkland Signature 10.0’s. Just saying…

I had my 3 week check up yesterday and I am now at 100% of my prescription. Also, based on all this great feedback I have asked my audiologist to order me the P90’s and will test those out. Thanks for all your input.

Finally I have the P90’s! I’m not sure how many are still watching this thread or if it means anything to anyone but I wanted to give an update. So far I can definitely tell a difference. In a windy environment or with any louder noise it is much easier to hear voices, even my own! Very interesting. To expand, I can still hear the same sound the wind makes when picked up by the aids. Which is slightly annoying but tolerable. But I can hear voice much clearer. Another scenario that is almost daily for me is giving my child a bath. She likes to read books in the bathroom next to the tub as the water fills which is pretty loud. With the P70’s once you turn the water on or any louder noise happens there was a very noticeable decrease in volume in the aids. It sounded as if the aids turned almost completely off during this water fill time. With the P90’s the water sound was reduced slightly but all voice was made clear. It was amazing! I can also say that the transition to different programs or how it deals with the noise cancellation is so much more natural to the point that I basically don’t notice it. With the P70’s it was very hard and dramatic changes in volume or how it managed sound. Very noticeable. With the P90’s that is so far gone.

These are all things found in the initial 24 hrs. with them so I think I will be sticking with them for sure. Hope this helps anyone else potentially on the fence like I was.