Oticon Opn Phone/TV Adapter/ConnectClip sound settings for quality/bass/mic

Your Oticon Opn accessories (Phone/TV Adapter/ConnectClip) may have sound quality issues depending on your Oticon Opn hearing aid settings. These issues have been discussed in various threads. Special thanks to @Volusiano for being a trail blazer for these connectivity issues.

If you are not a self-programmer then your audiologist will have to change these settings using the Oticon Genie 2 fitting software and a programming device.

The settings can be accessed by clicking the (Phone/TV Adapter/ConnectClip) Tabs at Genie 2/End Fitting;

Phone Tab: In addition to the default settings below that are programmed into your Opn hearing aids you can also use your cellphone volume sliders and your hearing aid buttons for additional control.

  1. Phone loudness = your phone volume that you hear in your hearing aids.
  2. M relative to phone = your hearing aid microphone volume to hear the person(s) standing next to you.
  3. Sound Quality = brighter or fuller
  4. Power Bass = off, low, mid, or high amount of bass

TV Adapter: same settings as Phone;
Tip: you can toggle your hearing aid mute button (generally hold either hearing aid button for a very long press, 3+ seconds) to listen to TV with no hearing aid microphone input. When the need arises to talk to a person next to you, then a quick button press on either hearing aid will un-mute the microphones so you can listen to the person next to you. Note: If you do use this mute/un-mute toggle then you will want to set (M relative to TV) to the right most value which is 0 dB attenuation for the mic, meaning there’s no attenuation and you’ll hear everything from the mic like normal.

ConnectClip Tab:
Also same settings as Phone. Check out the information at the bottom saying the settings are only for the ConnectClip microphone;

The above images show only one side (right ear) for brevity; Here’s both sides. Notice the icon directly in the center (two small circles inside a bigger circle). Toggle that icon to adjust two ears at once, or to adjust right-side, left-side individually;

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Thank you @pvc. I have always felt the Audi’s treat the accessories as wicked step-children. Fortunately, my current Audi is okay when I arrive prepared for my appt. with programing info. I personally benefit tremendously from the generosity shared here.
I would also like to add, the TV adapter uses Program #1 by default, therefore tweaking Program #1 in your aids for better TV listening, may not be the best adjustments for your general listening program. I will probably move my general listening to Program#2.

I am able to mute by aids while streaming calls on Iphone and Ipad by using the mute button or slide on Iphone without affecting the caller volume. I like the iPhone slide better to drastically reduce the outside mic rather than totally muting. I love being able to mute or decrease volume on one aid only on the IPhone when one side is exposed to noise.

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@Mago Wish that volume slide/mute feature was available on Android. I have to jab at my ears to hold down the button to mute the mics at the moment, or hold the button down on the connectclip. Thats one real advantage of the Made For Iphone connectivity.

@pvc I have 4 programs + TV adapter = 5.
@Volusiano I am unable to mute/unmute on HA’s button while streaming TV adapter. Maybe in software programing, but then I wonder still about function of those mic sliders in MFI.

I thought TV Adapter used Program #1 as default - according to Oticon. Streamer Pro and original Streamer did also - this could not be changed. As I understood it.

TV adapter does not work like streaming from iPhone or iPad – where I can select the program to listen in, adjust volume of outside mics, adjust streamed volume on iPhone/Pad - everything clear and wonderful. Alot of trial and error to figure things out, since Oticon directions/ guidance suck. Thank Goodness for the kind people here who like to share and help.

Oh Yippee! Fun!

I have very short Audi appt tomorrow. I hope I can make some progress on TV.

LOL…I don’t know what Program I want TV adapter to default to. No TV in Audi office to test – If I didn’t only have Macs, I would DIY with the wonderful help here. I hope I am able to share tidbits and pay it forward.

We got into streaming for the Opn 1’s for her last night, and this morning. I connected the TV Adaptor 3.0 via Toslink optical fiber from a Surround-Sound system.

We used buttons on the hearing aids for control;

  1. Long press (2 seconds) to switch program (P1->P2) start streaming
  2. Long press (2 seconds) to switch program (P2->P1) stop streaming

At first the streaming was too loud. So, in addition she had to short press her left HA button twice to lower the TV volume -2 clicks. This also lowered the HA microphone volume so it was a compromise at best.

To fix this I made two adjustments to the programming;

  1. TV Loudness = Low
  2. Power Bass = Low


Now she’s hooked on streaming. We may get a Remote Control 3.0 later to avoid pushing HA buttons.
ETA> Nah, no extra remote needed, the HA buttons are working out just fine.


Hi, how do you decouple them on the left plane?
To move the TV adapter to program 2 of the hearing aids.

“streaming from iPhone or iPad – where I can select the program to listen in”

“streaming from phone or pad – where I can select the program to listen in”

How do you select the program to listen to iPhone telephone calls and music?

Lets say if you are in program 1 with your hearing aids, do phone calls and music use the program 1 settings to listen to phone calls and music? If in program 2
then it uses program 2?


The TV adapter always defaults to Program 1. You cannot choose which program, so make sure your P1 is acceptable to listening with TV Adapter.
You can make volume adjustments using IPhone or iPad.
You can stream from iPad or iPhone in another Program if you have them.
Simply change to the Program using the buttons on your aids, or my preferred method, on the iPad or iPhone. You can do this quickly while you are streaming. Access your MFI menu on the iPhone or IPad and switch programs. Or you can use the ON app.
You can also mute the mics on your hearing aids (long press on HA button) so you don’t hear room noise, but still stream calls, etc including TV adapter. I use a count of 4 for the long press to mute. A quick press restores the mics.

Hi Mago,

Thanks for the information, I was looking to see how to change the program
for the TV adapter but if you can not then another option is to copy the
program that you think the TV would sound better to program 1.

I have 4 programs in my OPN2 hearing aids and my favorite one is program 2
so what I will do is copy program 2 to program 1.

Another option is to have a program for music and put it on program 1 and
like this I can see and hear music and concerts on TV without all this hearing in noise, compression, speech in noise etc stuff that makes music sound like coming from a cheap old transistor radio… Ha ha…


Suggestions for profiles to setup on Oticon OPN 1

Hi Mago,
I was able to move program 1 to program 2 but I had to change the category as General
instead of speech in nose as it was in program 2 but that’s OK .

I have another question for you and if you don’t know maybe you can suggest who knows.
I would like to know if it is possible reduce the sound clipping of my oticon hearing aids or
which hearing aids can deliver sounds and speech sounds without clipping.

What I mean with clipping is that the sound doesn’t sound smooth like when you take the hearing aids off and someone talks to you close to your ear or when you are using an analog sound amplifier.

Sometimes when people talk to me and I have my hearing aids the speech sounds sound clipped or like with a small interruption between sounds… The louder I put the hearing aids the larger the interruptions or clipping.

Thanks for your suggestions

Sorry I can’t help, I am not a DIY-er, but I do know you shouldn’t be experiencing the words clipping as you described, and it is probably a setting or adjustment. I would suggest that you start a new thread and ask the question and @pvc and / or @Volusiano should be able to guide you, as well as some of the others who are self fitters.

OK will do that,

My OPN1s set up a TV program automatically once paired with the 3.0 TV Streamer.
I am using an iPhone so not sure what happens with Andriod.
The extra TV program is there with or without the On App.
No setting up by Audi either, it just happened by itself.


Is the Oticon Phone adapter 2.0 compatible with the OPN1 and ConnectClip?