Oticon On vs Oticon Companion

I’m about to trial the Oticon Real, and I went to download the app in the Play Store, but found these two. Can someone tell me simply what’s the difference between them?

@Jody i think the oticon on app is the older version of the new companion app but others will be able to fill you in more

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Some people like me live without the app. If you have an Apple Watch you probably want the older ON app. The Companion was released about the same time as the Real.

Thanks @Zebras. I had done a search for something like this before my original post, but it hadn’t turned up.

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The search function on this forum isn’t great.


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@Jody: Some do crosswords while sitting in the loo :toilet: Oticon engineers design these apps.

My Oticon Real 1 and custom power molds are sitting in the audiologist’s office. In 3 weeks when I get them it will be interesting to see what this audiologist’s view is of the ON and Companion apps. She is experienced with Oticon and last programming was thorough. I would have got the Real then but one was defective. I suspect a charging issue.

When I got my More in February from a different audiologist, she did not even know there was a new app or that the Real had been announced.

@prodigyplace: When I read your posts, I get the sense that you have a complex relationship with your audiologists.

They are both at the same practice. The audiologist when I first got the More was mainly experienced in Phonak and graduated within the past couple of years so was a little inexperienced. The current audiologist is very experienced with Oticon and offered the Real. Unfortunately one Real kept cutting out. She also agreed with me about custom molds when the first one insisted on power domes that keep crawling out of my ears.

@prodigyplace: And these both practise at Duke?

They do. Getting the Real starts another 60 day refund period. I also decided to get the ConnectClip even though it is not refundable.

When I first ordered the More that audiologist said we could have a consultation with an Oticon experienced audiologist. Since I did not know her skill level I said we could do that if she thought it would be beneficial. I guess because I had pretty much selected the More at that point, she thought it was not necessary.

@prodigyplace: If you get a good one they are really handy (plus, they allow you to receive codes from the Mother :flying_saucer: Ship).

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I agree. When I called to order the ConnectClip she thought it was not needed for MacBook. She gave me an Oticon customer support phone number to confirm. After checking with them t called back to place the order.

When the first audiologist set the aids for initial fit without even trying experienced, I figured I needed an expert.

@prodigyplace: Remember … tot coquorum spolia ius!

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In all due respect, why would you choose to live without the ON or Companion App without first trying it out and making your own assessment? You may find the added features are somewhat useful for you, however simple they are. The features are not meant to replace good programing, but instead to be helpful in different hearing environments.
I encourage you to learn how and when to use the App during your hearing aid trial period, and honestly see if you find any benefit, rather than following those individuals who say they don’t use it - and are they using it now for whatever reasons??

I DID look at the Companion app but found it not too useful but the connectivity to my phone is more stable without the app installed.

FWIW - The ON App runs in the background (you can monitor the battery usage on your iPhone if you are concerned it uses to much battery) and is very stable for me. Swipe it off the phone, to close. Re open on another device and switch easily between devices.
I use it daily with no problems on iPhone, iPad (2), and 2 TV Adapters.
The Companion is very new - released same day as Real, and my experience with the Companion was unstable after one day.
I wear More1. I also use the ON App with my back up OPN1 without issues. I still think the connectivity issues are the 1.4.xx firmware.
I am still on 1.3.0 and those I know not on 1.4.xx have no issues.
After you get fully acclimated to Oticon, you may want to take another look, and try using the App for a couple weeks.
Thanks for replying.

Yes, Sir Spud, and they are both Duchesses @ Duke

I’m running 1.4.2 on my Mores, and have zero issues with the ON app.
It may be a thing with IOS & the app, 'cause it’s stable with android on my Pixel.

I had issues w/ Companion. It doesn’t run in the background, and I contacted Oticon support about the shortcomings.
They are working on finalizing, and fine tuning it.

Edited for the Spudster! Hope yer happy now.