Oticon ON App updated to Version 2.0

Oticon have just pushed update for the Oticon On app. Don’t be excited it’s just a redesign for the app nothing new


I wished the app had a simple equalizer for small adjustments and the ability to turn noise filters on and off. Also whatever happened to Kaizn? I thought they were going to incorporate it in to the ON app?


you can’t see the firmware version anymore… :frowning:

Also…found it harder to change “program”…not as easy as before.

And finally, the “live listen” is not there anymore…can still be accessible from the native iphone hearing aid interface, but not in the ON app.


Is Taking out the live stream to push sales of remote mic!
Not sure why oticon is going the wrong way in every step! First the warbling for OPN S without any solution then this colourful app without any performance improvement !
Am now more convinced that Oticon is not the right one and to move to next trial.

What’s New

Version History
Oct 4, 2019
Version 2.0.0
The Oticon ON App has been updated! We’ve listened to your feedback and added new features, including:
• A completely new design and user interface.
• An optimized remote control section. Volume adjustment is now driven by a vertical slider, and volume level is displayed next to the slider in order to be permanently visible.
• Added a new section called “Hearing aids”. Here you can find information about the name, model and style of your hearing aids, battery status, connection status, the “Find my hearing aids” option and troubleshooting.
• A new signup flow: “Create an account” is available through the HearingFitness and IFTTT features.
• Small improvements and bug fixes.
We hope that you will like the changes. Thank you for using our app!

No fw, no live listen anymore… “listened to your feedback and added new features”… listened… yeah… syntax error,


F…in’ sliding program selection!
Completely useless STUPID user interface!!!

What on earth can’t use the previous rounded screen on the front page???

Where is the software ergonomy??? Banned feature???

Oticon OFF App

Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!

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“Listened to your Feedback “!
They should have hearing aids to listen well.!:joy:
What about the feedback am having when switching off the “feedback manager” to stop warbling.
Even my audi gave up last visit and advised me to go with another aid.


Istructions for use Oticon OFF App 2.0.0
How do they think to use this (useless) app.

something not cool is how the program selector is now much harder to use…they need a UX designer. With an iPhone X, you can’t switch program with only one hand…you need to lower the software first…

My iPhoneSE is 4", completely operationed by one hand, but this app’s program selector is the only one useless shit on. I am sure that stupid sw developer who made this and his boss never lived and never used hearing aids everyday, everytime, everywhere as we have to do. People first??? I have to tell… they the last.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. They really needs powerfull hearing aids. Bring back previous version.

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The Oticon ON app updated on my iPhone 7 to 2.0.0 and it’s quite different. I noticed that it’s no longer possible to select the iPhone microphone as an input. I’m wondering if that’s related to the version of iOS. I have purposely not updated my phone to the dumpster fire that is iOS 13, but I’m wondering if others are experiencing the same thing.

As background I’m getting used to OPN S 1 aids (got them on 22 August 2019) - previously I had OPN 1 aids for about 3 years - they went back to Oticon for warranty check last month and came back with new serial numbers so I’m not sure what happened.

I have an old iPhone 6+ that will not update to IOS 13.x. It has 12.4.1 currently and the new 2.0 ON app. I no longer have the iPhone mic as an input either. You can, however, select it with the MFI controls (triple push of the home button and select Live Listen at the bottom).

I also have an iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd Gen - it is now at iPadOS 13.1.2. I put the updated 2.0 ON app on it and it has one feature the old 1.x version did not - it notices rotation of the iPad unlike the old version. It did not show the iPad microphones either. That said, I cannot figure out the interaction between the iPad and the iPhone so I’ve unpaired my Oticon OPN S 1 hearing aids from the iPad. That way my phone seems to retain control and I don’t get volume level shifts in the main P1 program when the Apple devices seem to argue about who is in control when I walk around the house.

I’m also confused by an apparent shift in the volume of streaming from the TV Adapter 3 since updating the ON app - the default volume level shows as 16 where 18 is the maximum and 0 the minimum. 16 is WAY too loud and 0 is even a bit too loud. With the old app the default of 0 was too loud but -4 was fine and I could turn the volume down much more. I’m clueless as how to fix this - I did reset and delete all pairings in the TV Adapter and then paired the hearing aids but that did not change anything. I guess the next step is to set up an appointment with my provider and take along the TV adapter and my ConnectClip to check firmware levels and the setup. I don’t know if the setup is stored in the Adapter or in the OPN S 1 aids.

I’m used to integrating complex computer controlled instruments at work (University optics research lab) and I write code to control the instruments. However, it seems to me that the hearing aid manufacturers and Apple don’t release enough detailed technical information for a reasonably competent person to figure things out. I guess it is time to purchase something like a Noahlink Wireless programmer and find the Genie 2 software to start learning the ins and outs of programming hearing aids. I don’t wish to update the firmware on the hearing aids so I don’t think I want the programmer with cables.


I got a pair of Opn S1 a few weeks ago from my audiologist to eventually replace my Phonak Brio R I bought at COSTCO 4 years ago because my hearing deteriorated to the point that the Brio could no be adjusted any further.
So far I have been trying to get familiar with the Oticon. One specific disappointment, to say the least, is the poor quality of sound/speech when streaming a TV program using the TV Adapter 3.0 compared with the Phonak using the TV Link and Compilot. The new Oticon ON v 2.0.0 didn’t help, actually, it made the sound quality it worse! The blasting starting volume after switching to TV listening is unacceptable (others have also complained about it), in my view it is simply unhealthy! If I really want to have good sound quality, I use my Phonak + ComPilot + TV Link! At a cost difference of about a factor of 3, that makes little sense to me.
Before spending resources on a marketing gimmick like Internet of Things to the app, Oticon should give priority to the quality and usefulness of its products and app upgrades!
As I get more familiar with the hearing aids, I will post more comments.

Just about everyone I’ve seen on this forum (with you being the first exception) mentioned how much they like their TV Adapter 3.0 with their OPN. I’m one of those people as well. I’m very sure that you have a set up issue with your TV Adapter 3.0. Go ask your audi to fix the setup for you.

I find the sound quality as streamed from the TV Adapter 3.0 to be superb, and its performance rock solid with hardly any issue at all whatsoever. If you find the starting volume to be blasting in your ear, it is a setup issue, and the default volume for the TV Adapter 3.0 in the Genie 2 software can be adjusted to start out at a more comfortable volume to your taste.

I’m guessing that your default volume for the TV Adapter 3.0 is being set too loud (max volume), and this probably is causing distortion and give you a perceived poor sound quality. If the default volume for it in Genie 2 is verified to be normal, then I’m guessing that your audio input level is for some reason set way too loud coming into the TV Adapter.

By the way, I don’t see the Android version of the ON app being available in version 2.0 yet. Can somebody confirm or dispute this for me? Thanks.

My ON app for iOS did update automatically to 2.0.

Interesting I personally love the TV connect, I cannot do without it. But I haven’t anything to compare it with other than the sound bar from Bose we have. The sound bar is great for me when I am a lone at home, but I have to have it too loud for my wife, so that is where the Tv connect shines.

The android version has not been updated yet.

The so called new version 2 is more like a version 1 beta it is not much more than useless

I got new OPN 1’s upon a near 3 year end of warranty refresh and they have new serial numbers. I was curious to see if they have the same latest 6.1 firmware on them or not, but the new 2.0 ON app no longer shows this information. What a bummer. That’s really the only useful I get out of the version 1 of the ON app, and now it’s gone.

I tried to use the version 1 of the ON app on my Android phone and it no longer can connect to my new OPN 1’s for some reason, despite my “forgetting” and “repairing” to the new OPN 1’s.

But upon connecting my OPN 1’s through Genie 2, it confirms that they’re on firmware 6.1 as before.

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I got my custom ITE OPN aids updated today, and the update was for 7.0. When my Audi told me that it was 7.0, I said I thought that it was 6.1. My Audi said that for most OPN aids it is 6.1 but some of the ITE OPN aids will update to 7.0. So does my aids have the updated DAC in them?
I will say this my aids now are a lot crisper sounding all the way around, and I am not hearing near as much feedback when I put my hands over my ears. Road noise just isn’t there, and neither is there near as much wind noise.