Live Listen & Phonak Marvel update

My audiologist has just updated my Phonak M90-R which I purchased in June 2019. Prior to the update, I was able to us ‘Live Listen’ on my iPhone SE. Now I get a message on Live Listen which says ‘Unavailable for current route’. My audiologist contacted Phonak & was told ‘since the update it is not available but we have a great remote microphone you can purchase’.
Any suggestions?

Only suggestion I have is to get your audiologists to remove the latest update, if that’s possible. Unless it’s also got something to do with the latest update from Apple.

So, we can confirm at least 3 manufacturers have removed the live listen in their last update: Signia, Oticon and Phonak.

Not true for me. Live Listen is an Apple function.
Oticon OPN1 firmware 6.1 updated a few days ago & iPhone XR still on 12.4.1 (no update to 13) and Live Listen still works.
Live Listen always worked consistently on my iPhone 6. It is spotty on XR, but it works.

According to this thread, the feature was removed from Oticon ON app:

Live listing was also removed from Signia app:

Now removed from Phonak app. I don’t know what is HAs feature or Apple feature. I know the new version released by manufacturers in the last months have been removing features.

I can understand they removed live streaming from IPhone because it’s still in the control panel. But what about other Android or windows phones !

I just tested the Live Listen (Oticon OPN1 & iPhone Xr) – It works!
Selection of the feature may have been removed from the (useless & awkward) ON App, but Live Listen functions on the iPhone via iPhone hearing accessible panel. In addition to hearing aids, Live Listen will also stream to AirPods, nothing to do with hearing aids.
Live Listen is a feature Apple developed and eventually launched in 2014 that allows iPhone users with hearing aids to hear people in noisy environments or from across a room, such as a crowded restaurant or lecture hall.Jun 5, 2018

Last week, my Audiologist commented all the hearing manufacturer’s Apps are lame.

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I have an Android Google Pixel 3 XL phone and all is working well with the Marvel 2.0 firmware update. I’m streaming lossless CD quality audio from with no problem whatsoever. I’m connecting to two different Windows 10 Pro computers, a Microsoft Surface Pro and an Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, with no problems.

Not sure about Oticon, but the Live Listen is an Apple iOS function that is part of the MFi. You do not even need a hearing aid app to use it. It is part of the Apple operating system.

On the Signia, yes, I understand that they have released a dumbed down app. I would not install it. On the Rexton Smart Direct app there is a Remote Microphone function which may be just another name for Live Listen. But you can bypass that by going direct with Live Listen even with no app.

Rexton has not released a sister app to the Signia one, but if they do, I will not install it. I have no idea what Signia is up to. Seems regressive.