Brand new Signia App

I just got off he phone with Signia because my the MyControl App would always start in the mornings with the aids volume all the way up instead of my default volume as programmed by my audiologist. They recommended the new app.
Anyway the new app is called Signia App, you can find it by doing a search in the App Store, or Google Play Store. This app is going to replace every Signia app they told me because it has them all built into the new app. They said they are starting to phase out the apps listed on their website and in both Apple and Google app stores. I didn’t get a timeline when the apps we have been using will no longer be available or supported.


I just tried the new Signia app. On my Samsung S10+ the app is extremely unstable. It freezes as soon as I try to do anything. And it doesn’t recognize my Streamline mic. I suspect it’s going to have to be updated soon.

Wow, iPhone X here and it works flawlessly

Maybe the app is “Made for iPhone”…

What is code to turn on app?it’s asking first to run it three underline appears first

There’s no code necessary to run it. First screen should be setup screen. Asks you to open the battery door on your Signia hearing aids and close them so they start the pairing process.

Downloaded. It sucks. The app appears to be simplistic, the menu have been reorganised and some features removed. I don’t like it.


What features are removed? If you’re talking about the 3 additional choices in the universal program like cafe etc. those are nothing more than directional listening settings, just pick the direction you want to listen to. That’s all those extra three listening situations are.

Mylink gives my the option to switch control to my Streamline mic. That option is not present on this new app.

I don’t use that so I didn’t really notice it missing

On MyControl app there’s a thing with usage pattern wich I enjoy. On settings there is a lot of useful features (bass/treble control, remote microphone, system sounds settings, The three choices you’re quoting are also a plus.

Tried Signia App. It is for morons. Back to My Control.


In the new app, go to help, and it brings up email to contact them. Make a suggestion in the email through the app. I did and got a response without 24 hours. Maybe they will make some changes in the next update. The more people that suggest things I believe will trigger a quicker app update with some features that have been removed.


Hi @slovak1965

I listened to your advice and contacted Signia team with a long rant and list of suggestions. They answered quickly and told me the app will be updated in November and will add some of the lost features.

My list of issues and their answers:

  1. In myControl app I used to enjoy the sound exposure feature, I like it. Other brands like Oticon and Starkey have the usage pattern/log which can be very useful. I loved it, Signia app have removed.
    As indicated, this feature is currently not available in the Signia App

  2. On settings there was a critical feature “remote microphone” which was removed. I need it, that can’t be removed.
    You still have the possibility to perform the “Listen live” function from your iPhone, this function is still available (only not from the application). You can perform a triple-click on the iPhone home and the menu for headphones will appear, from here you can activate the remote microphone. Or, go to Settings - General - Accessibility - MFi Hearing Devices (Made For iPhone) And at the bottom you will find the “Live Listening” or remote microphone function
    Yes, they’re suggesting the use of Apple’s built-in features.

  3. System sounds. That was nice to have. With the new app only my audi can control it.
    This function allows you to configure what kind of melodies the headphones emit (if you hear a beep-beep when you change program, volume, etc.), this setting is also determined by what your hearing professional performs in computer programming.
    Now they send me to my audi.

  4. Bass/Treble control. Please check GN Resound app, it’s beautiful and full of features.
    Thanks for the comment, I will review the application and we will take it into consideration

  5. The listening situation (Cafe, Cinema, Group)
    Again, this function is not available within the Signia application but your hearing professional can configure specific programs for situations that you require for daily life.
    Again to my audi.

  6. My Android phone (LG G4 H811) just don’t detect them properly, while it used to work with myControl, right now only detects the left one. Changed the batteries without results.
    To connect the headphones with Android phones with the myControl application we must confirm that the phone model is compatible, this because each smartphone has different Bluetooth protocols
    To confirm compatible Android models you can go to the following link

I don’t place any hope on this.

All valid concerns, except perhaps for the “Remote Microphone”. In the Connexx Smart Direct which is very similar or perhaps identical to the myControl app, I found the “Live Listen” in the MFi menu to be more reliable than the Remote Microphone feature.

Seems strange that Signia would make such a regressive change. The competition all seem to be enhancing their apps, and then Signia takes a big step backwards. Kind of makes you wonder what is driving that…

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Well, I find the built-in MFi features better than the apps, but they’re hidden there, very deep in the accessibility menu. I know the triple click bring the shortcuts to the screen, I don’t like that way, so I browse to Settings > browser to Accessibility > browser to MFi > My HAs… It would be faster from the app.

You can put your aids in the iPhone control center for quick access.

Not available for download in my region. I hope they are up to suggestions to keep some of the current features. I like the Cafe and Cinema settings on the app now.

The listening situation you mentioned can be controlled in the directional hearing section is what they told me, so I doubt they will including that in an app update

About the only thing I like better in the MFi app is the Live Listen. It seems to work more reliably than the similar feature in the HA app. The app microphone seems to drop out after not long.