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I contacted Signia regarding the TV streamer. Since the new app the TV streamer BT doesn’t stay ‘on’ (open) The BT keeps streaming, but when I go to disconnect from the TV streamer, I have to open the app, while at least 45 - 60 seconds for the BT to connect and then I can ‘disconnect’ from the streamer. To connect takes at least this long too. Signia told me that they are working on this 'BUG".

I am a BRAND new hearing aid wearer and purchased the Signia Styletto 7nx. I had downloaded the MyControl app and am using an iPhone XR. After reading all the reviews and the above, I am reluctant to download the new Signia App (geez, they make it confusing enough with 4 or so apps to begin with…) as I may loose features and additionally have read some reviews where users actually have bluetooth connectivity issues (disconnects) continually. I am not sure if those are on Android, but certainly scares me away. Has there been improvement since the November update? I work in IT so I understand the agile iteration and desire to get an app to market but this is people’s day to day hearing they are messing with. I would think they would be more sensitive to that. :confused:

One of the things that sold me on Signia HA was the way myControl app works in my various almost daily situations. Can’t live without Cafe Mode, otherwise I return from dinner every night honestly exhausted. Struggle in an ukulele group I started and keep organized over 2 1/2 yrs ago. (My ancient 14 yr old Phonaks worked fine for this until they decided to “retire,”) myControl on both Stylettos 7NX and ChargeNGo 7NX “Musician” mode was as if I’d never had profound hearing loss. “Theater/Cinema” mode used frequently. “Recorded Music” used daily. “Live Music” at least twice a week.

My audiologist wanted me in the new Signia 7X for “future proofing” in event my hearing declined with age. There’s been no real change since sudden hearing loss over 14 yrs ago, but I see his point and he swapped my Signia 7NX for the new 7X since I was within time period to do this. I do prefer that the case now closes and like the “rose gold” color I chose. Hate the app and resulting loss of excellent hearing I’d gained. My audiologist has put in a good bit of time trying to remedy this in “Settings” on my iPhone X. It helps…a little. Wearing them I do not have good speech comprehension for something as simple as TV. Music thru my home audio is pathetic. Dinner in the large, busy, crowded place I eat nightly has me considering alternatives, yet otherwise it should be part of my social life.

Signia new app doesn’t stay Bluetoothed, either, for me. At times I have to go thru “forget this device” and start over. Occasionally my device loses Bluetooth connection, although it generally is the new Signia app instead. It’s enough to drive me to another brand of hearing aids!!! Seriously.

Worse yet, it was only Friday I took delivery of my very own Stylettos 7NX. Had been in demos, then loaners. In theory they do not have the power for my hearing loss, especially L ear, yet they work well for me. I’m very “demanding” of quality sound. Also, strangely in REM it does show Stylettos do cover L ear fine! This was even confirmed my “Julie” during a tech support call with my audiologist. The 3 of us were looking at my REM at the time. Loved my new white and rose gold Stylettos 7NX! That was Friday. They were stolen Sunday from the the low chest right beside my recliner. I’m certain the person who picked them up thought she was slipping away with Apple AirPods. They were next to my iPad. (I was wearing the new Signia 7X at that moment, disliking them but hoping my audi could remedy w/ further programming and I could get used to no app at all.)

Yesterday I got a pair of loaner Stylettos 7NX and am happily back in “myControl.” My newly ordered Stylettos 7NX will arrive probably Friday.

Signia is making a huge mistake with this dumbed down, poorly functioning app. I understand it’s not practical to keep 3 now existing apps updated. They had a winner in myControl. (And now after doing well with original Phonaks I just purchased 2 pair of what will become useless, expensive new HA!)


Welcome onboard, DLXDY! I’m in Stylettos 7NX, You’ll be reading my “adventures.” By all means stay with your “myControl” app until we can no longer use it. I deleted the Signia app and downloaded it again from the App Store to be certain I had latest version. (Have to use Signia app with my 7X)

I’m using myControl for Stylettos 7NX and love it. You’ll see details in another post.


I got my new Signia Pure 13 7NX in September and I’m very impressed with them, so I kept them after a 90 day trial. Thanks for the info on the Signia app. I’ll be sticking with myControl. All the best!


@carolo, thank you! I made it through the weekend. My loss is mild to moderate, although a few hours without them really made me realize what I was missing. I primarily need them for business/work. Conference calls (speaker phone) and meetings that I had become so frustrated trying to hear and understand in. I haven’t had the pleasure yet of really testing them, but so far, so good. I will stick with the myControl as suggested. I also found the MFi controls on the phone and played around with those a bit.

OK, just thought I would report back. Week one and I turned off the SigniaApp and used MyControl. I tested the different programs and situations in a multi-audio meeting (my worst situation and reason for the HAs). We had video con, above head audio con and 9 -10 people in a large conference room in a U shape. I found the “reverberant rooms” worked the best in that situation and wow, what a difference from a few weeks ago. At a couple of points, I actually had to turn the sound down as someone close to me was speaking loudish. In a second auditorium style meeting, I tested back and forth between the reverberant rooms and the cinema & theater programs. The reverberant rooms seemed to work better here, but I think that was due to the set up and large open space/lack of sound dampening/high ceiling in the “auditorium” which is in the basement of our office building. Like my glasses, I don’t need the HAs all the time so find I leave them in for several hours but other days when I am working by myself can leave them out. They do add clarity when I put my pc headpones on over them, and I no longer need to have the sound up to 100…lol.

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Carol is the ‘7X’ the Charge & Go

Have been away from home and out of the reach of WiFi for some time. One of the interesting things I have discovered is that if you open the Smart Direct app which is the same as myControl, and you do not have WiFi, the app becomes very crippled in capability. So there seems to be some kind of devious ET call home feature in the app that needs to get the OK from Rexton/Signia to become fully functional. I think I have previously said if one had the good app there is no way for them to “take it away from you”. I now think they actually can cripple the app if they want to.


My Audi wanted me to “take advantage” of Signia’s newest technology, so had me switch from 7NX to the new 7X, yes Charge&Go. I was still in trial period, still am even now.

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Does this happen even with cell data enabled.

I was in Mexico and had no cell phone or data service. I believe I had it turned off, but it would not have mattered in any case. I did have local WiFi available but it was flaky due to their security system. You had to keep manually signing in. When I had a problem it was when I was not connected to the WiFi.

And just to verify now that I am at home, I turned off the WiFi and Cell Data with my app closed and opened it up. It comes up with the main Automatic screen with the volume control at zero. You can slide it up and down but it does nothing. If you try to change programs or bring up the app menu it just closes the whole app. It totally does not work without WiFi or alternatively Cell Data. There must be something it needs to get from Rexton or Connexx to work that it needs each time you start the app.

I now just turned WiFi and cell data back on and started the app. All fine now. Very devious. The app simply does not work without a connection to the internet.


“ I now just turned WiFi and cell data back on and started the app. All fine now. Very devious. The app simply does not work without a connection to the internet.”
Devious and on rare occasions perhaps a bit dangerous if I can’t use my HA as needed. Every now and then I’m without connection to internet, less frequently without cell tower. At night that’s also total blackness indoors. I can not hear a person even 5’ away if I can’t see their lips. This occurred just months ago. Because “not a creature was stirring” I was unaware my HA weren’t working, or perhaps I’d already put them away for the night.

Sequoia Woman, yes. Charge N Go 7X. They’re in trial period. I may switch back to 7NX, purchase those. The bizarre thing is that I recently purchased Stylettos 7NX, only to have them stolen after only perhaps 5 hours of use. I’d started with trial pair, then loaners once I purchased but Signia was back ordered, So I wore the pair my audi loaned me. Then finally my very own white and rose gold Stylettos arrived, were delivered by audi.but hadn’t charged as they should’ve overnight. Audi evidently had not fully removed whatever comes off to activate the charging case for Stylettos. Late the next afternoon the charging case began to function plugged into power. My brand new Stylettos worked the next morning. (Even with my extreme hearing loss they do very well for everything but general TV broadcasting. Football and basketball on TV comes thru clearly and natural sounding! I’m wondering if it could possibly be an issue corrected by my audi???) Otherwise I much prefer these to the new 7X.)
Back to the train of thought, my Stylettos worked so nicely that next morning, but I’d come down with virus, had a temp as of late afternoon before. So first day my Stylettos worked, I removed them before taking a nap that afternoon. Of course I put them in the charging case when removing from my ears. That case so resembles an Apple AirPod case. One person was briefly in my living room to deliver dinner. After she left so did the Stylettos, swiped while I was signing for the dinner delivery. If I’d only plugged the Stylettos case back into the charging cable I doubt they could’ve been easily palmed away with one hand! Most expensive meal I’ll ever eat.
I had put the Pure 7X in when getting up from nap to wear a few hours, planning to switch back to my brand new Stylettos afterwards until turning in for the night. Brand new 7NX Stylettos gone from a surface only feet from my chair.

I had no indication that my hearing aids were not working when I was without WiFi or Cell data. It was just the app that did not work.

Thanks for clarification. I’ve become so accustomed to app for 7X not working…am surprised when it does. OTOH, I do use the myControl app for Stylettos more often than I’d expect and find it does make a big difference. Thus I wear the Stylettos from first thing in morning until I’m home for evening. Then the 7X goes into my ears instead, only because they give me much better audio for general TV. OTOH, Stylettos are excellent if it’s football, basketball, a few other things. Odd, but consistent.

myControl app hasn’t been working for last few days, doesn’t show Stylettos are Bluetoothed. Sometimes they actually are not, other days are but no “myControl” app function. I miss Cafe as well as Theatre. Both used heavily every day. Have not called Signia yet.

Are others still successful w/ myControl?

Have you tried to reboot your phone

Rebooted iPhone a number of times several days ago but made no difference. Just called Signia and they had me delete app. Reloaded, now working perfectly!

Will be lost when it’s no longer supported because there will at some point be an iOS update myControl won’t be compatible with. Just something to work through when that time comes.

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The new app has been behaving better with iOS 13.3.1 that came out last week. Not perfect but the bluetooth and battery icons on the app seem to show connection when I get my 7X out of the charger in the mornings, seems to reconnect better also. I use to have to delete the app every week, but with the new iOS if it locks up redoing app settings works. Like I said not perfect but a bit better with the new iOS that came out last week.