Oticon More1 aids, IOS15, and iPhone 13

I was not sure how to organize this post, but just wanted to say I haven’t had any issues with my Oticon More aids with IOS15. I little over a week ago I also received my IPhone 13 and haven’t noticed any issues. The streaming is clean with no static. I haven’t had any connectivity issues with the aids, iPhone or app. I use the TV adapter at night while watching my favorite series on TV without any issues.
A note my aids aren’t updated to the latest firmware at this time, that hopefully will happen after the first of November.
I still have issues with being paired and connected to both the iPhone and iPad. So I am only paired to the iPhone, my connect clip, and two TV adapters. My connect clip is paired to my iPad, my Fire Tablet and my MacBook.
When I transferred my iPhone SE2020 to the IPhone 13 I did have issues with the transfer of my Apple Watch, and that did take a unpairing and a total reset to factory of the Apple Watch, it was time consuming. I did also have to pair the aids, to the iPhone after the transfer from my SE to the 13 also.
The app has been stable, and the connectivity of the aids and iPhone have been almost flawless.

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Interesting. So by “ app is stable” do you mean aids stay connected to the app even while using TV adapter? I still have this issue but have iPhone 12 Pro and OPNS1. Wonder is Bluetooth in iPhone 13 is different/better?

I have the More 1 and the iPhone Xr using IOS 15. Every time I use my streamer I have to reboot my phone to get the app to work properly! Could be a Beta problem since I am now on 15.1.3 but it was messed up on even the one before so I doubt it’s beta related.

Which app? ON? ON is another dud that spontaneously disconnects multiple times a day, for me.

[Has anybody ever received any kind of useful notifications or updates from the app? The app is like making a kid’s telephone out of 2 tin cans and a piece of string - and it doesn’t WORK! How can something so rudimentary FAIL? Sheesh! What’s with that?

I’m vocal about this because I don’t understand how a company that can make good HAs can turn out poop like ON and MyMusic.]

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Yes I am not having any issues so far

I guess you’re the lucky one, then, Chuck @cvkemp. Mine is getting better, but it still disconnects a lot.

Where I am (Canada), my iPhone SE says I’m up to date with iOS 15.0.1. Are different versions available in different locations? How did you get to 15.1.3 @lgbuck62??

He is running a beta version of the OS. I am running same as you.
Maybe it is just because my iPhone is only a little over a week old. And all of the apps are completely freshly installed. I am not sure, but I am also seeing much stronger cell signal strength with this phone, and I do know that the WiFi on this phone takes full advantage of the new WiFi 6 protocols that my WiFi router offers.
And I haven’t noticed any disconnects so far.

The iPhone specs says it is running Bluetooth 5.0. But I have noticed connections at a further distance from the phone and my aids.

He is using the Beta version of 15.1. The current release version of iOS for my 12 mini in the US is 15.0.1. That said, ON is better on my phone with 15.0.1 than with any version of iOS 14 but no by any means perfect. I find things work better if I power off my phone and restart it after charging it (about once a day). I know that should NOT be necessary with a current OS and app but it is what it is and Apple and Oticon need to fix something …

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@cvkemp: Chuck, you have the Rolls-Royce of cellphones, IMO. You had an SE, which is what I’m running. Tell me: how did ON perform on that platform?

No Jim I upgraded to the iPhone 13 mini, about a week ago.

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Yeah - but that’s some great phone, Chuck . Granted, it’s not the Pro, but, still …

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@biggar: Thanks for the tip, Stuart. I’m trying that as soon as I post this.

(The lacunae screw up my usage tracking, about which I’m fussy.)

Thanks… I have tried talking to both Oticon and Apple and they point the finger at each other… Trying to see differences between iphone 12 and 13 … besides camera, which I don’t imagine should affect connection, it appears the “A15 Bionic chip” on 13, vs A14 on the 12 . wonder if that would have anything to do with stability of connection to the app… it really is so annoying… I have to disconnect the aids numerous times a day… I might swing by Apple or Verizon but doubt I’ll get any answer if it’s worth it to switch since of course, they’re going to say : “of course, it will fix all your problems” …

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@nedunla: Thanks for this information. My money is on it being something to do with Bluetooth.

Probably right - in which case, switching to iPhone 13 probably wouldn’t make a difference? I keep waiting/hoping for Oticon to update to app - thinking maybe that would help, but who knows when that will happen?

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I don’t think Oticon will be able to do much about the BT getup in the iPhones, will they?

@nedunla: I’m betting there’s a difference in the BT radio chips and antennas in the newer phones. Not to mention new compromises to permit the various BT versions to work together more seamlessly.

Probably not … I just wish I (or someone) could figure out what the problem is … I have tried just turning Bluetooth off (which of course means my Apple watch is not connected to phone…) but then I just have to use button on the aids to switch program to TV adapter, but with the default TV adapter volume being so LOUD , I can’t turn it down enough to be comfortable for me to listen… audiologist has adjusted default volume in the software, but it never “sticks” …

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