Oticon More 1 Questions

Hi everyone,

I just found this site yesterday and have found some old posts about this, but I don’t see anything recent, so I apologize if this has been asked before.

I am on my third day of a trial of Oticon More 1s. I am finding the More’s great comfort and sound wise (I am coming from Starkey CICs) but have two concerns and am wondering if I am doing something wrong / missing something or if this is ‘normal’ and I just got a great sales pitch.

The first is battery life. My audiologist told me that they should last ~30 hours on a full charge. They had charged overnight and were fully charged yesterday morning. I wore them for 14 hours before I started getting notifications that they needed to be charged. I was having connectivity issues and was trying to get the streaming to work, but all total I would estimate i streamed for less than 2 hours. Is this a normal battery drain? I expected them to last longer.

My second concern is the bluetooth connectivity. It seems to be almost useless. I tried with an iPhone XR (my usual phone, the one I want to use them with), an iPhone 11 and an iPad, being careful to only have bluetooth turned on 1 device at a time. They dropped from my devices as well as the Oticon app constantly. They work immediately after turning them on, but once they lose connection the only way to re-establish connection is to turn off the hearing aids and turn them back on. I am trying to figure out if this is as good as they get, or if there is something I am doing to cause this. Does anyone use the streaming feature without problem, or do you have to restart them all the time?

Thanks for any advice!

If you have latest firmware on the More, they’ll this I’ll be why.

Thanks for this. I (stupidly) didn’t read to the bottom and thought that post was people wondering if 1.4 was going to fix issues - lesson learned. So from that should I assume that normally they work better - and that they should improve? Would that issue also cause the battery draining issue?

I’ve heard of More rechargeable batteries lasting as long as 16-18 hour days consistently with some room to spare (as reported by @SpudGunner, a More 1 owner). So your data point seems like an outlier, especially with only 2 hours of streaming. But if you’re on a trial set of More 1, the batteries that come with the set may not be brand new/optimal in the first place. You should ask your HCP to switch out for brand new batteries and reset the HAs in Genie 2 to reflect the new batteries replacement and see if this improves.

Bluetooth issues with the More as described by you also seem rather odd and rare here on this forum. I don’t really know why they’d disconnect so often like that. The only thing I can think of is that there’s some kind of strong interference where you live that is causing an adverse effect on the Bluetooth connection. Have you tried using it somewhere else outside of where you live to see if it’s any different?

I have the More1 rechargeable aids my batteries last between 16 and 20 hours or at least they use to. My batteries are beginning to age out so the charge isn’t lasting as long. The connectivity sounds like you either have More firmware 1.4.0 with IOS16 or you have More firmware 1.3.0 with IOS15. I am not having any issues with IOS 16 and More 1.4.0

Chuck, I thought you were staying with 1.3.0 ??


That is my plan for now. But if my aids are sent to Oticon for diagnostic and battery replacement they may update them

@cvkemp: Same here, Chuck.

@Chirp : -Welcome to the Forum! Sounds to me like you have a bum set of More1s on your hands. I’d take @Volusiano’s advice …

I have iOS 16 and firmware 1.4.0. So to confirm, that is the same as you and you are not having issues?

@Chirp: How did you happen on this audiologist?

I don’t have 1.4.0 I have 1.3.0 and don’t have issues

@cvkemp: To confirm: I’m running 1.3.0, also.

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I’m not sure what you mean? I have been dealing with the same clinic for over 5 years, although my initial audiologist left about a year and a half ago. I did have a hearing test somewhere else recently, but felt more comfortable with this clinic so I went back.

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After the third reset today by 11am, I realized that it seems that my HA disconnect every time they are separated from my phone. For the next three hours I made sure to keep my phone with me at all times and they did not disconnect once. However I then had to leave the room and forgot to bring my phone and when I came back they were disconnected and I could not reconnect without turning off my HAs. So it appears this may be the issue. I have not left my house though, only walked to the bedroom from the office. I will keep watching to see if this was a coincidence or if it is the issue.

This sounds like the issue I was having with IOS15 and my More1 aids. And it was fixed with IOS16, it sounds like some how Oticon has reintroduced the problem with 1.4.0

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@Chirp: I was just trying to establish the credibility of your audiologist. Not all are created equal, and they’re not all well-versed in all brands.

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And over the years I have the ones that wouldn’t ask for help from the hearing aid companies either.

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@Chirp: Therefore, go ye not blindly unto this cold night…!

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Oh, ok got it. Yes, this is one of the more respected clinics in my area (as far as I can tell). She seems to be well versed, we actually considered three brands, although she does seem to like Oticon. I reached out to her the first day when I could not get them to re-connect, and she told me to let her know if I continue to have problems, which I intend to do, I was just hoping to determine if my expectations were too high.

@Chirp: For all that my opinion may be worth - your expectations are quite reasonable and just reflect a normal person’s concept of fitness for purpose. It’s great that you have a reliable audiologist that likes Oticon.

I stand by what I first said: you have duds and need to try another pair. Kemp @cvkemp and I both get stellar performance from our More1s.

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