Oticon More 1 Questions

I have the More 1’s running 1.3.0 and am having no problems with them. Battery life runs the full 14 hrs a day I have them in. I stream from 2-4 hrs a day and am still at 40+% remaining when I put them on the charger. No connection problems at all and I’m running IOS 16.1 public beta 4 right now.

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The I would not recommend updating the aids to fir1.4.0

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I am sometimes disconnected when telephoning. However, it does not appear every time, but I had a phone call once, we were both using I phones (SE 2020 and an older one), where the conversation was interrupted every 5 or 10 minutes. And it it often appears with longer phone conversations. I am wondering why. Is it a steaming problem or net problem or bluetooth problem. I am not sure, but I have noticed that it disonnects,when I am doing other things while hearing on the phone and not having it near my ears, but not more than approx. 1 m away from my ears, and when there are background noises, for example when cooking. My audiologist didn’t know. What do you use the streaming for? Phone conversations, video conference, music, using wiht other devices…? Does it disconnect in all streaming situations, phone conversation AND video conference, and listening to music or other media, other devices etc…?

And I also realized disconnection, when I am sitting at my home desk. Could there be any bluetooth interference with the PC?

I would ask my audioligist for another pair of the Mores, there might be anything wrong with this pair. Just to check and to exclude fabrication faults, if it still appears that often and in different streaming situations and on different places. Definitely my HA are not disconnected, after leaving the room wihout my phone and returning back to it. I noticed that after having used the mic and forgot to switch it off, the streaming connection is still on, until I have reached the gateway of my house at approx. 100 m from the entrance. Only then at that point the streaming program automatically switches off and back to automatic/first hearing program

I am using the iphone XR with More 1s and firmware version 1.3 and bluetooth is fine most of the time. I listen to phone calls and stream audio on a regular basis. I find that the “my music” program makes streamed music sound the most natural. Every once in a great while I will lose the bluetooth audio connection on on one or the other device, usually while I am at the gym, but it comes back pretty quickly. I am currently on ios 15.7.

As for rechargeable battery life, I wear them all day without problems and day length can very greatly. No issues yet.

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I also have an iPhone XR and More 1 hearing aids. The iPhone is running iOS 16. I work at home, so I stream heavily. The hearing aids almost always have charge to spare at the end of the day. I’m very happy with the rechargeable batteries.

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How old are the aids, I had your same experience up until about 11 months of age, then my batteries would not hold the charge near as long. I wish you better luck than I have had.

They are a couple of months old. Agreed that it won’t be surprising if the batteries lose some capacity over time.

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I received a new pair of hearing aids due to the firmware issues, so the clock on the batteries has been reset.


Figured I should come back with an update in case anyone searches for More info and finds this post.

It looks like I had a faulty set of HAs. After a couple of weeks my audi thought that the problem was being caused by the 1.4 firmware issue (and thought the battery issue was related to them searching for connections) so she got me another set and sent the original ones back to be ‘downgraded’ to firmware 1.3. However the new ones had much better battery life and although they were on firmware 1.4 and therefore had connectivity problems, they were actually much better than the original ones.
I’m now on the second day of having these new ones upgraded to 1.4.1 and so far so good. So I think the first pair were just faulty. Thanks for all the advice.


I also have Oticon More 1s, and by dumb luck, when we got new cell service I got a Samsung Galaxy S22. The phone and aids pair and work quite well except for the volume. It turns out changing the volume on the hearing aids does NOT change the volume of the phone conversation.

If I have a person on the other end who speaks in a “normal” volume, they’re fine, but there are a whole bunch of phone answerers that have tiny, high-pitched voices that with the phone volume up all the way, are barely audible.

When I got the new aids a couple months ago, the initial setup for my audiogram had them VERY loud at the defaults, so after a week or so I had the audiologist reduce the default volume about the equivalent of 2 clicks on the aids (which Oticon says are 2.5Db per click). Now I generally have to go up 2 clicks to hear my wife.

Is there any way, other than changing the default volume, to have the bluetooth connection let me change the volume at the hearing aids?

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Your audiologist can increase the default Bluetooth streaming volume in the accessories tab of the programming software, which is independent of your general hearing/microphone volume


Great. I’ve got to go in next Tuesday to change some of the settings. I’ll see if he can improve that.

There are 2 sound paths when you’re on the phone. There’s the streaming audio path where you hear the other person on the phone talking , and there is the ambient sound path that your More HAs pick up from their mics which gets mixed in with the streaming audio so you can hear both at the same time.

Usually the volume buttons/control on your More HAs are to control the volume of the ambient sound path as picked up by the mics. That’s why they don’t control the volume of the streaming audio. But I would have thought that you should be able to use the volume control on your S22 to be able to control the volume of the streaming audio of the voice of the person on the phone. Have you tried increasing the S22 volume buttons to the max? Or maybe you did but it still wasn’t enough?

I’m not sure what this part has to do with the volume you hear when you’re on the phone. If the initial setup for your default P1 program was too loud for your taste initially, there are a couple of ways you and your HCP could have done to get acclimated to the loud volume. Either your HCP could have set up the Automatic Adaptation Manager (as seen in the screenshot below) to “phase” you in gradually, starting with an overall reduced volume in phase 1, then gradually increase the volume in phase 2, then finally open up to full volume in phase 3. And you and your HCP can define the duration between the phases as seen in the screenshot.

Or if you don’t want to bother with that. just at the start of the day when you put your hearing aids on, just manually click down on the overall volume 2 or 3 clicks so that you’re comfortable with the volume level, then over the course of the weeks or months, start clicking down on less clicks, until you feel comfortable with the default volume and you no longer have to click down manually when putting the HAs on.

Show the screenshot below to your HCP and have him or her go to that End Fitting → Accessories → Phone page and adjust the phone loudness for you. You can go up or down a couple of notches from the default. In your case if the issue is that the other person on the phone is not loud enough for you, then go up one or 2 notches.

In the second row, you can also choose the default volume level of the HAs’ mics with respect to the volume level you set above it on the Phone Loudness. If the ambient sound level seems noisy and distracting you from hearing your phone mate well enough, then decrease this M relative to phone level, or else increase it.

You can also adjust the sound quality. For example, if you find the female voice to be harder to hear, maybe change the Sound Quality to brighter so that there’s more volume emphasis on the brighter female voices.

Finally, if you like to get a better bass sound perception when you stream your audio on your phone, you can set the Power Bass to High. It can help a little bit for music, but it really depends on where your hearing loss frequencies are.

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Yes, my problem is that even with the phone turned all the way up, there appear to be a LOT of people with VERY soft, high pitched voices. Of course, while sitting on hold, waiting for some support person, you get the tiny little phone answering person who’s voice is completely lost even turned all the way up, interjected with the idiot robot that’s loud enough to make your ears ring.
Eventually, you get through to someone and try to recalibrate the volume…

What is an “HCP”? It’s another acronym I’m not familiar with.

Much as I REALLY REALLY DON’T want to have to become my own hearing aid expert, it seems like there’s a MASSIVE amount of stuff that can be adjusted in Genie, and the audiologists I’ve worked with seem to be skipping or missing or don’t think they’re needed for my setup. I could be wrong, but there seems to be a LOT of stuff brought up in here that I’ve never seen or even heard mentioned there.

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HCP is just short for Hearing Care Provider, or namely the audis or the HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist) who doesn’t have a degree in audiology but has certified training to dispense hearing instruments/hearing aids just the same.

You’re right that there’s a massive amount of information and sometimes the HCP doesn’t bother to cover all grounds with you, or something they’re not even familiar with all of the details of the HA they dispense to you. I went through the same experience with my own HCP (both not knowledgeable enough and even if knowledgeable enough, doesn’t want to bother too much with the details).

I guess it’d be OK if everything were smooth sailing for you. But more often and not, especially for folks with more severe hearing loss, there are always tweaks for this and that that need to be done, and you can choose to learn more about the details yourself so you can save more trips to the HCPs by making each trip cover more grounds/adjustments, or keep coming and keep bugging the heck out of them until they’re afraid to see you.

For me being an engineer, I went the extreme route and chose the DIY route so that I don’t even have to be bothered with my HCP anymore, except for warranty or replacement issues. But even if you’re not DIY inclined, it still pays to download the Genie 2 software and get familiar with all the options that you think are relevant to you so that you can make trips to your HCP much more productive.

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@Volusiano: Exactly, MrV … Exactly!

My experience of 16 years with HAs has demonstrated to my satisfaction that most audiologists don’t take the time to acquaint patients with what’s available on their aids. They just do a quick-and-dirty fitting that exhibits little nuance or subtle skill.

You really need to see it for yourself, by scrolling through the Genie app, yourself.

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It depends if you have the willingness to force the audiologist to do his job or not. I have been fortunate to have audiologist that was willing to walk me through the software and ask me questions or answer my questions. I don’t have a Windows computer anymore nor do I have an MACBOOK that is capable to run a Windows virtual. And to be honest I don’t want either at this time in my life.

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Absolutely Right! With a photo shot g Genie software, we are able to see where the HW needs to fine-tune. It also helps a lot with the explanation from the Master in this Forum. I would print a copy from the Forum and discuss it with Audi to get More tuned properly.