Oticon MORE firmware 1.4.0 - BT issues with iOS 16

Does anyone know what is new with the latest Oticon MORE update (version 1.4.0)? Any major improvement? New features? Thanks

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I didn’t even know there was another firmware update.
The latest I know of is 1.3.0

The OWN aids can answer phone calls by way of a button on the aids, maybe they are going to add the capability to the More aids, we can only hope.

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Yup, you are right. That and the usual bug fixes and general improvement.

Where did you see the information I can’t find any.

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I managed to find the update release note in Genie. I am going to ask my audi to update it for me though.

I will more than likely have to wait until after the new VA contract renewal in November to get the update. Anyway my aids are going in to be checked out and have the batteries changed the first Friday in October. Due to the way the contract is written the VA clinics can no longer change the batteries. I am also getting my right ear mold changed to a full skeleton ear mold.

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Is the answer phone firmware update a fix for only Apple? Will Samsung/Galaxy phones get the option as well?

That I would say only Apple. The hands free takes both the hearing aid firmware and the phone firmware and software to work. I haven’t read if android has that capability yet

Handsfree works great with Paradise and Android setup on a galaxy S22.

Totally different Bluetooth set, Paradise is classic Bluetooth, MFi is a subset of Bluetooth LE. The difference is in how much battery usage. Classic is harder on the batteries.

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I’ve seen you folks discuss this, mostly Greek to me😉. Seems oticon is STILL missing the boat! That’s why I have a pair of paradise (for their phone capabilities) and a pair of More’s, best of both worlds when needed…

I don’t think so, I have been using Oticon for 12 years and have watch the progression, always to make the general hearing experience better. Sure they have been tied to the MFi most of the time , which is okay with me. As a retired IT Professional/Software Systems Engineer I have dealt with all forms of phones and operating systems. When I retired I decided on ease of operation instead of dealing with weekly troubleshooting like I had when working. I landed with IOS and haven’t regretted it and definitely haven’t regretted wearing Oticon aids.
Now of my well deserved trusted audiologist said I needed another brand of aids I would willingly make the change.


@alpine1 I wonder if you could shed some light on your experience wearing Phonak and Oticon hearingwise.
Much appreciated.

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More’s allow hands free like Paradise now but only on iPhone.

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Since I own both brands and self program, I’m aware of their differences. With that said the main reason I have a pair of paradise HA’s is the phone functionality (nope, not gonna buy into the iphone lifestyle lol).

@Baltazard. I’ve set them up so they act very similar to each other in their style of hearing, I’ve severely limited phonak from their ability to change between the various auto programs. If you handed me a pair to put on I’d have a hard time telling the difference between the 2 in their abilities to bring sound to my brain.
From a fitment perspective the damn phonaks will NOT stay in my left ear canal while the oticon(same exact dome and wire length) stay in place perfectly!! So I’ve ordered a pair of slimtip molds to see if that fixes the issue with the phonak/paradise dilemma.
Oticon pros- a rechargeable battery that can be changed by the user
Phonak pros- hands free phone


You just stated that. :arrow_up:
Nothing about iPhone and Android so we weren’t aware of exactly what you were talking about!

@alpine1 Much appreciated.
Are you saying that you’ve setup both HAs so they sound pretty much the same?
I though there would be one that standout.
The reason I am asking these questions, is because I want to get my brother another set of HA as a backup, and I am wondering if I should get him an Oticon Xceed or stick with Phonak Naida!

Sometimes I don’t express myself in a way that others understand my meaning. I was thinking that by stating " (nope, not gonna buy into the iphone lifestyle lol)." that I’m a firm believer in the Android lifestyle, my bad.

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Yes, they are setup to sound and act very similar to each other.

I have a pair of More1R & Paradise p50R. How they compare to the models you referred to and function I really have no idea.

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Do you self program for your brother? I can’t remember?

There’s often Oticon Xceed 1 UP in black on eBay UK. Brand New. Sold by one seller with 100% feedback.