Philips 9030 Firmware Update includes true hand free call answering for iPhone!

The Philips 9030 just got a firmware update (1.4.0) that allows the use of a button on the hearing aid to answer calls. If you have Oticon More aids, the same update is coming to your aids. They update in lock step with each other.

Link to Oticon thread: Oticon MORE firmware 1.4.0


Good to know. It’s already been reported that the Oticon More got the update.

It would help if you specified it’s ONLY for iPhone!

And yes, the Oticon More got that update some time ago (for iPhone only)

Thanks for this. I just updated my 9030’s and answering calls works fine!

Now all I need is a watch app to control volume and program selection for them and I will be happy :smiley: :grin:


Does anyone know when this update will be available to retailers? I purchased my 9030s from a Costco Hearing Center. They don’t have the update and don’t appear to know anything about it.
Also, is anyone else experiencing issues where the Bluetooth streaming intermittently cuts out on one hearing air or the other? I walk outdoors and it happens constantly even after upgrading my iPhone from an X to a 13. I’m hoping the firmware update may fix that.

How far away from phone? Will only work so far and then will disconnect.

I don’t have your Aids but I walk around my house and one or the other Aids, can disconnect and reconnect but when I go back into the room with phone, they both connect. Bottom of my stairs is the worse for disconnecting.

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The Philips firmware, which tracks the Oticon since both are made by Dement, was released last week. Starting up the fitting software (at Costco) and connecting to your aids will flag that there is a firmware update available to 1.4.1.

I haven’t tried hands free but it did work pretty well with 1.4.0.

Thanks for the response. The iPhone is in a belt pack so it’s about 2 feet from the hearing aids. I’ve tried it with the phone around my waist and around my lower back - same result though it seems to hold the connection a bit better when it’s around my waist. I’ve noticed when I turn my head one side tends to disconnect.
I also wear an Apple Watch (series 4) and and wondering if perhaps the hearing aids and watch are competing with each other to stay connected to the phone.

Thanks very much for the information. I notice you referred to both 1.4.0 and 1.4.1. Is it 1.4.1 that was just released? I thought 1.4.0 was released back in September. If they are both very recent it makes sense my Costco hearing center may not be aware of it yet. I will ask them to try what you’ve suggested in connecting my aids to the fitting software as I don’t think she tried that. The version on my hearing aids is 1.3.0. I upgraded my iPhone (also at Costco) to the 13 to take advantage of the full hands free features so I’m really hopeful they can update the firmware soon.

Yes, 1.4.1 was released last week. As soon as I saw the Oticon comments about 1.4.1 I fired up my fitting software and was informed of the update to 1.4.1.

1.4.0 was released earlier, September sounds right, and that version broke streaming but enabled hands free.

I find the same, with my Philips 9030s