Philips 9030 Firmware Update includes true hand free call answering for iPhone!

The Philips 9030 just got a firmware update (1.4.0) that allows the use of a button on the hearing aid to answer calls. If you have Oticon More aids, the same update is coming to your aids. They update in lock step with each other.

Link to Oticon thread: Oticon MORE firmware 1.4.0

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Good to know. It’s already been reported that the Oticon More got the update.

It would help if you specified it’s ONLY for iPhone!

And yes, the Oticon More got that update some time ago (for iPhone only)

Thanks for this. I just updated my 9030’s and answering calls works fine!

Now all I need is a watch app to control volume and program selection for them and I will be happy :smiley: :grin: