Oticon More 1.4.2 firmware

This is out. Usual update process via Genie.

No issues for me so far.


I get mine updated this coming Wednesday.

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Can anyone tell me what the firmware version being installed in Canada is? It’s not 1.4.2, I don’t believe …

I was told it’s a worldwide roll out but there are regional servers. It appeared in the UK today.

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It’s the usual 3 min process with aids factory reset and reprogrammed automatically by the software as part of the process.

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According to my audiologist, 1.4.2 is available. I’m located in Canada.

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@darylm: Thank you. I was in for new molds, SmartCharger replacement, feedback/high frequency response tweaks, and soft sound adjustments today.

I have a complete hearing test and refit coming up soon. I imagine my audi will update the firmware at that time.

What changes are made by this new update?

It is only fixing the connectivity issues with the aids not streaming as they should at times from the iPhone or iPad.

Firmware 1.4.2 is firmware 1.4.0 that works. Oticon made a complete mess with version 1.4.0, tried to rectify it with 1.4.1 and ended up bricking hearing aids. Now Oticon released a second minor firmware update to finally offer a decent/stable jump from firmware 1.3.0. .

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What version of iOS are you on? I updated to firmware 1.4.1 back in November and it fixed all of my connectivity issues, but I’ve been afraid to update to iOS 16.2 because I don’t want to mess with anything and lose connectivity again. Wondering if anyone is on 16.2 with everything still working.

I’m using iOS 16.2 and the hearing aids are working fine, except for the connectclip, which will hopefully be fixed by 1.4.2.

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I am using 16.2 with 1.4.0 with minor issues this next week 16.3 will release

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Is this 1.4.2 the one that also supposedly fix the ConnectClip cutting out issue with the More?

What I was told is that 1.4.2 is the replacement for 1.4.1 because 1.4.1 was bricking some aids. My aids are on 1.4.0 and I am not having connectivity issues with the connect clip, and as long as I don’t have the ON app on my iPhone I am not having connection issues streaming as long as my aids are within range of the iPhone.

Remind them at the beginning of your appointment so that they can set it up to update while you are doing the hearing test and they will appreaciate your consideration for time efficiency. :smiley:


Or like I do and email my request about a week before my appointment.


I was told by Oticon that this firmware fixes the ConnectClip problem.

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Does Oticon do FOTA (Firmware Over The Air/App) update?

No as of now they haven’t updated their app in well ver a year, and don’t do firmware updates accept by way of the Gene2 software on the computer, now in my audiologis’s office my aids are updated wirelessly. But not over the internet.