Oticon More 1.4.2 firmware

Oticon uses Noalink Wireless interface for More firmware update. You will need a Windows computer and Oticon’s proprietary software (Genie).

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Interesting, resound and cochlear have FOTA update function…

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Easy peasy update with noahlink wireless. 3 minutes and done. I’m updating iOS 16.3 right now just to mess things up. lol.


How can I tell what Version my Oticon More HAs are loaded with? Access to my Audi is not easy at this time as I am at my Winter location. Oh, and, I have note some odd things in Bluetooth connections. If I knew I would consider going someplace and paying for the update load.

Oticon ON app! Tap hearing aids then left and right.


Thanx! I will have to way until Thursday. I lost my charger base and the replacement is supposed to arrive then.

I note that I don’t have the problem on my backup set, battery Oticon OPNs.

Just got my More1 aids updated to 1.4.2
And my audiologist confirmed that there will be new aids from Oticon for the VA. He believes it will be with this May’s VA contract

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LE Audio capable chip platform? Introducing the Oticon More D!
Use your imagination there! :joy:

We can only wish at this time

For the first time since having MFi hearing aids: after my More1 aids were updated to 1.4.2 my aids are paired successfully to both my iPhone and iPad and when I start streaming my kindle audiobooks on either of the devices I am able to hear it in both of my aids. Not sure at this point if this is a fluke or if it has truly been fixed.



Okay, I took my pills. I’m calm now. LOL (Kidding)

I have the iPhone 13 and the iPad 9th generation. I paired the aids to the iPhone at the clinic and when I got home I paired my aids to the iPad. I made sure the Bluetooth was enabled on both and the aids showed to be active on the iPhone, then opened my Kindle app on the iPad and started a stream from the audiobook and low and behold it streamed to my aids.
Then I experimented the process in reverse and it worked.

Once the aids show active on on device they stay that way until a stream from a he other device.

So far I haven’t seen a disconnect issue when I walk away from my phone or iPad


1.4.2 hasn’t fixed my ConnectClip cutting out issue.

I have the connection clip and I haven’t had any issues with using it with my iPad or MacBook. I was just got my More1 aids updated to 1.4.2 from 1.4.0 and before that 1.3.0 and no issues with the connect clip at all.

Is there perhaps a software update for the connect clip that may help correct issues?

I’m curious why you are using the ConnectClip with your Apple devices. If they are new enough to support MFi, that works much better than the ConnectClip, although you can’t use the ConnectClip microphone simultaneously with MFi.

Before my aids were updated to the latest update there was an issue with having the Bluetooth enabled on both the iPad and iPhone. So I used the clip on the iPad to prevent convicts and confusing. I am finding with this latest firmware update for my More1 aids that I am not having that much of an issue. There is a slight delay when the aids switch from one device to the other, but it is reasonable.

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That’s what I’m waiting for, and of course, Pixel 8 being LE Audio ready.
Oticon blurted somewhere that the More are LE Audio ready, and just need a f/w update, but I can’t verify where I saw that.
Maybe they’ll be Oticon More Delightful!

I was thinking it was Oticon More Devices!

Of course, the Oticon More Delightful Devices (More DD) :slight_smile: