Oticon # 222 Li-Ion Battery for OPN S

Anyone have information for sourcing OPN S Li Ion Batteries on the open market???

From what my Audi has said the batteries are custom made for the aids and that only the Oticon repair center and your Audi can change them

I can get the door open and remove them.
Hard to believe Oticon makes batteries, but anything is possible.
Need to find out who the manufacturer is.

Are you talking OPNS or OPN. The OPN have z power batteries. The OPNS aids the only ones authorized to mess with them is the repair center, and some of the Audis or hearing aid techs. The aids have seals to help prevent moisture issues

Trust me they can be opened and have a Button battery that looks like a size 13 but is 3.8 V not 1.4
I’ll post a Pic

You need to open them to hook up to programmer to update Firmware.
You can’t update Firmware wireless.

Better you then me I want to keep my VA Audi and clinic happy, and to keep my warranty

I have no idea where to get a replacement but I wonder if the battery is a Varta. They make zinc-air and various other battery chemistry types including Lithium Ion rechargeable coin cells. See: https://www.varta-microbattery.com/en/products/lithium-ion-cells/technology-description

I’m a little bit surprised someone who works in the field hasn’t offered to order me one.
Not looking for it for nothing.

Although probably under warranty, they haven’t been around that long.

I have written to Varta to see what they say. Do you have any information on the size of the OPN S1’s battery? diameter, height, 3.7 V I gather, but current draw?

Varta makes a coinpower battery CP 7840 A3, 7.8mm by 4.0 mm of the right voltage and rechargeable. More when I learn more. This is for OPN S Oticon??

Note that Varta Powerone rechargeables will work as 312 replacements–and they have pocket charger–but the has nothing to do with rechargeable OPNS.

Those dimensions are accurate.


Hi! I’ve just got a used Oticon OPN S1 from eBay seller. And he did not specify that the device is rechargeable. And its battery is absolutely dead. Now I’m trying to find such a battery. Have you solved this issue? Where to buy CP7840 A3 or Z22? Thanks in advance!

If it were me, I’d return it to the selller. I think you’ll find it quite challenging to get it replaced.

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I’m a little concerned to hear reports by a number of folks here that the rechargeable batteries for the OPN S miniRITE R seem to die prematurely only a couple of years into its introduction.

I wonder if you can ask a local Oticon HCP to order just the batteries for you without needing to have purchased the units from them. It seems like this would be the only viable option at this point. I found a good deal on a pair of OPN S1 miniRITE R on eBay but given the trend I’m seeing here on this forum about the rechargeable battery reliability of the OPN S R, I’m reluctant to consider buying them from eBay.

I would second MDB’s suggestion to return it to the eBay seller because they sold you a non-working system in the first place.

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Hey @Volusiano,

Almost one year in with my OPN-S batteries, and no problems with mine yet. Of course, I never let them drain less than 30 percent or so and I recharge them every night. Fingers crossed that they don’t start to drain dramatically in year 2. The battery compartment can be opened with the little needle-like tool that the audi’s use. I believe you stick the needle into the little indented hole on the bottom of the hearing aid, and the battery compartment door will pop open. I don’t know if the batteries can be purchased anywhere but through an audi, but maybe they will eventually sell them through the store here on hearingtracker.com ?

Thanks for sharing your S rechargeable experience, @richnfamus1! The day we figure out how/where to source these S batteries is when I’ll start considering upgrading my current OPN 1 with a pair of OPN S1 R by buying from eBay via the DIY route. Otherwise I’d be sol if the batteries go bad and I don’t have anywhere to source it. By then, hopefully the used or third party market for the S1 R on eBay will make them become more available and affordable to choose from.

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I bought 2 batteries for $40 pair, from the people who sold me the OPNS1, who are HCPs.

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@1628w9st Did you buy the batteries because your old ones failed on you? Or did you buy them just to keep as spares in case? If the earlier, may I ask how long it was before the original batteries failed you?