Oticon # 222 Li-Ion Battery for OPN S

Anyone have information for sourcing OPN S Li Ion Batteries on the open market???

From what my Audi has said the batteries are custom made for the aids and that only the Oticon repair center and your Audi can change them

I can get the door open and remove them.
Hard to believe Oticon makes batteries, but anything is possible.
Need to find out who the manufacturer is.

Are you talking OPNS or OPN. The OPN have z power batteries. The OPNS aids the only ones authorized to mess with them is the repair center, and some of the Audis or hearing aid techs. The aids have seals to help prevent moisture issues

Trust me they can be opened and have a Button battery that looks like a size 13 but is 3.8 V not 1.4
I’ll post a Pic

You need to open them to hook up to programmer to update Firmware.
You can’t update Firmware wireless.

Better you then me I want to keep my VA Audi and clinic happy, and to keep my warranty

I have no idea where to get a replacement but I wonder if the battery is a Varta. They make zinc-air and various other battery chemistry types including Lithium Ion rechargeable coin cells. See: https://www.varta-microbattery.com/en/products/lithium-ion-cells/technology-description

I’m a little bit surprised someone who works in the field hasn’t offered to order me one.
Not looking for it for nothing.

Although probably under warranty, they haven’t been around that long.