Noahlink vs Airlink

Is Airlink from Resound same as Noahlink? I mean, can airlink be used for other aids, like opn1?

Noahlink Wireless is the same hardware as ReSound Airlink 2. GN gave up its rights to Airlink 2 so HIMSA could rebrand and sell it as Noahlink Wireless. Don’t confuse these products with NOAHlink (note the uppercase spelling) and original Airlink.

Ok, so, can I use airlink 2 for programming opn 1? Thanks

Yes, if the Airlink 2 has been firmware upgraded to Noahlink Wireless and you’re using the latest fitting software and hearing aid firmware for Opn.

You might be able to just use the resound Airlink ll to program the OPN, (if you haven’t already got the Fitting Link for oticon hearing aids ) but first you need to upgrade the Airlink ll to noahlink in the resound smart fit 1.0 software. I’m sure pvc had a list of hearing aids that the noahlink can program. See his programming guides here

Can I upgrade airlink 2 myself?

Yes, the upgrade tool can be downloaded from ReSound’s website.


I bought my Airlink 2 on eBay and updated using this tool.
That brought the firmware level to 2.15. Then when I connected to Genie 2 SP1 I was prompted for an additional update which gave me firmware v. 2.17