Lumity vs Paradise

Has anyone upgraded from Paradise to Lumity recently and care to share their opinion? I am looking at making the switch but I am not sure it will be worth it. I’ve read some reviews but nothing from a “personal” point of view.

There’s loads of people upgrading to Lumity from Paradise on the Phonak FB page ran by HT as well.

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thanks, I’ll check that out. I mean I didn’t see any review on this forum :slight_smile:

I was trialing the paradise when lumity came out. I returned the paradise and got the lumity life 70r about a week later. They had a 45 day trial period . So long story short, went from marvels to paradise to lumity. I still have the marvels for back up. I have insurance, still had to pay $2850.00 copay.
I hear better with the lumity, wind block is better, they do a really good job with back ground noise. You can still hear back ground noise but the lumity softens it.
Would I recommend the lumity…yes.
Hopefully this helps.

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Totally DOES help. thanks a lot :slight_smile: i am 2 years into paradise so I have some expectations :smiley:


I really don’t remember much about the paradise as I only had them maybe 3 weeks. When I turned them back in I had to wait until they were received back before I could order the lumity. I do remember when I put my marvels back in they sounded better than the paradise. Maybe they could have been adjusted better .
With the lumity I was fitted with them being adjusted to my hearing test. I had to go for a second adjustment a couple weeks later. They have been good since then.
I’m speaking from my experience your mileage may vary. Try them and see.

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Probably can’t read much into that then.

Did you use the search button to help you find something, we were just discussing this very topic.

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Yes, been through those :slight_smile:
The problem is that, as you said, the audi matters a lot. Nowadays I buy my aids online because they’re literally 1/2 price or even more than my local thing. So my fittings are over the remote options…while I have no reason to distrust that this can work just as well, I do have some distrust… :slight_smile: But I’ll push for a really good fit with lumity to see if it’s worth the upgrade!

Thanks! I’ll report back!


I don’t see anything about NAIDA Luminity and CROS L on Phonak’s website. Why are the ones such as us with severe/profound losses always left out of product launches and have to wait? Doesn’t seem fair there.

Not to mention being left out of the groundbreaking legislation of OTC hearing aids. But, that’s another matter.

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Yes I agree with this, I think it’s because severe to profound is not a big seller, as in the market is very small compared to mild to moderate losses, as for OTC being cut out for this, it’s actually a good thing, for to many reasons I won’t go into.

Yes do that, we definitely need more reviews on the Lumity models, I look forward to “hearing” back on this.

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@codergeek2015 devices for severe/profound losses will never be available OTC simply because it’s not safe. It’s unethical to provide any device capable of generating the amount of gain required for such large losses directly to the end user. They would pose a risk of noise induced damage if they’re not fitted safely by a professional.


I wear Paradise now and my audi suggested I try Naida too which I think it’s a bit too much for my hearing loss. Would there be any risk for me to try it if it’s set correctly for my audiogram do you think? OR is Lumity a better way to go. My audi is of opinion that Lumity won’t be much of an upgrade for my hearing loss but I’d still want to try…any opinion?

You should try both and compare. I have a similar hearing loss to you and Lumity has been a huge improvement for me.

Try both. Everyone is different. Just make sure they do a REM test and adjust accordingly.


I’ve been reading your review with Lumity and I’m glad you feel this way! They just say that compared to Paradise I won’t see much difference :slight_smile: but we’ll see. thanks a lot!

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No one can say if you will find a difference but you. Everyone hears differently. The aid that works for you might not work for them. Much of the lore is subjective, not objectively based.


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@JordanK I’m a neighbour. Mississauga. I have a question—during your hearing tests does the audiologist read the trial words, or use a recording? I’ve just learned this is a preferred method.

I’m frustrated that it has taken so long to set up my Phonak Paradise P90’s, but I’m extremely grateful to have them.


@DaveL: When my audiologist does a hearing test, he uses a recording for the word recognition part of the test. He has indicated to me that it’s important to use the same recording every single time because that’s the best way to determine if your word recognition scoring has changed. He even indicated that when you go to another audiologist and they use a different method, the scoring will come out different. It’s all about consistency from test to test.



I swapped over from Paradise 90 Life to Lumity 90 Life hearing aids earlier today.

The form factor and case seem identical apart from the charging light is round and not rectangular and the button rocker has a slightly more raised profile which makes operation easier.

It’s far too early for any formal feedback but the bass response whilst listening to music via Bluetooth seems much better. I’m using the same receivers and domes but bass sounds much better.

It might be me or some other factor that I haven’t accounted for but it was such a big and obvious difference that I thought that it was worth mentioning.

Anyone else experienced this?

As I have mentioned earlier, I’m wearing Lumity L90-RT’s. Bass is phenomenal. Music in general sounds fantastic. The main thing you need to keep an eye out for is how fast the hearing aids react to speech and sounds from different directions. I don’t know what these hearing aids are doing but they seem to react and focus on speech coming from any direction. They also deal with noise really well. Curious to hear your ongoing impressions. Good scenarios are listening to someone who is talking to you from the side (in the car or going for a walk). Voices from behind, etc.

As an example, I went to a Local City Council meeting this week. This was the first time in a while that I could clearly hear all the politicians talking over the loudspeaker system in the Council Chamber. Same goes for attending a religious service, etc. Try different scenarios and let us know what you think.



Thanks Jordan. I’ll definitely give more feedback once I’ve been wearing them for a bit.
I do have quite an odd loss and don’t have some common issues that others have so my thoughts on them might not be that helpful for others. For example I can barely tell the difference between Marvel 90s and Paradise 90s!

One thing that I have noticed though is that Bluetooth pairing seems a little weird compared with the Paradise HAs.
With my Paradise aids I never have any trouble pairing with other Bluetooth devices and regularly did/do so. The Lumity aids seemed to need a few tries before they paired to either my PC or phone.

On Android the BT LE connections now show up named and not just as MAC addresses, this along with the improved bass and strange connection behaviour leads me to believe that the Bluetooth in these has been overhauled since Paradise.
I’m not 100% sure but the BT video/audio sync seems to be improved by a frame or two as well.