Going from Oticon OPNS1 to More1 aids

I picked up my More1 hearing aids this afternoon. I will say going from my OPNS1 aids to the More1 aids, has proven much better than I was expecting. I understand everything so much better, the stereo in the Jeep is so much more enjoyable, I can even hear the difference in the instruments, and for the first time in a long time I understand the song lyrics. I am understanding speech so much better, even soft spoken and face masked individuals. I am enjoying TV without the TV adapter. It will be a while before I check out most of the environments I deal with but so far I say a lowercase wow. In general every sound I have run into is so much clearer than with the OPNS1 aids.


@cvkemp: I am very happy for you, Chuck. I hope you have as good luck with your Oticon More1s as I’m having with mine!

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That’s excellent News Chuck… Hopefully things will keep on improving, as you get used to the aids, well done you :grinning: Cheers Kev :wink:

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There is still connection glitches with the More1 aids when paired to the iPhone and iPad at the same time. The IOS devices still fight for control of the aids. It isn’t as bad as with either the OPN1 or the OPNS1 aids. And with the connect clip, the iPhone, and the TV adapter the ON app will still sometimes drop connection when the connect clip is also powered on and connected to the aids while using the TV adapter. But I have to say the connectivity is some what more staple with the More1 aids.

The sounds in the house in the early morning is clearer too. The clocks ticking is now such that I can determine which clock I am hearing, each now has its own individual sound. I can now tell the difference in the sound of the AC and the refrigerator fans. My wife is still asleep with the sound machine playing white noise and even while the AC, the refrigerator fans are on I can now also hear the white noise of the sound machine in the bedroom with the door shut. It is amazing just what sounds there are that are individual sounds that before just all ran together as one noise. I still have a lot of exploring to do but the results just keep getting better. But please understand and realize this is only my experience and I am not saying you will get the same results.
Walking outside and listening to the early morning songs of the birds is different and the same. What is different is how clear and sharp the sounds are which make them sound louder. What is the same is the fact I can still find the directions the different birds are from my location. And I can hear the different songs from the different types of birds so much clearer.


With the More1 aids I feel like I am reconnecting to my world, by being able to hear more clearly the sounds around me.

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@cvkemp: I believe that what you’re experiencing is the power of the Polaris DNN at work.

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Went to Home Plate for dinner, it isn’t a really noisy restaurant, but lots of people talk and the restaurant was full. There was plenty of normal restaurant sounds but I didn’t have any issues with understanding what was being said at our table, and to be honest I was able to understand the conversations all around our table and it took me a few minutes to force myself to not hear what was being said at the other tables. I never felt stressed to understand what was being said, and, felt that our waitress was a little to loud.
It was an enjoyable time.


Most definitely the More1 aids use more of the batteries than the OPNS1

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Yup, Chuck. More powerful processors use more power, I guess. You’re still going to have about 20% left at the end of the day. (It took my HAs a number of charges to “form”).

Unable to get your feelings.

I have been several years with the hearing aid (ear 1, second ear not used), I have made over 20 adjustments. The problem is my ability to understand (speech), compared to my previous device (Widex cic).

On my previous device, I would not hear well in the distance, but what is close to me (hears excellent, with full understanding).
With the new device, excellent hearing from a distance (partial understanding), but whoever is close to me, I have a very hard time hearing it. Naturally he who is near me speaks in a whisper more than he who is far from me.

Together with the audiologist, we tried all the formulas (VAC +, DSL-5 …) and everything that Pesher has to offer, and I’m already on the verge of despair in this section.

For me to hear someone who is close to me a top priority (aspect of speech / spell and more), than to hear someone who is far from me.

@alfredhaddad36: I don’t see how your post is relevant here. Just because you’ve had trouble getting your HAs to fit should not cause it to rain on @cvkemp’s parade.

As Chuck would say: everyone’s hearing and their experience with hearing devices is different.

[I find the meaning of this very hard to understand. I sympathize that you may find it difficult to express your hearing difficulties if English is not your mother tongue - maybe try an on-line translation app?]

Perhaps if you were more specific with your complaints, Forum members could offer greater assistance in getting your hearing aids (Mores, I think?) to work satisfactorily for you.

[And … yes, I’ve read your many posts elsewhere on the Forum! May I ask - why are you not wearing two hearing aids? I’ve looked at as many of your posts as I could find … I see that Rick @Raudrive once said he thought that you would benefit, but I never saw a reply.]

Everything is relative @SpudGunner, but as Chuck always intimates, hearing loss is such an extremely individual experience, if @alfredhaddad36 is moving from the same aids as Chuck, to More 1, then it is highly relevant here on this thread…. Having said that, IMO, and it is a very much a layman’s humble opinion, the More 1 aids are not powerful enough for the left ear, a RIC will not cut it, a BTE for that profound loss would be a better fit, even a RIC with a 105db receiver, you are always going to struggle….But, the right ear should be fine, which in turn leaves me slightly perplexed as to why the AuD can’t get a good fit on the right, there may be something other at play here? Personally I think it’s wonderful Chuck is experiencing such an overall improvement, but as for all the HOH peeps, no hearing aids, no matter whom the manufacturer’s are, can ever resolve everyone’s problems, it just ain’t going to happen! My 2 cents worth :wink: Cheers Kev

@kevels55: You’re very quick to jump all over my choice of the word "relevant ". In case I’m mistaken, the topic is about moving from OpnS1 to More1s.

Please explain how Nathaniel’s dissatisfaction with his transition from Widex with acrylic moulds to one More1 with domes is relevant to a discussion about Chuck’s journey?

I concur, as a layman, that More HAs won’t cut it for his bad ear. It would certainly be valuable to discuss that, however - if it were my call (which it isn’t) - I would give that discussion its own place.


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My extreme apologies @SpudGunner :rofl: :upside_down_face: :joy: as usual my dysfunctional dyslexia, seems I missed that bit :upside_down_face: after a re-read I get your point…… Cheers Kev :wink:


Unfortunately your hearing loss is different and worse than my hearing loss. You have one ear that may need a CI and or maybe you need to be getting a different Audiologist. There is an art to fitting hearing aids which requires a patient audiologist and hearing aid user. And that means a strong line of communication between patient and Audiologist.
For me I have learned to be a better writer, to use text, and email. Before my appointments with my audiologist I email my notes on what I find that is and isn’t working. I try to be a positive person, and in the past that was hard because of my hearing loss. But I was raised to always be positive but also honest with everyone, that is a challenge all the time for me.
Hearing loss is the pits for most that have it, but if we don’t stay positive we become grumpy old people. I personally can’t live that way.


@kevels55: No need for apologies, Kev. I have learned a great deal from your contributions to the Forum, as others have, I’m sure.

I very much respect your knowledge, but I pushed back because I feel that:

  1. Nathaniel’s problems with More1s warrant their own discussion because I think he has the wrong getup. As you aptly point out, More HAs won’t cut it for his hearing loss, and I think he’s gotten a bum steer from his audiologist.

  2. Others (can’t remember if you concurred, or not) have emphasized that the bad ear still needs to be “fed” with auditory input to facilitate the brain’s decoding of what the better ear is hearing.

But you owe me no apology, sir.


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Always like to apologise, if I feel I am in the wrong, tis part of my makeup :wink: I missed the Widex CIC bit…. As Chuck says, he might want to consider another AuD, if indeed he is moving across to More 1, IMO, they cannot hack the left side, apart from the money aspect, why would any AuD worth his salt, recommend them? Even with a big BTE UP, you ain’t going to get much contextual information on the left… Cheers Kev :wink:

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Well, you would certainly know about dealing with profound hearing loss, @kevels55 Kev.

I’m scratching my head about the audiologist recommending Mores, as well. As you know, I love mine, but I’ve read all the white papers and tech sheets, and I can’t see a More HA with a dome, of all coupling devices, doing the job for him.

And - with a loss like his in the bad ear - I’d certainly think that a CI evaluation would be in order.

He’s a young man in a demanding profession. IMO, he most certainly deserves sounder advice than I think he’s getting from his current audiologist.

My $.02/YMMV

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Thank you Jim…. Unfortunately it would appear all my chickens are coming home to roost! Although I am quite philosophical about it, I was acutely aware many years ago, these days would come, perhaps why I learned sign language, I am ever hopeful though, but it seems my loss is on a severe wane, I am beginning in steady increments to lose my ability to converse with friends and family, familiar voices are becoming a strain, and a struggle…… Tis almost like losing or watching a close friend drift away, I will mourn that inevitable loss, eventually I will except it, move on to a different chapter…. Thinking out loud, I have a dicky heart now so “Cochlear” might very well not be an option? It would be Sods Law if they said, yeah you now qualify for a C.I. But we can’t operate on you! After all these years of hoping…. But, so be it, what is for you doesn’t go past you! Enough wittering about me…. As for @alfredhaddad36, thinking about his right side, in comparison to the left, perhaps his AuD thought if the could get a really good fit on the right, it would slightly substitute the profound left? Why they couldn’t get a good fit on the right is perhaps the big question. Cheers Kev :wink:

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I’m saddened by the news of your encroaching loss, Kev, but I know you’re cut from sturdy cloth. Nevertheless , I sympathize, and I wish you well.

As for Nathaniel - I concur that his audiological treatment, as he describes it here, on the Forum - raises many questions and “flags”.

I think that even though he may find our comments disconcerting, we do him a favour by saying them out loud.

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