GN Hearing launches ReSound Nexia

GN Hearing pioneers the next era of hearing through sound, design and connectivity with the launch of ReSound Nexia

  • Top rated for hearing in noise,1 the new ReSound Nexia™ hearing aids offer an unrivaled sound experience for people with mild to profound hearing loss.

  • Building on a legacy of innovating connectivity, ReSound Nexia supports Bluetooth® LE Audio including Auracast™ broadcast audio, the future of low energy connectivity, which will give people new streaming and communication opportunities in public places such as theatres, airports, restaurants and arenas.

  • The miniaturized design of the powerful ReSound Nexia microRIE is 25% smaller than the standard RIE, ensuring best possible on-ear comfort while still packed with the most advanced features, all without any compromise on battery life.

BALLERUP, Denmark, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – GN Hearing, the global leader in hearing aid innovation, today announces the launch of its next generation hearing aid family, ReSound Nexia, including two non-rechargeable RIE models and a new rechargeable microRIE. The microRIE is GN Hearing’s smallest and most comfortable style ever, packed with advanced technology and features. In addition, ReSound Nexia connects with Auracast™ broadcast audio enabling people with hearing loss to benefit from this new and exciting advancement in connectivity.

GN Hearing understands that struggling to hear speech in noise, wearing comfort, and ease of use are the greatest pain points for hearing aid users.2 A recent survey conducted by GN shows that on average, 1 in 3 hearing aid wearers make excuses not to go out because of the impact noisy environments will have on their enjoyment and would prefer to stay at home instead.3 Helping to address this problem, ReSound Nexia, top-rated for hearing in noise,1 delivers exceptional speech understanding in noise,4 while offering industry leading access to and awareness of surrounding sounds.5

The signature combination of 4-mic binaural beamformer and omni-directional listening vastly improves users’ access to speech from all directions and enables people to automatically hear their best across all listening situations, helping to improve how they interact with the world around them.

ReSound Nexia is equipped with Bluetooth® LE Audio, the new standard for connectivity. It allows multiple simultaneous connections and hands-free calls with other compatible devices, as well as higher sound quality with significantly lower battery consumption.

With Auracast™ broadcast audio, ReSound Nexia wearers will be able to hear important announcements in public spaces through their hearing aids, stream audio whenever they want, and share audio with family and friends, transforming how users experience audio in private and public spaces now and into the future.

Scott Davis, who will be leading GN’s hearing business from 1st October, explains: “ReSound Nexia represents a significant leap forward in hearing aid technology. We know that 4 in 5 people change how and where they socialize to accommodate changes to their hearing. We want people to feel confident in noisy environments again. By delivering top-rated hearing in noise and supporting the incredible streaming capabilities of Auracast™ broadcast audio, ReSound Nexia will redefine the hearing aid experience and empower users to fully engage with the world around them.”

Chief Marketing Officer for the Bluetooth SIG, Ken Kolderup, describes: “During all stages of life, communication and good hearing health connect us to each other, our communities, and our world. We are thrilled to see GN Hearing, a Bluetooth SIG member company, introduce innovative hearing solutions that leverage LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio to help increase accessibility and promote better living through better hearing for everyone.”

This latest innovation from GN includes its smallest rechargeable RIE yet, 25% smaller than its standard RIE.6 It is expertly crafted to ensure the best possible ergonomics and mechanics, optimizing microphone performance and on-ear comfort, while still containing all the technology and features of a standard RIE, plus additional benefits. These include; the new accelerometer built into the microRIE, enabling users to double-tap their ear to conveniently answer calls and a new wireless CROS/BiCROS (contralateral and bi-contralateral routing of sound) system developed for people with single-sided deafness.

Created for mild to profound hearing levels, the microRIE is an easy-to-use solution, top rated by users for hearing in noise1 all within a powerful miniaturized design and without any compromise on features, functions or battery life.

For the ultimate TV experience, GN Hearing is also launching the new TV-Streamer+. Giving people with hearing loss immediate speech clarity at their preferred volume, the TV-Streamer+ supports Auracast™ broadcast audio and can send the clearest streamed sound to users.

The new ReSound Nexia hearing aids will be rolled out globally starting with the US on October 12th, 2023, along with the equivalent Beltone Serene line-up.

For more information, visit the ReSound and Beltone websites.

1 Compared to legacy technology. End-user NPS rating, data on file
2 MarkeTrak 22 (2022)
3 GN Hearing international survey (n=14,000) (2023), more information available on request
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About GN

GN brings people closer through our leading intelligent hearing, audio, video, and gaming solutions. Inspired by people and driven by innovation, we deliver technology that enhances the senses of hearing and sight. We help people with hearing loss overcome real-life challenges, improve communication and collaboration for businesses, and provide great experiences for audio and gaming enthusiasts.

GN was founded more than 150 years ago with a vision to connect the world. Today, inspired by our strong heritage, GN touches more lives than ever with our unique expertise and the broadest portfolio of products and services in our history – bringing people closer to what is important to them. We market our solutions with the brands Jabra, ReSound, SteelSeries, Beltone, Interton, BlueParrott, Danavox, and FalCom in 100 countries. Founded in 1869, GN Group employs more than 7,500 people and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Visit our homepage and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X.

About ReSound

ReSound is a recognized pioneer and innovator in hearing aids, which continues to set new standards to make life sound better for more people. Part of the GN Group, ReSound has unique access to cutting-edge competences from the audio world which enriches its medical-grade solutions with a deep understanding of user-centric design and lifestyle needs. By placing people at the center of innovation, ReSound consistently introduces game-changing experiences such as direct audio streaming from iPhone to hearing aids and remote care from hearing professionals via the user’s smartphone app. ReSound is a committed and trusted partner to leading hearing care professionals in over 100 countries around the world helping people hear more, do more and be more than they ever thought possible.

UPDATE: See HearingTracker’s coverage:


I’ve parsed this a couple of times to satisfy myself that LE Audio and Auracast are live in the initial release and it seems like they are. “ReSound Nexia is equipped with Bluetooth® LE Audio”. Also, they are not just mentioned but promoted. This could be the release that we have been waiting for over the last 3+ years. You’d hope that this will get the other manufacturers moving.


This is it for sure, they’ll all be releasing shortly as they won’t want to be left behind.

It’s funny, that the first thing he said (in the video) about the benefits of Auracast - “You will never miss a gate change”. I don’t know if this happens often in Europe (I have never seen it happen at a UK airport), but it certainly happened to me when I missed an announcement of a gate change when taking a flight from New York to Chicago about 20 years ago. I didn’t even hear it at all - it wasn’t even a case of hearing something but not being able to make it out. I looked up from a book and knew something was up then I saw everybody getting up and walking off to somewhere!!

Anyway, if the vision is for Auracast to be used to make these announcements, then that is good news.

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It’s easier for me to install the airport app, which sends notifications about all changes.


Anyone seen the spec sheet anywhere? My guess is that it’s the same platform as Omnia’s with newer Bluetooth tacked on.
Besides the LE Audio (which is great but it’s not that useful yet) the only addition is the “In Noise” programme. Demoed with a person shouting in front of your face. Colour me unimpressed…
Also they have some cheap looking plasticky receivers. They always had, I’m just noticing it more now, after seeing Signia’s titanium ones.

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I’m just waiting for the update in SmartFit to see for myself! I’m hoping for something more “solid” then speech in noise!


I feel like Resound released Nexia just to be first in the race for Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast… :yawning_face:


Your assumption is correct, from the medwatch article:

This is also a large part of the reason why Resound Nexia is being released on the market just over a year after the Resound Omnia platform was launched.

GN wants to secure a competitive advantage when the adoption of the new Bluetooth standard takes off.

”We expect to see a lot of devices coming to this standard over the next three to six months. So right now is really the time to do it, so we can roll it out across all markets when it takes off,” says Pedersen.


If the Omnia is not going to be upgraded to BT LE Audio, they ought to offer a generous upgrade program to those of us who plunked down our dollars to buy the Omnia! (not holding my breath for this!).


Haha. I’m in similar situation with my Signias Stylettos AX.
Hell will freeze first ;D


Yup this!! They may be a slight possibility that they will do it without Auracast enabled…

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If true, it would be a very big disappointment. I’ve heard a lot of hype even by some ReSound technicians a couple of months back who said it would be a big upgrade compared with previous generations.

And so they said about Omnia which they said about the “One” and let’s not forget the Quattro etc
It’s not just GN it’s most of the manufacturer’s doing it, this comes to mind.
You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!


OTH, I find the Omnias, especially with M&RIE receivers, to be a big upgrade over the Quattros. Ultrafocus Front Focus (beam-forming) on the Omnias definitely works a lot better than the more limited forward-focused listening on the Quattros did. I had Ultrafocus Front Focus on the other day in a supermarket and my wife was trying to tell me something from behind (she has a soft voice, anyway) and I couldn’t hear/wasn’t paying attention to her until the clerk in front of me told me to turn around and listen to her!

Edit_Update: Front Focus is what the beam-forming technology in the Omnia is called. Ultrafocus is the name for the beam-forming in the earlier ReSound One. ReSound claims they improved Front Focus by 150% over Ultrafocus but since I’ve never worn the One, I have no idea whether that’s true. The Omnia is definitely a lot better than the Quattro when you just want to focus on the sounds in right in front of you.

I remember he said the Omnia, the One, the Quattro and the 3D were basically using the same technical platform, i.e., the LinX platform, while the newly upgraded will be using a totally new platform. But based on the news release, the Nexia seems to focus on something else in terms of technical features. There’s no mention of whether a new platform has been used. Wonder when and where the Nexia’s technical data sheet will be available.

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Jim, when you say Front Focus where is that setting… I wear the Omnia and I don’t have that… In my main All-Around program I have the ability to set my “Speech Focus” to wide, medium, narrow and automatic and I can adjust “noise reduction” … my other programs that I use Restaurant and Outdoor only have the ability to adjust noise reduction

PMJI: It is a program, one of my 4. The front focus is a real game changer for me in restaurants. A miracle? No, just a big improvement over my Quatros.

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Yeah Jim, my point was simply that each new release from the manufacturer’s is claimed to be “better” then the last, not from the latest to 2 or 3 generations ago, Omina is certainly an upgrade on a Quattro or Linx2.
I have the Ones but I’ll pass on Omina as it’s basically the same, the Nexia… maybe, but I’ll wait for the results to show up here in hearingtracker before committing.

You mean a totally new chip/processor, I didn’t catch that, I’m sure all the technical specs will be available in SmartFit soon enough.

Hi, @Ureout. It’s one of the programs your audiologist can add to your HA’s and if done, will show up as one of the main screens in the Smart 3D app and is typically accessed from the All-Around program by swiping the screen from right to left or tapping on the appropriate program icon on the “ribbon” across the top of the screen. The programs I asked my audi to install were All-Around, Front Focus, Outdoors, and Music, in that order.