Costco Rexton Adore (Product Information)

Update 7/18/2019:

Rexton Adore is a family of RIC, BTE, and ITE instruments available from Costco with features similar to Rexton 80 8C and Signia 7Nx products. It replaces the Rexton Legato product line.

RIC Models:
• Adore Li (Li-ion rechargeable battery, wireless, 4 power levels)
• Adore StyleLine BT (Li-ion rechargeable battery, wireless, slim-ric, 1 power level)

BTE Models:
• Adore MB (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, earhook or thin tube, 63 gain)
• Adore PB (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, earhook or thin tube, 77 gain)
• Adore Li MB (Li-ion rechargeable battery, wireless, earhook or thin tube, 63 gain)

ITE Models:
• Adore iX (10 battery, e2e wireless, one-mic directional, instant-fit, 1 power level)
• Adore IIC (10 battery, e2e wireless, one-mic directional, 1 power level)
• Adore CIC (10 battery, e2e wireless, one-mic directional, push button, 3 power levels)
• Adore ITC (312 battery, wireless, directional mics, push button, 3 power levels)
• Adore ITE (312 battery, wireless, directional mics, push button, 2 power levels)

• Premium MyCore performance
• 48 channels, 20 gain handles, 6 manual programs
• Made for iPhone (MFi) direct audio streaming (excludes Adore iX/IIC/CIC)
• Automatic own voice detection and processing (excludes Adore iX/IIC/CIC/ITC/ITE)

• Smart Mic, Smart Transmitter 2.4 (not compatible with Adore iX/IIC/CIC)
• Smart Key
• Smart Li-ion Power (Adore Li only)
• StyleLine Mobile Charger (Adore StyleLine BT only)


Rexton Adore Li.pdf (1.3 MB)
Rexton Adore MB.pdf (1.0 MB)
Rexton Adore PB.pdf (672.2 KB)
Rexton Adore iX.pdf (344.5 KB)
Rexton Adore Custom.pdf (1.0 MB)
Rexton Adore StyleLine BT.pdf (344.7 KB)
Rexton Adore Li MB.pdf (537.6 KB)

Connexx Smart Direct for Apple iOS (not compatible with Adore iX/IIC/CIC):

Connexx Smart Direct for Android (not compatible with Adore iX/IIC/CIC):

Connexx Smart Remote for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Remote for Android:


For those who want a rechargeable Kirkland Signature 8/KS8.

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Just saw these in full page ad in the current Costco Connection magazine.
Thanks for the information.
I am still waiting for COSTCO to sell something with direct connection to Android devices using conventional Bluetooth.

The KS8’s or the Adore LI, which is essentially the same with a rechargeable battery both direct connect to an Android with the app using Bluetooth. They do not however stream phone audio direct to the hearing aids. That takes an iPhone. The app does not do it, but the built for iOS does it.

My 8-year old Resound Futures just broke and Costco said I can’t send them in for repairs and they don’t have parts. I had a hearing test and my loss is a little worse than it was 5 years ago.

The KS9s seem like a good value, but for the number of years I am going to have them, price may not be my primary motivator. After countless times having my batteries go dead at the most inopportune time, I am thinking about rechargeable.

My choices seem to be Resounds, Rexton Adore LI, or Phonak Marvels. I would like to be able to connect directly to my Android phone. Maybe connect to a TV. I had the adapter for the Resounds, but I never used it.

A phone app would be helpful. I haven’t had control over an app before so I am not sure how much that would work either.

You may have picked up on my ambivalence. I ordered the Rextons, but I don’t really know if I made the right choice or not.

Can anyone offer an guidance?

Any of the choices you mentioned are decent hearing aids; none will do all of the things you listed.
Only the Marvels will do direct streaming to Android, but their battery life is likely to be shorter than average. Either the Rextons or the Resound will stream directly to an iPhone, but the Rexton is the only one with a good rechargeable battery solution. The Resounds would have good battery life with the size 13 battery option and have the advantage of a better app and a better remote mic option (MultiMic) It’s all about what your priorities are. On the good side, assuming you’re in the US, you’ve got 6 months to make up your mind.

I believe the Adore is very similar to the KS8 that I have, but is rechargeable. It should be a good unit, and the Smart Direct app is good. It works best with an iPhone.

There are pros and cons to a rechargeable. If they go dead at an inopportune time, there is no good solution. And there is the issue of needing a re-charger and dryer in one unit. At $8 for 48 batteries at Costco, it is hard to justify much extra cost on HA’s to save on battery cost.

The fitter said that the Rexton would connect to Android via Bluetooth. Is that not the case? The Marvels and the Resounds were both rechargeable. My primary priority is the ability to connect to an Android phone for calls, streaming and control.

Would a better choice be the Marvels?

The Rexton’s need an additional device to connect to Android via Bluetooth called the SmartMic. It can be clipped onto a piece of clothing.
I’m unsure if you are shopping at Costco. Costco doesn’t carry “true” Marvels. They carry the KS9. It is not available in a rechargeable. If you’re shopping elsewhere, then yes Marvels are available in a rechargeable.
Resound does offer a Lithium ion rechargeable at Costco. It’s the Preza model. It will not stream directly to Android, although there’s a possibility (I think it’s remote) that it would be updated to include this ability.
So, if you’re shopping at Costco you have to compromise regarding android streaming and rechargeability. If you’re shopping elsewhere and you want direct Android Streaming and rechargeability, either Phonak Marvel or Resound Quattro are viable choices, but prices will be considerably higher.

Oh…I thought the Marvels were available at Costco. I guess I am going to go with the KS9s. If I need another device for connecting to the phone, I know from experience that I’ll ever use it. Thanks for the info.

I should also add that I am a full-time RVer. Since I never know where I am going to be when I need an adjustment, repair or cleaning, Costco is my best choice. So far, I have seen fitters in many locations.

The ReSound Preza 861 at Costco is Lithium Ion rechargeable.

Thanks! I think I looked at the Vida. I’ll correct my statement.

The KS9 is the Marvel.

The Rexton connects to Android for the app to control settings, but not for phone calls and streaming. For that you need the extra device.

Curious what you mean by saying the KS9 is the Marvel? I know that they are very similar to the Marvel, but I worry about newbies who think they are exactly the same. They are not.

I would suggest it is a specific version of the Marvel, without tinnitus masking, T-Coil, a rechargeable battery, and battery options other than the 312. It remains to be seen if the Costco Marvel will get the firmware upgrade to version 2.0. This is all pretty normal for the way Costco drives their suppliers to offer a mainstream product with all the popular features. Costco does not try to cater to everyone, just the majority.

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My bias, but I think it behooves to be careful with our words. I can imagine a newbie buying a “Marvel” from Costco and then changing hearing care for some reason and telling their provider that they have Marvels. I’m pretty convinced the provider would strongly disagree. I’m not saying that the KS9s are bad aids at all, they’re just not Marvels. Just like in the days of multiple car companies, a Ford was not a Mercury (very similar, yes) My main concern is confusing people with little experience.

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I guess as a long time Costco customer I see it a bit differently. Costco operates by telling suppliers what they want and the price they want it at. I would expect they essentially held a request for proposals from a number of hearing aid manufactures to supply their KS model. Part of the game is that manufacturers have to dance to Costco’s tune, but at the same time protect their normal distributors who are selling at much larger markup price points. Take the Rexton Adore for example. I don’t believe you can buy that model anywhere but at Costco. The names get disguised mainly to protect the other suppliers and their pricing structure.

In the case of the KS9 I would still suggest this is a specific version of the Marvel, and probably the most commonly sold version. Costco makes their money on volume, not high markup.

Have it your way. I think you’re promoting confusion. Look at some of the Marvel/KS9 threads. They switch back and forth like they’re the same and then newbies don’t understand that they can’t get a KS9 a certain way.

I think the other side of the coin is having newbies buying a Phonak Marvel brand named product at 2-3 times the price while thinking they are getting something better for all that extra money. And on top of paying all that extra money, in many cases they don’t get the same level of fitting that one gets at Costco.

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They are getting something at least potentially better. If you want to use a Roger device, the Marvel is a tremendous advantage over a KS9. There also just more options with the Marvel. I don’t disagree with you that the KS9 is a better value and that Costco gives very good service. I’m a math geek. Equals is different then the equals sign with a “squiggly” over it.

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