Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

You don’t have to wear the Roger X but you need the license installed into your KS9 / Marvels to allow the Roger to work. This happens with the Roger X (one for each ear) of the Roger iN devices.

Related, I think - There are some Roger Selects IN now on Ebay that are “Refurbished” if you read through the fine print it seems as if they do not have the receivers/licenses/cucumbers installed. Beware!!


They mean stolen probably, not refurbished :rofl:

Just got KS9s. Debating whether to update to the latest MyPhonak App and Target (both are designed for Paradise) Anybody done so and had any issues? Always leery of updates. :grinning:


I just did upgrade but was lazy to connect with noahlink wireless and test it. Upgrade itself went ok.
Target isn’t designed for paradise, paradises are only added into the target, all other HAs are still there :slight_smile:

So far difference I saw for Ps is that they changed screens a bit (hm, actually a lot, there’s no 35db tab with all frequencies but instead only one slider), but I’ve checked only Ps, didn’t compare in detail how screen for Ms looks like now. And also, not in much detail.

Congrats. I literally can’t believe the KS9’s are basically full fledged Marvels now. Part of me wants to pick up an extra pair at Costco for a backup. Do you know if they have the 13-T model?

312 and 312T is what they have. They don’t even mention the availability of the T-- I had to request it.

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Just an update. Went back to my fitter yesterday. Got a few adjustments and I think I’m good to go. Love TV Connect. Did update app to latest version. Seems to work ok. Doubt I’ll be using it much. Really enjoy being able to use them as wireless headphones with my Chromebook and desktop computers. I hear fine on the phone and hardly use it so do not have it paired to the phone except the LE connections for app use. I do hear better with these than my KS7s but it’s subtle. The connectivity is nicer than I imagined. They are noisier, but I can live with it and have a noise program if I get tired of the noise. The upside of them being noisier is my tinnitus is largely gone when I’m wearing them. Seriously considering getting a PartnerMic.


My friends grandparents are happily using the PartnerMic. The grandad got the M70 about a year ago and the grandma happily wears the PartnerMic.
They do a lot together and don’t really see anyone else so the PartnerMic is perfect for them. The grandma doesn’t wear aids herself.

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Any idea what the practical range is? Specs claim up to 25 meters, but that’s without walls. Still better than 10 meters claimed for Roger.

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  • KS9 has no rechargeable option
  • KS9 has no telecoil option
  • KS9 has no tinnitus therapy option
  • KS9 not getting RogerDirect support
  • KS9 won’t get Marvel 2.0* upgrade in August

I got mine a month ago. I DID get telecoil support (apparently recently available).

There’s been a firmware upgrade that does offer Roger Direct support-> Link

I don’t know what will happen with the August Phonak. But the hearing aid specialist at Costco said there was an upgrade coming to the KS9s soon. He did NOT say or implicate that it would be the same as the Marvels.

The no rechargeable option and no tinnitus therapy option are the only things that apply now. I guess the other thing that applies now is that the Marvel has been replaced by the Paradise, but the KS9 are great aids for a great price.

I think you are right The Paradise features really sound great.

My hearing aid specialist sayd the Ks9s were getting a great update soon. Maybe some of, likely not all, the features of Paradise will be coming to KS9s.

I think the KS9s already got their really great update: new app, Roger compatibility and ability to pair with two devices.

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is there anyone successfully connected Roger Select In or Roger Pen In with KS9 without using Roger X licenses, can you explain your experiences?

I just had my ks9 repaired and they updated them and instead of the easy line app they loaded the phonics app This now has a lot more fine tuning options.

Do you mean “Phonak”?

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Yes damn spell check

Hadn’t seen this before: Costco Kirkland 9.0 Vs Phonak Marvel 90