Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

Just an FYI. They won’t be a complete technology. The units the supply to Costco always have a feature turned off.Until they are actually released we won’t know what it is, usually it is the tinnitus masking.

We already know much more that that, based on the post by AbramBailey above.


It all depends on what you need and want


On the Phonak website they are showing OS 3.0.

Years ago I had high hopes for a pair of Phonaks that i purchased with telecoil but the way things worked out it seemed as if telecoil was great only if you lived in Europe. I couldn’t use the telecoil in my car - my then audi said it was ignition noise that created static and a racket. I couldn’t use it in the local Repertoire Theatre we used to love to go to because the local board turned down a grant that would have fully funded the installation of all the electronics and looping etc.; the Director, who had worked with me in obtaining all the quotes and grant, resigned over the Board’s rejection of the funds; and the New York law firm that supposedly specialized in enforcing ADA suits like the one against a theatre in Vermont, did not want to bother with the case.
So I didn’t care about telecoil when I bought my KS5s and they were terrific without telecoil for going on 6 years. I do use the mini microphone that I purchased with my KS5s to keep it pinned to the chair where my sig/other typically sits but the mike is next to worthless in restaurants.
But then again there will be a big price diff between the KS9s and the new pending version of the Marvels, and Roger equipment costs on top of that is nothing to sneeze at either.
Yesterday we got caught in a heavy rainstorm while on the Interstate driving back home, and between the windshield wipers and the road surface noises it was “what” “what” “what” all the way back home. LOL!

I cannot believe that there would not be an option to link the KS9 to Roger in some way. Even via a universal boot.

That said, I think even with your loss - which is moderate to severe, you should be able to hear quite well in a car with the Marvels now. There is a program specially for cars. I have a severe loss and can just about hear in the car, depending on who I am talking to.

When you figure out how to link KS9 to Roger, let us know. I’d be very interested.

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No way to Roger select because it’s integrated Roger select receiver or you need telecoil for Roger receiver band 03/02. that allow to use Roger select.

Another possible downside to the KS9 is that they use Cerushield wax filters. I believe with Marvels you have the option of requesting another type of wax filter but I doubt that would be the case with KS9. See link for further discussion of this issue. Phonak Cerushield Disk - Not a fan

I have been using the Bluetooth streamers with my aids for the last 6 years. Will this setup work for conference call? I spend 4 hours a day on calls. I am not sure how using the phone mic will work compared to the streamer, I cannot hold the phone during the calls as I have notes to take.

Well thats the new thing here with the Phonak Marvels/KS9…it uses the mics on the HA’s…not the phone.
Phonak managed this with their previous B-Direct too…albeit only one side.

but brio telecoil model can accommodate roger select. and Costco going to discontinue brio 3 from date ks 9.0 available

I think they will continue the Brio 3 or a similar model because it has several styles. The ks9 is RIC, no telecoil only.

I’d bet there will be a Brio4 on the way and I’m guessing there will be telecoil models available (as well as Ultrapower BTEs and rechargeable models) Wonder if there’s a way they could disable Roger compatibility with telecoil?

Any chance the P or UP models will use a size 13 battery? According to the specs my Trax 42 used about 1mA battery current and these new Sig 9’s use double that. Not looking forward to a smaller battery combined with double the current draw.

I can’t imagine any Phonak UP aids using anything other than 675 batteries. Phonak uses the 13 batteries in their SP aids.

This is all guesswork at this stage, but yes I would expect there to be a Brio 4 released soon that would have options with 13 and 675 batteries. Note: These wouldn’t be KS9s and would likely be priced around $2600-$2800 a pair.

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Thank you. Fingers crossed that the Sig 9 P’s use the 13s as well.

I was about to go buy these Signature 9s. But is it true a hearing aid needs Telecoil in order to use a table mic for conferences, a neck mic for lectures etc? So Phonak calls their external accessory mic technology Roger Direct, is that right? And it has been removed from Kirkland Signature 9. Therefore there will not be any external mic accessory options for me if I wear those?

Are there external mic options that can work with my iPhone and therefore Bluetooth to the KS9s?

If the Brio offers these external mics, is it worth it to go with that older technology VS newer tech in the KS9 without the accessories?

Apologies for dumb questions, I’m new to this scene.

The KS9 aids are still not in consumers hands yet. The for sure answers are not out just yet.
Your questions could be directed to the audiologist at Costco to be sure.
Hope this helps.