Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

  • don’t care for rechargeable
  • I like the whole idea of a telecoil but truth be told I’ve almost never used it in a public space
  • unproven effectiveness for tinnitus relief
  • don’t care about rogerdirect
  • obviously it would be preferable to get any device updates

So the only one in that list (with your hints of more differences/limitations) would be updates. Which would be nice.
But that’s just little ol’ me.


Any idea when a list of software features will become available? I’m guessing one could get a list if one had a KS9 and access to Target and a programming device.

If it were me, I would wait for the news in mid-August before making any decisions :slight_smile:


Maybe multiple BT connections?

The only difference that would probably entice me to pay the price premium would be if it actually makes a significant improvement in RSHL. Other than that, no bluetooth or pairing with my phone/tv/lawn mower is going to convince me to pay twice the price. That said, I’m not in any hurry to replace my KS6s. A month here or there won’t hurt me.


Not a big upgrade from KS8 unless you don’t use iPhone. I am currently in the trial period on my KS8s. Since the KS9 uses the built in mike for a phone call I like the idea of not having a separate device to use as a hands free phone as I do with the KS8. However since these aid are almost invisible you might get locked up for talking to yourself. LOL

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Not having the separate device is very nice if it does what you need. We each have our specific needs. Mine is understanding speech. The rest is nice but needed.
The tinnitus generator does nothing for my raging tinnitus. I have never used the telecoil and never the Roger device but plan to try it soon.
I would personally jump on the KS9’s over the KS8’s for better feedback management. Strictly my opinion but the Phonak product is much better.


Nah. You’ll be just another doddering old person wandering aimlessly. :slight_smile:

(assuming age of course)


If she can’t cure the feedback issue with my KS8s that I have now, the KS9s might be an option but about the only reason I would switch.

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it does not come with the KS9 – there is an additional $100 charge. This stuff I know – I ordered the KS9 and the TV connector this morning (7-16-19). I chose a different color and the TV connector had to be ordered anyway. With my “install” date of Friday the hardware will be here

KS 9 – $1499.99
TV connector — $99.99
Plus the wonderful Alabama sales tax (10%) of $160.00


Mobile? I used to live in West Mobile.

I’m going in to Costco tomorrow for my “demo” of the KS9. The audi comfirmed the price of the TV streamer at $99.99. Fortunately, in Colorado, medical devices are not subject to sales tax. I suspect, the TV streamer will be taxed. Will find out tomorrow. I wonder which Phonak model the KS9 is modeled after? And which features are deleted? We already know the KS9 is not rechargeable. But 312 batteries are plentiful and small enough to pocket carry.


In the original post it suggests it’s modelled after M90. Full name would be Audeo M90. M is for Marvel. They should be great.

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This thread makes it sound as if the answer is “no.”

Is this what Marvels will have this fall that KS9s will not have? Inquiring minds want to know.


Yeah - the Marvels will receive a chip update that ensures that it will be possible to connect automatically to any of the Roger devices. There may be another way for the KS9 to hook up - previously telecoil via MyLink would have been an option, but the KS9 has no telecoil.

I upgraded from the KS6 to the KS8 a few weeks ago. My high frequency loss is in the 85 db range on one ear and not much better on the other. I use open domes. The KS6 was made by Resound, and had very decent feedback management. The KS8 are putting out a lot more volume than my KS6 and feedback management is seriously better - amazing, I should say.

I think Abram is suggesting something else. It’s already acknowledged in the HearingTracker KS9 info that the KS9s will not be Roger compatible. Maybe Jim Lewis is right that it’s the made for Android compatibility. Maybe it’s better pairing. Who knows, but Abram suggested waiting until mid August to make a decision. Of course that makes sense only if a full priced Marvel is a viable decision for one’s circumstances. KS9 will still be a great hearing aid.