Phonak Cerushield Disk - Not a fan

Okay, I have to say that I hate the disks. I have an issue with getting the disk to spin to the next available spot OR it spins past it. ARGHH!!

There has to be a better way to do this…

My Audi tells me that Phonak isn’t shipping any more Disks to them & she suspects that they are redesigning it.

Anyone heard the same thing?

Yes, it’s a total PITA to use; terrible design.

It’s awful. I heard they are redesigning the disks to be easier to spin, but that’s only half the problem.

You can tear the top half right off and just expose all the filters, which is only slightly less frustrating.

Interesting indeed. I’ve had to use two wax guards from my disk so far and I’ve had my Marvels for three months. That entire time I’ve had additional disks ordered through my audiologist. Your Post might very well explain why they’re not here yet!

Yes, the disk certainly is unwieldy to use, but so far it has worked for me. Yes, it is difficult to turn the wheel. Maybe they made it difficult so you would find it hard to spin past a new wax guard.

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A very bad construction.
Earmold must be removed for changing the filter each time.
With frequent removal of the earmoulds they can suffer, or even the ex-speakers.
If phonak don´t change this system, i have to think about change from disk to pin.


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We’ve been told they are redesigning, but it will take some time.

It is an absolutely terrible design. It’s really difficult (even for someone with full dexterity) to use.

Phonak has suggested breaking the disk by separating the two halves and then putting them back together. It supposedly reduces the friction between the two sides and allows for easier spinning. I haven’t found that to be totally the case, though, in my experience.



My audiologist almost didn’t let me trial the Marvels because of this issue. Thankfully for me, the UP receivers don’t use the cerushield disk. I don’t have shields with this receiver. It’s definitely a big issue that Phonak needs to resolve. (And update their smartphone app to be more useful!)

I’m looking to buy a cerushield disk. Anyone knows where? They’re out of stock at alot of websites.

Edit 1: found an audi who gonna supply. Nevermind.

Phonak isn’t delivering them anymore…

That’s what I heard too but I still need them until the manufacturer redesign the replacements and then distributes them to the Audi for us to get from them.

Audi is gonna give them to me for free. Maybe that’s why he’s giving them away to me. LOL

There is a workaround from terrible design. German co Hersteller has system whereby the wax guard fits into their dome. Works great on Marvel!!!

New to this design. I have a different problem. I believe they have redesigned the disk and all the ones I have are easy to turn, and frankly if you turn it too far, just go all the way around since you can tell which spots have been used and which ones haven’t.

My problem is that I have had difficulty getting the disk to remove the old guard. It won’t grab it. There doesn’t seem to be a work around if instead of removing it - it somehow crushes it deeper in and it won’t come out. How else to you get a wax guard out if the disk won’t remove it?

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Agree, it is sometimes difficult to use. The reason to change the guard is if it is clogged. But if it has a lot of wax it can be difficult to remove. I have found it necessary to clean the guard, with brush or jodi vac, in order to easily remove it - kind of nutty but it works.

I think there is a new improved disk but I have a big supply of the old ones so -------

The difficulty I had removing the old wax guard was not due to being clogged. For some reason using the disk instead of removing it it seemed to crush the guard over to one side in the aid, resulting in not being able to get the disk to grab it. There was no dirt in the guard area, and nothing I could do to try to center the guard would improve the situation. I was careful to insert the aid into the disk straight, but it just crushes the wax guard and wont remove it. Tried the other aid in another disk slot and it did the same thing. Eventually I had to pick out the guards from both aids using a dental pick, then use the disk to insert a new guards. Wondering if it is just going to do it again next time. I have the Phonak R90M and the guards are down recessed in the aid - very difficult to remove the wax guards if the “tool” doesn’t extract them. Is there a work around? Is there another option besides these disks? My previous hearing aids used the stick applicator for wax guards but the guards were actually exposed when you removed the ear dome, not recessed into the aid.

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It’s a horrible design/construction as if it aims to test users who wear bifocals like me.
If you can see the guard reasonably well try to restore its upright position and centre it using a pin/needle. That’s what I do every time.
It took me quite awhile to figure out the trick for turning the disk also.
I agree wholeheartedly the stick applicators work much better. They are still used for cShells.